girlsIf you date at least several different women a week from your teenager ages till your 30ies, you will definitely become an expert in women and their psycho types. Yes, I have been dating multiple women at the same time. For example, I have a date with a girl in the afternoon. Then, I have a second meeting with a girl at 17-00. I spend three hours with her till 20-00, and then, I date a third girl. I have had hundreds of women in my life. This great experience made me a very perspicacious expert on women psychology.

To be honest, I do not spend much time with women I dislike. If you pay attention to meticulous details, you will have better opportunities to explore a woman’s soul. If you look at the way a girl dresses, behaves, walks, talks, smiles, and laughs, you will be able to find out a lot of things regarding her character and temperament. However, it is crucial not to be too attentive and serious. When someone observes us, we will always feel uncomfortable. Therefore, try not to make your girl unpleasant and closed. Relax her. Even if you are relaxed, calm, and careless, you will be able to explore your woman very well.

So why do we need to explore a woman’s soul, intentions, aims, and character? Firstly, we need that in order not to waste our precious time with unright women. Secondly, we have to avoid manipulators. Gold-diggers are everywhere. We have to be cautious.

Thus, exploring someones inner world is not something bad and cunning. No. Different people require different approaches. Secondly, we have to protect ourselves from some types of women who want to merely use us. This blog post will not teach you how to identify gold-diggers, manipulators, promiscuous women, and etc. I have already written a lot of blog posts on these topics. In this article, I will tell you about 5 types of women I would definitely reject.


Actually, I had some very short relationships with gold-diggers. I was merely interested in getting sex from them. This was the only motivation I had. Thus, we were manipulating each other. The gold-diggers were trying to fool me to make me spend money on them, and I was manipulating them to get sex from them.

It does not require much time and psychological skills to identify a gold-digger. It is pretty easy. So when you already know that your girl is a gold-digger, you will need to get rid of her as soon as possible. If you already got what you wanted, you don’t need her anymore. On the other hand, she will never refute your gifts and money. I’d never let a gold-digger manipulate and make fool of me. Hence, I’d definitely reject a gold-digger.


I have had some emotionally cold women in my life. Usually, they are more intellectual than emotionally rich women. However, if you want love and passion, you should not waste your time on emotionally cold women. These women are awful in communication, they are terrible in sex, and they are a great trouble in a marriage. A good woman is usually emotionally warm and caring. At the same time, there are loads of girls who are very clever and emotional. This is the best choice if you want to find a kind, generous, caring, and at the same time, educated and smart woman. I’d definitely reject an emotionally cold and rigid girl. 


There are a lot of women who are tremendously busy. They work from 08-00 o’clock in the morning till 20-00. Some have a longer working day. When I conversate with a woman and find out that she is very busy, I will usually give up our communication. There is no way to deal with busy girls. Even if that busy girl has one hour a day to spend with you, you should know that she will be extremely tired and inactive on your date. I’d definitely give up rendezvousing busy women ASAP. Having a relationship with someone who has plenty of time to spend with you is much better than waiting for a one who is always working.


Last time, I had a relationship with a girl who was really mentally weird. She was good in sex, in communication, however, her weirdness was the main cause of our divorce. That girl wakes up at 05-00 o’clock in the morning to read mantras. Then, she does sleep until night. She believes in strange things. She thinks that inviting men to her house can worsen her life. There are loads of ridiculous things that make her life very complex and difficult.

Short-time relationships with mentally weird women are absolutely OK. If her weirdness does not harm your communication and the quality of your sexual life, you can continue dating her. I’d never even think about marrying a mentally weird woman. Dating, chilling, having sex with her might be pleasurable. However, living with such a weirdo would be a big trouble.


I have met women who do not lie at all. To be honest, nearly 95% of women whom I dated are not liers. At the same type, there are women who are extremely prone to lying. These girls will lie you about everything. If a girl is prone to lying, she will definitely betray you. Betrayal and lie are two sisters that always walk together. If there is a lie, there will be a betrayal. I’d definitely stay far away from women who lie too much.


There are women who are fanatically money-obsessed. These girls always think about money. They dislike romantic things, tenderness, cuddling, and other lovely stuff. They are not much interested in sex. Money is their obsession. Money is the only thing that can attract such women to a man. Fortunately, I met this type of girls very rarely. My relationships with them did not go further than sex. Money-obsessed women are not necessarily gold-diggers. Most of them are very hardworking. However, their financial obsession is too fanatical. It makes them forget about everything except money. These women are unable to fall in love with a man. Stay away from money-obsessed girls.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.