Signs you are not ready for marriage


Signs you are not ready for marriageMarriage is a serious change in your life. There are loads of advantages and disadvantages of being married. What do you think about getting married? You may have a girlfriend whom you love very much, and therefore, you have already started thinking about marriage. Do not be in a hurry. Marriage is not like dating. First of all, it is a great responsibility. Let me tell you my story. When I was nearly 18 years old, I wanted to marry a girl. At 18 we are not smart enough, and consequently, we are not able to predict the consequences of this union. So I did not marry at 18. Now, I am 26, and I do not want to marry. I am sure that I am not ready for this union yet. I understand all the consequences of getting married, and as a result, I do not hurry to get married. If you are not married, I advise you not to rush. Do not be deceived by your emotions. I prepared you the list of numerous signs that you are not ready to get married.


You should understand that marriage is a great responsibility. Every responsibility limits your freedom. If you are married, you won’t be able to leave your family and start traveling on your own. Even if you travel with your family, you won’t visit nightclubs on your own. A marriage is a strong community. Being unable to do whatever you want means that you are not absolutely free. If freedom is your main priority, you should not hasten with marriage.


Do you love your girlfriend? You may love her and this is one of the reasons why you want to marry her. Remember that love, passion, tenderness, and romanticism are temporary things. Beauty, sexiness, gorgeous body, and other attributes are not infinite. Today, your girl may blossom, but tomorrow, her beauty may fade. There is a type of man who is absolutely unfit for marriage. For example, I am easily tired of something or someone. One or two sexual intercourses with a gorgeous girl are enough for me to be bored by her. Your passion is not the most important thing in your relationship. However, having a good sex life is extremely important to have a good relationship. When you have some problems in bed, your failure will affect your whole attitude toward a girl. You may have the same interests and understand each other without any words, but if your sex life is not satisfactory, you won’t have a good relationship. Sex is utterly significant. On the other hand, there are loads of different factors needed to be considered before you marry. Your girlfriend may be one of your interests. After you satisfy your desires and passion, you will be tired of her. 

If you are fastly tired of new things, you should consider twice before you decide to get married.


Playboy lifestyle does not fit family people. Playboys are single men. If you intend to remain being a playboy in your marriage, you should forget about the idea to marry someone. Women may be very patient, but none of them will bear your betrayals. Do not spoil someone’s life if you do not want to stop being a playboy. Playboys are single men, and it is absolutely impossible to be in a couple and continue being a playboy. If you enjoy your playboy lifestyle, keep doing it and forget about getting married.  


Women are children-lovers. We can say that the main reason why they get married is that they want to have kids. Do you love children? I love them too. I have loads of nephews and I like playing with them. Spending some time with them is very stress-relieving. I love children, but I do not want to have my own children. I realize that it is a great responsibility and I am not ready for it yet. Children are very cute, but caring about them is really complicated. Women were created for this purpose, but some men enjoy taking care of their children. This is my opinion, and for some of you, it may sound very funny. I know some men who fancy having children. They like them so much that they want to have their own kids. Taking care of them is not a huge problem for them. They are ready to devote themselves to their future children.

If you do not want to have children, I advise you to forget about marriage. You are not mature enough to do it. 


Do you want to become wealthy and famous? Do you want to become the richest man in the world? Usually, people who are too much preoccupied with their carrier, are not interested in building a family. Money, wealth, and fame are their main priorities. These people are not ready to have such great dependability.  Their ambitions may reach high levels so that they only think about their goals. I belong to this group of people and I know how they feel. You see someone rich and you want to get richer than him. You see someone very famous but you think that you deserve fame more than him. These ambitions never let you relax and you spend all your time dreaming about wealth and fame. People who marry and build families, do not have such inclinations. Of course, they may be very ambitious, but they are not so mad about their objectives to forget about their families.

Being too ambitious is not a good quality if you want to marry. If you recognize this feature in your personality, you should not hurry with your marriage. 


A marriage is a union of two people. If you do not want to take care of someone except yourself, you should not think about marriage. Marriage is a life-changing event. You will need to take care of your wife and children. This responsibility may be too difficult for some men. 

If you are too selfish, you are definitely not ready to get married yet.  

Before you get married, deeply analyze your life and personality. If you spot some of these signs in yourself, I do not suggest you hurry up.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.