start bloggingBlogging is one of the most popular activities on the Internet. All and sundry blogs today. Blogging is very cheap and almost everyone can start blogging right now. There are several online services that let you host your website for free and you do not even need to pay any money for hosting. However, if you aim to build a serious blog, you will need to have an individual domain name and use a reliable hosting company. There are thousands of diverse articles on the Internet that praise blogging. Usually, these blog posts tell readers about benefits and advantages of blogging. You can also find loads of blog posts on the Internet which tell readers about disadvantages of blogging. You may find them if you want. What does a person do when he wants to start doing something new? Usually, people tend to obtain some information about this activity, and therefore, we are interested in its advantages and disadvantages. Benefits of blogging are very significant and I have dedicated an individual blog post in order to explain its positive sides. You want to start your own blog. You may have different intentions. Maybe it will be your hobby or you may also plan to start blogging professionally. So what should you do if you have already read every article on the Internet regarding blogging, but you still cannot decide whether to start blogging or not? What should you do in this situation? From time to time, tons of blog posts praising blogging may not influence you and you still won’t have enough courage to start blogging. In order to help you, I will give you some recommendations to start blogging without a blog.  

It may sound ridiculous, but let me tell you that you can start blogging without a blog right now. Sometimes you may need the Internet connection and in some occasions, you may blog without it. This method is perfect to let you know whether blogging fits you or not. Here are some steps that I recommend you in the beginning of your way.


You may have already heard that everyone is advising you to determine your niche. This is your first step and you should not ignore it. Explore yourself, your knowledge, and experience. Find something in your knowledge that may be very helpful and useful for other people. Find something that you may share with other people. Some individuals may suggest to choose a single niche and start blogging about it. If there is a single sphere where you are good at, you may start blogging about it. However, you may choose multiple themes to blog about. Have you paid your attention to my blog? My slogan says: “UNIVERSAL BLOG”. I blog about different things. Themes of my articles are divided into four groups: SEX, MONEY, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, AND TRAVEL. These four things are very interesting to me in my real life and therefore I blog about them. You may merely blog about your daily life. There may be some people who will be very interested in reading your posts. As you have understood, firstly, you will need to identify your specialty and then start blogging. 


Take a notebook or switch on your PC, open Microsoft Word, and start writing. You do not need to publish your content in order to start blogging. You may begin to blog even without a computer. Take a notebook and start writing. Decide how many blog posts are you willing to write every day. You may write as many articles as you wish. Try to emphasize your attention and efforts on the quality of your content. A number of your blog posts has the secondary importance. People will pay most of their attention on the quality of your writing. Try to make your writing very exclusive and unique. Do not try to resemble someone. Your style must be independent. 

As you notice, you do not need to have a blog in order to start blogging. Having a physical notebook will be enough for you. This method is very good because it will let you understand whether blogging suits you or not. You will find out how many blog post you are able to write every day. If you become exhausted after a few days of writing, you will understand that blogging is not your activity and you will preoccupy yourself with other more appropriate things for you. 

Start blogging without a blog right now. You won’t loose anything!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.