life is being wasted


life is being wastedNo matter how rich or poor, happy or sad, healthy or sick you are, one day, your life will come to its end. We all know that our life is not eternal. It will pass. Anyway, all of us want to have a happy life. Have you ever felt that your life is wasted? If you haven't, let me congratulate you that you are a very happy and lucky person. If you ask me the same question, I will give you no reasons for congratulations. I am one of those individuals whose life is being wasted.

Actually, there are no people in the world who intentionally and self-consciously waste their lives. No. Everyone wants to achieve their best. All of us want to reach our maximum in whatever field we are preoccupied in. I don't think that maximalism is something that should be associated with youth. In my opinion, maximalism is your character and temperament. If you are a maximalist, you will never lose this feature. When you have too many ambitions, but your life circumstances do not let you use your potential, talents, skills, and knowledge, you will definitely start doubting the meaning of this life. 

As I told you before, nobody is too stupid to waste their life. In fact, we are not the real owners of our lives. Therefore, we cannot use or waste our life. Different ridiculous situations and your environment can make your life being wasted. I am sure you are familiar with a situation when your life is being wasted. Let me describe some of the main signs that your life is being wasted.


life is boringWhen your life is being wasted, you will feel like your life is tremendously boring. There is no fun anymore. You are not interested in your society, environment, friends, relatives, and other people who surround you. Nothing is interesting for you anymore. Your society and that boring country you are living in are like finished books. You are already bored of that book. You are bored of reading it thousands of times. Your life is being wasted when you are chronically bored with everything surrounding you. Your friends seem ridiculously silly and boring to you. Communication and meetings with them bring no fun to you.

You start thinking about your life, and you realize that your life is extremely boring. You analyze every day you had in this year, and then, you understand that all the days were very boring. You have nothing interesting to remind yourself of. A boring life is one of the most obvious signs that your life is being wasted.


You find no purpose and meaning in your life. When you were young, you had some goals, motivations, and ambitions. Now, all those things have gone somewhere. You feel that your life is absolutely meaningless. When you look in your soul, you see that you have nothing to lose in this world. Even if you die right now, you will have nothing to lose. When your life is being wasted, you will start looking at life like at something meaningless. 


If your life is being wasted, you will recognize that your days are repetitive. Every day resembles next day. You already know what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another copy of today. Next year will simply duplicate this year. Nothing is changing in your life. Your time is boring, dull, meaningless, and repetitive.

There is nothing good in your life if it is repetitive. Your mind, intellect, and soul are dying. These ridiculous repetitive days mentally kill you. You are already psychologically tired. Know that your life is being wasted.


sadWhen your life is being wasted, you find out that absolutely nothing makes you happy in this life. Nothing gives you pleasure. Even sex that used to be so enjoyable a couple of years ago does not satisfy you anymore. Delicious meals do not improve your mood. You do not care about any romantic and sexual relationships. Shopping is not stress-relieving anymore. Chronical dissatisfaction and sadness are your present mental conditions. This is a very big sign that your life is being wasted.


When you love your society and environment, you will always want to succeed. When you respect and love your life, you will always want to achieve something. When your life is being wasted, you are definitely stuck somewhere where you should not be. Your evil destiny and God are unfair to you. You realize it and you cannot do anything to change your situation. Then, you start realizing that the world and God conspired against you. You stop thinking about your dreams, goals, and ambitions because even God is your first enemy.

These are some of the main signs that your life is being wasted. It is a very interesting topic. Actually, when you feel like your life is being misused, you are physically unable to make any changes in your life. Otherwise, your life would not be wasted. You feel this waste only when you are unable to influence your life circumstances. Therefore, I will not even try to talk about any changes in your life.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.