a passionate woman


a passionate womanThere are many types of women in the world. Some of them were strictly created for family life. These women are not too passionate and sexy. While creating them, God did not insert any passion in their hearts. Depending on your intentions, dating a really passionate woman would be unforgettable. A passionate woman does not resemble a family girl. A passionate woman consists of sex, passion, desire, and seduction. Dating a passionate woman is a dream of every playboy. Family men also stealthily dream about dating and making sex with passionate women. However, since these men were created for family life, having breathtaking sex with a passionate woman will still remain to be a sole dream for them. Passionate women were created for passionate men. A family man will never satisfy the sexual desires and instincts of a truly passionate woman. I have had loads of lovers in my life. Nevertheless, only a few of them were really passionate. I will never forget them since sex with these passionate creatures was really unforgettable.

The cult of a passionate woman is adored, praised, and cultivated in literature, TV, fashion, music, and in minds of men worldwide. All men dream about passionate women. Since a really passionate woman is a dream of every man, I will try to describe some of the signs that will let you identify a truly passionate woman. There are billions of women in the world. In most cases, a man is wasting his time while trying to find the best woman for making sex with. A woman might be good in a simple relationship, conversation, and behavior. However, these things do not mean that she is very hot in bed. To correctly identify a passionate woman, you need to be aware of particular signs that reveal a woman’s potential passion. I can easily identify a truly hot woman. It is not so difficult for me since I have been practicing for a long time. So let me start right now.


This is one of the most important signs that will let you identify a truly hot woman. As said, a voice is a mirror of a soul. Therefore, pay attention to the voice of a woman. If her voice is too tough and insensitive, this means that she has a tough and cold soul. Nevertheless, this fact is not 100% absolute. However, I have recognized this similarity between voice and temperament loads of times. By listening to a woman’s voice, it is very easy to identify hot she will be in bed. This method is always useful to me. While using this method, I have never made incorrect predictions regarding a woman’s sexual potential. Carefully listen to her voice and the way she speaks. If you hear some sexy and passionate details in her speech, the girl might be tremendously passionate about sex.


This is absolutely true. While choosing myself a mistress, I carefully study the national mentality of the nation she belongs to. It is clear that some nationalities are more passionate and sexier than others. Let us compare Russian women with Latin girls. Who do you think is more passionate? Of course, Latin women are much hotter than Russian girls. Russian women might look seductive. However, I cannot tell you that they are truly passionate in bed. They are the coldest women I have ever had in my life. I am not a fan of making sex with Russian women. Asian and Latin girls are the most passionate women in the world. Therefore, while looking for a passionate woman, look at the nationality she belongs to. You have more chances to find a really passionate woman somewhere in Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, Bangkok, Manila, Cuba, Venezuela, and other hot spots. Do not waste your time searching for passionate women somewhere in Middle Asia, Russia, Poland, and other cold regions. A woman, who belongs to a hot nation, is more likely to be very passionate.


passionate speechWe have already discussed a passionate woman’s voice. Right now, let us think about the things she says. Usually, passionate people, have very hot and sexy speeches. A passionate woman is never shy to talk about some intimate things. For a passionate woman, it is not a taboo to narrate about her sexual preferences and interests. A passionate woman can directly tell you that she adores cunnilingus. Passionate women are more emancipated than non-passionate ones. A passionate woman is always relaxed while having such sexy conversations. Pay attention to the things your woman tells you. In her words, might be hidden her unrevealed passion and desire. 


passionate eyesAs I have previously mentioned, a woman’s voice can identify her temperament. Nevertheless, I have not mentioned the most powerful sign of a passionate woman. All hot girls have hot and burning eyes. Passion is always seen in their eyes. When a passionate woman looks at the man she desires, her eyes are always burning with passion and sex. Once I look at a woman’s eyes, I can easily predict the level of her sexuality and passion.


hot kissesYou can easily identify a woman’s sexuality by the way she kisses. If her kisses are cold and soft, it is very likely that she will be the same in bed. This method works for 100%. I always guess a woman’s passion by the way she kisses. Cold and frigid girls will never give you hot kisses. It is not in their nature. Nature and desire are unknown to them. While kissing, a passionate woman will almost eat and swallow your tongue and lips. This is definitely what happens when a passionate woman kisses you. A hot and burning kiss is one of the most significant signs of a passionate woman.

Dating and making sex with cold women is always very stressful and depressing. I do not suggest you waste your time with these frigid types of women. It is always better to find a hot, passionate woman who will be always near you. I hope the above-given recommendations will definitely help you to identify a truly passionate woman.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.