manUsually, women think that men are eager of having sex every time and everywhere. If you think so, you do not know men very well. This thought is absolutely incorrect. As you know, men do not resemble each other. There are playboys, family men, hedonists, careerists, and many other types of men. All of the men groups have different objectives and life purposes. For some of them, sex is less or much important. Sexual temperament of a man depends on many aspects and factors. We should never generalize all the men around the world by saying that all of them are eager of having as much sex as possible. To be honest with you, it has been a long time since my libido is very low. Some of the reason why now I am less eager of having sex is because I do not make any sport nowadays. Most of my time is passed in front of my PC. When you do not move much, your organism produces very low amounts of testosterone. This results in a weak libido. Right now, all of my efforts and thought are concentrated at my financial and career objectives. For this reason, I do not even think about sex. This is my personal situation.

Today, I will prove that men are not as passionate about having sex as women think. A usual woman assumes that men are ready to make sex anytime in any place. This is a very wrong assumption. I hope my further explanations will prove that sometimes, men are not interested in sex at all. Here are the main situations when men do not even think about sex.


In this case, a man will emphasize all of his thoughts, ideas, and considerations at achieving some financial objectives. If a man is put in a very severe financial situation, sex will not bother him much. This is said regarding serious and smart men. If a man is a lazy one, who has no ambitions, he might be still eager of chasing women even when he is absolutely broke. A man, who respects himself, will forget about women if his financial ambitions are not satisfied. When you have a lot of money, all women around the world are already yours. When you are broke, you have more serious problems to be preoccupied with rather than having sex. Usually, I see a lot of poor men who devote all of their free time to chase women. All their life means sex and women. These are the men who have no ambitions. Most of them will never achieve any career and professional success.

A serious man is always depressed when his EGO is not satisfied. I heard a lot of billionaires complaining about a very weak libido. What does it mean? It means that a successful man wants to become more successful. Therefore, all of his concentration will be directed at business and money. In this occasion, sex is a secondary thing. Those men, who have not achieved anything, have more reasons to worry about their business than dreaming about sex.

Financial problems are also relative. For a billionaire, losing 10 billions of dollars of potential profit might be a huge problem. At the same time, a man, who earns 10 000 dollars a month, is not confident in his financial situation as well. While comparing a billionaire with the second man, we can conclude that the second one is a poor man. It may seem that a billionaire has no reasons and problems to worry about. He is already a billionaire, and therefore, we can assume that he has achieved everything a person might dream about. On the other hand, a billionaire has his own unrepeatable thinking. He is not content with his fortune yet. He wants to enlarge his capital, and possibly, become the richest man in the world. According to his thinking, he also has very profound problems and issues to worry about. Both of these men can forget about sex when they are preoccupied with their financial problems.


Being wealthy is not the only ambition a man might have in his mind. Being famous, powerful, and influential are another desires that preoccupy hearts of millions of the men around the globe. A man might not have financial problems, however, if he is too ambitious, his dreams of fame and glory can make him forget about women and sex. This is the second situation when men are not eager of having sex. Ambitious men are less eager of having sex. If you are a woman, you can try to seduce this type of men, though, I can assure you that their ambitions are always higher than love, sex, family, and other things.


In the above-mentioned situations, a man can still have a strong libido, nonetheless, his ambitions and plans mean too much for him. For this reason, he devotes all of his life to achieve the things he is eager to have. Usually, these things are money, fame, glory, power, influence, international acceptance, professional and career position and many other things.

Men with leak libido are not necessarily ambitious people. There are too many things that cause weak libido. Stress, hormonal imbalance, some physical and mental problems can cause a weak libido in both men and women. Thus, men with a weak libido are not eager of having sex. You can force him to make sex, nevertheless, your efforts will not give you any desirable results.


Sometimes, you can reach a point when sex is not satisfying you anymore. I remember my first sex experience. It was truly very pleasurable. I will never forget my first sex. Even though it happened with a woman whom I did not even know, it was really unforgettable. Hope to describe my first sex experience in some of my further articles. Thus, first sex is always a great pleasure. Further, everything becomes very usual. You do and feel the same thing. Your emotions do not impress you anymore. After some time, you are fed up of making sex at all. I have reached this point many times. When you reach this stage, sex is not giving you any joy and pleasure at all. Sex is not a stress-relieving activity any longer.

In this situation, a man does not think about think much. He is not eager of having it anymore. The man starts searching for other sources of joy and pleasure. They may be hobbies, sports, reading, money, business, and many other things.

If you think that men are animals which thinking is concentrated at sex, you are wrong. I am sure my explanations have turned your mind. Not all men are obsessed with sex. Some of us are preoccupied with financial ambitions, fame, and career. However, the majority of men around the world are still fanatical about sex and women. Intelligent men are always a small minority among a huge population of men around the globe.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.