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popular questions about bloggingI am a very active expert on Quora. Every day, I receive loads of answer request from beginning bloggers. Usually, all of them ask the same questions. I have very limited time. I have to prepare high-quality content for my personal blog. Therefore, I have not been answering on Quora for a long time. Blogging requires a lot of hard work and a lot of hours in front of my PC. For this reason, I am absolutely incapable of continuing my activities on Quora. From time to time, when I have some free time, I post some effective answers on Quora. Often, these answers cover blogging, online payment systems such as PayPal and Payoneer. I am also a featured expert when it comes to link building and web traffic driving. These are the most popular topics on the entire Web.

If you read Quora, you might have seen some questions that look like this “What are the most annoying question on Quora?” Have you seen that? I have a couple of annoying answer requests that I receive thousands of times on Quora. I am not a robot to answer the same questions hundreds of times. For this reason, I decide to write a separate article on my blog answering all the frequent questions regarding blogging and blogs. This is why this blog post will be a quite unusual one. It will be written in the style of Q & A. Here are some of the questions and my answers.


This is the most popular question on the Internet. Everyone is concerned about the amount of web traffic their web resources get. At the same time, most of the beginning bloggers do not emphasize their efforts at building some valuable content that would be interesting for their readers. When I look up the websites of the people who are concerned about the amount of web traffic on their blogs, I realize that they have no content at all. This situation stopped shocking me. In the beginning, I was shocked to some extent. How can a person whose blog has not content expect any web traffic? I have near to 400 blog posts on my blog, but at the same time, I do not wait for serious volumes of web traffic today. I know that blogging business is very time-consuming. It takes a lot of time to create good content, and of course, it takes much more time to get your blog recognized on the Internet. These are my thoughts regarding this question.

If you are one of these frequently asking questioners, here is my answer. You can increase the amount of web traffic on your blog by creating high-quality content. Also, you can use some content marketing, SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SEO. If you have good money, you can advertise your blog on popular web resources and blogs. These are some of the best ways to increase the amount of web traffic on your blog.


I have absolutely no secrets. I share all of my knowledge, insights, and skill with the readers of my blog. If I know something, I have already written it on my blog. If I have not done it yet, I am definitely planning to do it. I have loads of blog post ideas that I still have not finished. I have no secrets. To be honest, I have some good knowledge, experience, and analytical abilities. These qualities let me produce so awesome content. When I analyze the most popular articles on my blog, I make a conclusion that the most viewed of them solve real problems of my readers. Most of the popular blog posts of my blog have some relation to PayPal and Ebay. I teach people how to withdraw their PayPal money without a bank account. I also teach how to build a successful business on eBay. I could not write so helpful articles if I had no experience of dealing with PayPal and Ebay. My knowledge, skills, experience and analytical talents let me generate so breathtaking content. It is not hard for me to write a groundbreaking article that will captivate minds and hearts of my readers. If you are truly looking for a specific secret that will let you generate high-quality content, let me assure you that this secret does not exist. Being smart, creative, and productive will let you generate thousands of wonderful articles.


You are concerned about backlinks building because you want to improve the quality of your blog’s SEO. You have already learned about the most important ranking factors, and therefore, you know that backlinks are crucial for good rankings on SERPs. Of course, good content is also very important to get good positions on SERPs. Nonetheless, it is impossible to rank a website that has no powerful backlinks. These are some of the reasons why you want to build backlinks.

You can build backlinks by commenting on popular blogs and websites. Most of these backlinks will be nofollow. Therefore, it is unlikely that these nofollow backlinks will add some value and power to your blog. At the same time, commenting on well-known web resources can provide your blog with some web traffic. This is one of the most positive sides of commenting.

Content marketing is the best thing you can do in order to build high-quality backlinks. When your content goes viral, you will be recognized by the world’s most famous and influential webmasters and bloggers. It is very likely that some of them will use your material on their web resources. Some of them will write a good article about you or your blog. In both cases, your blog will receive a dofollow backlink.

Branding and promoting your blog is another way to get some high-quality backlinks from famous websites. Branding and content marketing give the same effect. Your blog becomes very famous, and people start talking and writing about it. When you or your blog are featured on some of the famous web resources such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Washington post, Cosmopolitan, Times, CNN, BBC, and others, it is very probable that you will get some dofollow backlinks from the above-mentioned web portals.

Guest posting is another good way to get some backlinks from websites with high DA (Domain Authority). As far as I know, most of the popular websites accept guest posts. Guest posting on popular web resources makes you famous, and what is more, your blog gets some powerful backlinks. 


If you have already filled your blog with reasonable and valuable content, it is time to promote your web resource. There are many tools and ways you can promote your blog on the Internet and out of it. GTust posting is a very good way to promote your blog. You choose some famous websites that will definitely expose your presence on the Web, and then, you guest post on them. Sometimes, when you have some money, you can start promoting your website on popular blogs and social networks. You can run Facebook and Instagram ads. Quora is also a very good place to promote your blog. However, you should do it very carefully. Quora was not built for self-promotions. For this reason, you can be banned there.


Of course, you can make money blogging. In fact, blogging is not a business. You fill your blog with a good amount of high-quality content in order to attract people. Your blog is a platform that can be potentially transferred in money spinning web resource. As soon as your blog gets a lot of visitors, you can start making money. The only thing you will need to make money blogging is to attract as many people to your blog as you can. When this is done, you will have a large variety of different monetization opportunities. You can place some ads from Google Adsense, Chitika, and others. For every 1K of unique impressions, you will earn 1 $. Further, you can make your independent calculations. Affiliate marketing is another popular way to make money on your blog. I am sure you know how it works. When your blog is popular, thousands of advertisers will be interested in placing their banners on your web resources. These are some of the ways you can make money blogging.

I do not want to make you think that blogging is a very easy way to make money. No. Oppositely, blogging is the most difficult way to make money online. You can list some of your product on Ebay and then, make an immediate profit by selling them. You can make immediate money by selling your services on Fiverr. You can sell your ebook on Amazon. All of these options are easy and fast to make money online. Blogging requires a lot of time and hard work. Creating high-quality content needs a lot of hours spent in front of your laptop. Then, when your blog is filled with content, you will have another problem. This problem is web traffic. You will have to do everything in order to get as much web traffic as you can. Thus, blogging does not fit everyone. It is a very hard work to make money blogging.

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