life awfulThere are people who enjoy their life, and at the same time, there are loads of people who suffer. It does not matter whether your life is happy or sad; all of us have moments when our life seems to be very strange, meaningless, and awful. While creating this world, God did not intend to make it ideal. Life is full of sadness, anger, evil, and many other things that cause our hatred. I cannot tell you that my life is absolutely ideal and I feel satisfied. No, there is no a single person in the world who can claim that his life is perfect. Billionaires and celebrities also have their own problems, and sometimes, those problems are more serious and sophisticated than the problems of simple people.

All of us have had many happy moments during our lifetime. At the same time, our life is not free of black traces. Even when everything seems to be OK, we think that life is very strange. I can tell that thinking is my favorite hobby. I love considering about different philosophical concepts, problems, and questions. I enjoy my time simply lying on my bed and thinking about different issues. Usually, I think about life. 

In this article, I am going to describe 10 situations when our life feels very boring, strange, meaningless, terrible, and purposeless. If you consider deeper, you will definitely agree with my conclusions. I think that ideal life exists only in Paradise. As I have mentioned before, God created this world not to make it perfect. Life is full of disadvantages and negative sides, and therefore, we should not expect much from it. 


You may be very talented, healthy, smart, and rich. However, if you are not able to use your virtues, all your advantages are absolutely meaningless. I have been to situations when your personality is absolutely wasted. You have everything to be successful, but your current life circumstances do not let you maximally develop your potential. This situation is really terrible and awful. When you are put in this position, you start thinking that life is ridiculous. You are given so much, but you cannot use your possessions. I am not talking only about financial assets and advantages. High intellect, beauty, charisma, and different talents are the most valuable gifts a person has in his life. Beauty is meaningless if you cannot use it. You may have a potential of a great singer or a writer, however, if you live in a terrible region, you will never benefit from your potential. 

When you have much but you cannot benefit from your virtues, your life starts looking meaningless. You lose your motivation and think that life is really ridiculous. 


Ideally, a person can be happy only when his needs are satisfied. If you have what you want and need, satisfaction and happiness are guaranteed to you. However, when you hate everything that surrounds you, your life seems to be awful. You hate the country where you live, the people who surround you, the climate in your region, the job you perform day by day, the government that runs your country. Moreover, you are not able to change anything in your life. Your life circumstances force you to have this life. Can a person be happy in this situation? No, it is absolutely impossible. I have recognized that usually, we get what we hate. Sometimes, our dreams may come true, however, in most cases, we get what we hate. In this situation, you start thinking that life was created to torture you, and consequently, it becomes awful.


There may be some situations when you are not able to use your time as you wish. Your choice is restricted by several circumstances, and therefore, your actions are already predetermined. When I look at my life, I see that a lot of my time was wasted. I could use that time making many beneficial things, however, my life circumstances did not let me do that. I am sure I am not alone with this problem. There are millions of people who have the same feeling of wasted time. 

When your time is being wasted by the help of terrible circumstances, your life seems to be awful and meaningless. 


Many people hate the country where they live, the people who surround them, the job they perform every day, and many other things. These people feel that they are in a wrong place. Nothing can be worse than living in the country that you hate. When a person hates the people who surround him, he isolates himself from his society. Thus, he becomes lonely. Living in the society that you hate is one of the reasons why a person may become lonely. Nevertheless, self-isolation is the best option in this situation. When you feel in a wrong place, you lose the motivation to achieve something. 

If you feel that you live in a wrong place, your life seems ridiculous for you.


No doubts, some regions of the world are more developed and enhanced than other regions. For example, the person in the USA has more chances to develop his talents and potential than the person who lives in Ethiopia, or in other countries of the third world. People tend to blame life-circumstances, and on some occasions, it is absolutely true. In many situations, people have a lot of virtues; however, their life circumstances do not let them achieve anything. This is a common situation. 

When you consider about your life, you realize that in some regions of the world your life could be much better. You could have more friends, more girlfriends, more interesting and exciting lifestyle, and more career opportunities. In this situation, you recognize that life is ridiculous and even awful.


Living without a purpose can be really terrible. When you have a concrete objective and aim, you will always find the energy to motivate yourself for new achievements. When you have no purpose to live, your life starts seeming meaningless and awful. Sometimes, people lose their motivation to live. In these occasions, your life may seem to be awful for you.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.