smartI think that you have already mentioned that being wealthy has nothing common with being educated, smart, and intellectual. Poor intellectuals are widely spread around the world. Most of the wealthy people are not too intellectual and intelligent. Some of them do not even know how to correctly read and write. Have you ever seen manuscripts of T.I. and 2pac? I suggest you take a look at them because these men are not familiar with the English grammar. T.I. writes “diz” instead of “this”. This fact means that they did not properly study at school.Nevertheless, these guys have already earned millions of dollars. I heard that the previous king of Saudi Arabia didn’t know how to write. It is a well know that he didn’t have a high education. The king didn’t attend any university. Do you know his net worth? It was estimated at 20 billion dollars. These were some of the examples when uneducated and unintellectual people are extremely wealthy and powerful. 

Smartness and intelligence are the things that are respected and appreciated in most societies around the world. However, they do not benefit a person’s ability to earn money. In some occasions, exceeding intellectual skills and utter intelligence harm and worsen a person’s financial condition. 

You may be very smart, well-read, and intellectual. But you are not yet rich. Let me explain to you why so many clever, well educated, and erudite people are not wealthy. 


Every business means selling. All corporations, companies, trademarks, and other marketplaces sell something. In order to get people’s money in your pocket, you need to sell them something. Of course, you can rob them but it is the most expensive way to earn some money. This method may deprive your freedom, and consequently, it is the most inadequate and irrational option to make money. Every business deals with selling. If you want to get rich, you will need to be good at selling, because it is the key factor in your financial success.

What are the main qualities that let people succeed while selling something? First of all, extroversive people are better at selling than introverts. Extroverts are very communicative and they definitely know how to persuade a person to buy something. Thus, we can bravely state that being communicative and persuasive are the main qualities that are required to succeed at selling. A good seller needs to smile often and be positive all the time.

Most of the intellectuals and intelligent people are introverts. Their thinking is too deep and sophisticated. These factors do not benefit selling abilities. They worsen them. Too smart people are usually too sad, stressed, and depressed. A seller needs to make a good impression on his potential buyers. Intellectuals do not care about that, and therefore, they fail in trading.

People who are too smart, intellectual, and intelligent, are very bad sellers and this is one of the reasons why these people may never get rich.


Pride is not a good quality in business. It is necessary to be very diplomatic, flexible, and communicative in the commerce sphere. Intellectuals know about their superb knowledge and skills, and as a result, they feel extraordinary. Knowledge is very valuable in every society. In some countries of the world, scholars are more respected than wealthy people. Thus, smart and intellectual people have some significant reasons to be proud of themselves. When you outrun people in some qualities, you will definitely think that you are better than them. This is what usually happens with everyone who has something extraordinary in his personality. Wealthy people think that they are better than poor individuals because they managed to earn such huge amounts of money. Clever people think that they are better because they have inherited good genes that let them develop and enhance their intellectual skills. A girl with a big breast considers herself to be more attractive than a girl with a small breast. This story never ends, and everyone has something to be proud of.

While making business, it is necessary to forget about pride and other similar things. Your business partners or customers do not care about a number of books you have read. They are not interested in the number of foreign languages you have already learned. People want to negotiate their issues and that is all. People who are extremely smart and intellectual, are easily identified by their pompous manners and speeches. Usually, surrounding people dislike these qualities and no one wants to deal with these people.

Too smart people are too proud of themselves, and therefore, they are not able to successfully cooperate with others.


What are the main criteria that let us identify a smart person? People who are well-read, have a good memory, good analytical, and logical skills are considered to be intelligent and clever in our society. A person who has memorized 20 encyclopedias will be definitely accepted as a genius. A man who is giving you a huge amount of different scientific concepts, theories, and terms during your conversation, is also very a clever guy.

Have you ever wondered if the knowledge of the above-mentioned people is useful or it merely takes some space in their brains? Most of the data they possess is absolutely useless in our daily life. The conversation with these people may be very interesting and captivating because they know a lot of things. However, none of this knowledge will make them rich, unless they learn how to monetize their information. Most of the smart people know nothing about how to monetize their knowledge. Other geniuses are merely not interested in it.

Being smart and having the right thinking that will make you wealthy are two separate things. Intellectuals are very smart, but they use their intellectual skills for other purposes.


You need to have a strong motivation in order to get rich. You want wealth for a multitude of different reasons. First of all, you want to buy yourself some expensive things. Secondly, you want to visit expensive places and roll with the people who love everything expensive.

Too smart people have different thinking. They are familiar with a real nature of people’s souls. Intellectuals know that envy is the main feeling that preoccupies hearts of millions people around the globe. Showing off is useless for them, and therefore, they do not have any reasons or motivations to become wealthy. I know loads of extremely clever people who could become very rich but they did not want that. A famous Russian scientist Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of famous AK-47, did not earn a single penny from his invention. During his visit in the USA, he was suggested to stay and work in the US for a huge monthly salary, but he refused this offer.He could become rich but he was not interested in wealth.

Some intelligent and smart people are not interested in money and this is one of the reasons why these people are not rich.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.