playboyIn my previous article, I have described some of the advantages of playboy lifestyle. Right now, I am going to give you exact recommendations on how to become a real playboy. A playboy term is widely misunderstood. However, this concept has a concrete definition. Wikipedia says that  a playboy is a term used to describe a wealthy man with ample time for leisure, who demonstratively is a bon vivant (appreciates the pleasures of the world, especially women). This lifestyle does not suit everyone. To be honest, for me, playboy lifestyle is the best way of living. It suits my physical and psychological inclinations. A man with a huge EGO needs something extraordinary. A calm family lifestyle won’t satisfy his demands. Therefore, I assume playboy lifestyle to be the best option for the man who wants to have something special and unique. 

In this post, I am going to give you some useful tips and recommendations that will help you to become a real playboy. I do not guarantee you 100% success. Sometimes, I put in such situations when I am unable to help myself. Therefore, I am not so ridiculous to claim that I can definitely help everyone. I will give my recommendation, and it is all up to your efforts whether they will be effective or not. We cannot change our destiny. If you were born to become a family man, nothing will help you to become a playboy. If you were created to be a toilet cleaner, there is no a business book in the world that could make you a millionaire. I am a fatalist and I have serious reasons to believe that we are unable to change our destiny. If you are interested in the posts related to destiny and predestination, you may read them on my blog.

Right now, you will see some of the most effective tips that might make you a real playboy. 


Being a playboy is not as easy as people assume. First of all, a playboy is a rich person who enjoys all the leisure of the world. Expensive clothes, luxurious cars, VIP clubs and parties, gorgeous girls, and exclusive drinks are some of the things every real playboy has in his life. Can you have a millionaire lifestyle if you are not a millionaire? Therefore, first, you must earn a lot of money. Keep in mind that your income must be absolutely passive. If you have a regular job that gives you good money, anyway, you won’t become a real playboy. A real playboy has enough money that lets him forget about a regular work. Playboys do not work. A real playboy’s job is having fun and pleasure. A playboy searches for new sources of pleasure. This is his daily job. A real playboy is not dependent on a monthly salary. Most of the playboys are businessmen. Some of them are sons of rich men. Both of these types of playboys are united by the same thing. They have a lot of money, and consequently, they are never concerned by the amount of it spent in different playgrounds. New types of leisure and pleasure are the main objectives of a real playboy. To enjoy your life, it is necessary to have a lot of money.

Online business is an ideal option for the person who wants to build a regular passive income. If you still do not have any types of online income, you start your online business right now. What I like about online business is that your money comes to your bank account without your participation. Of course, not all types of online enterprises are so convenient. Most of them will require your efforts and a lot of hard work. Discover different types of online business on the Internet. Choose the most appropriate ones and build you’re a regular passive income as soon as possible. Real estate business is another good way to have a passive income. If you have some expensive real estate property in good regions of the world, a regular passive income is guaranteed to you. You do not necessarily need to be a millionaire in order to be a real playboy. There are some cheap regions of the world where a person with a couple of thousand dollars will have a king’s lifestyle. In Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, and many other countries of the third world, with 2K or 3K dollars a month, you will have an ideal playboy lifestyle. Being a millionaire is not necessary to become a real playboy. However, if you want to become some of the most recognizable international playboys like Hugh Hefner, you will definitely need to earn very big amounts of money. 


Being handsome is not available for every person. A good-looking appearance is something that cannot be achieved by our own efforts. If you were not born beautiful, it is very unlikely that you will become gorgeous. Being handsome is something that is inherited through our genes. Therefore, I cannot suggest becoming handsome or beautiful. I advise you to be a stylish man. Being stylish is available for almost everyone. A real playboy is a man who has a lot of girlfriends. A playboy is always surrounded by huge crowds of gorgeous women. Having a lot of money is not enough if you dress in a bad way. Women are eager of dating with rich men; however, your style is highly important for your overall success. If you have no fashion taste, hire yourself a good stylist. Being stylish is necessary to be a real playboy. Playboys visit different clubs, restaurants, parties, and other playgrounds. For that reason, a real playboy always needs to look outstanding.  


A real playboy is not a mere boy with huge money and a gorgeous appearance. A real playboy interacts with different people around the globe. Some of these people are highly educated personalities. To have a successful conversation with these types of individuals, it is highly necessary to be very erudite. Therefore, a playboy needs to be knowledgeable in diverse sciences and cultures. 

To achieve this goal, you will need to perform all the actions that make us cleverer and more educated. Reading is the best activity that is capable of making you a smart person. Read all types of books. Scientific books are the most recommended and suggested ones. Reading fiction books might be time-wasting, and consequently, I do not recommend you spend your days reading these types of books. Have conversations with smart people because it is one of the ways to become more erudite. For better recommendations on how to become more erudite, read this post 6 TIPS TO DEVELOP YOUR ERUDITION.


Playboys are international men. These people are not restricted or limited by any geographical borders. Playboys think globally, and this is the main factor that makes them different from other types of men. Learn a lot of foreign languages because it is the best thing to become absolutely international. A real playboy interacts with famous people worldwide. For this reason, playboys need to know multiple foreign languages. This article will help you much LEARN FOREIGN LANGUAGES WITH EASE


In some cases, playboys and international men have many things in common. First of all, both playboys and international men are global individuals. They travel much. Secondly, both of them are mobile. They are ready to abandon their current geographical location as soon as they wish. For this reason, playboys have all types of transportation that make them absolutely mobile. Having a good yacht and a business jet is highly recommended for a real playboy. Playboys enjoy their life in different destinations of the world. A luxurious business jet would be a good supplement for a playboy’s accessories. For better information, read this awesome post 5 TIPS TO BECOME ABSOLUTELY MOBILE


Playboys have a lot of sex. A high sexuality is the main quality of a playboy. It is impossible to be an international lover if you do not want to have so much sex. When we are teenagers, our libido is extremely high. That time, we are unable to control and reduce our sexual desires. We are ready to have sex with as many women as possible.  Further, after 25 and more, a man’s libido seriously decreases due to lower amounts of testosterone produced in his blood. However, there are some activities that can increase our libido at any age. Sport is one of the things that increase the amount of testosterone in the blood. Consequently, it is the best way to increase your libido. Some types of food, fruits, and vegetables also make a good impact on men’s libido. Use all of the ways to increase your libido. 

A playboy is a very passionate man, and therefore, having a high libido is necessary to become a real playboy.                     

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.