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start living a new lifeAre you satisfied with your life now? You may have a multitude of reason to be happy and you will also find tons of factors that will make you very sad and frustrated. Look at your life. How many years of your precious life have you already spent in the country of your living? Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied by your surroundings? Do you like your friends and colleagues? Do you think that you could have a more pleasurable life somewhere else? These are the questions you must ask yourself. If you are reading this blog post, you must be interested in its theme and if you want to start living a new life, you must have something that does not satisfy you in your current life. Everything is changing. Sometimes I see people working in the same positions where they were working ten years ago. Usually, I am amazed when I see this. There may be a small problem in my thinking because I always question myself why don’t they change something in their life. I think it is necessary for all of us to set ourselves concrete aims and goals which we need to achieve in this year. We also need to specify our agenda in long terms. I may be a person whose main priority is self-development and enhancement. There also may be some people who do not need any changes and achievements. There are two main reasons why some of us need to start living a new life. Some of them are:

a) You hate your past and you want to forget it. You need to start living a new life in order to do it.

b) You are not satisfied with your current life and you want to start living a new life.

There may be loads of significant reasons why you may hate your past. Frequently, all of us have had different troubles and frustrating events that we want to forget. Sometimes these problems leave a huge track in out psychic. You may suffer from it and therefore you need to completely forget it.

There are more reasons why we may not be satisfied by our current lifestyle. Are you satisfied by your lifestyle? You may be. I want to seem very positive but let me make it clear for you that I am not 100% satisfied with my lifestyle. There are thousands of things I want to change in my life. I’d better not tell you this and continue looking like I am a perfect psychologist. You may not like your job, your country, your surroundings, the climate in your country, and many other things. What makes us unhappy? We are unhappy when we are not satisfied. If you want to become happy, you will need to satisfy your physical, moral, and spiritual  needs. There is only one way to do it. You need to start living a new life. Let me give you some tips to do it.


Changing your country of living may let you start living a new life. Generally, when we live in a particular country for a long period of time, it becomes very difficult for us to make some changes in our life. Additionally, there are a lot of people whom we know in our place of living. These people unintentionally remind us of whom we were in our past. Let me tell you that I tire when I live amongst the same people during a long period of time. I have no interest and desire to see them. At the time when I am writing this blog post, I have been living for a long time in the country where I currently reside. It is very easy for me to manage my blog because I have no motivation to communicate with anyone from this country. Therefore, I am giving all my time to my blog. Change your country of living and you will start living a new life. When you go to another country, you do not see anything that may remind you of your past. You see new people and you do not see anyone who became boring for you. Changing your country is the most effective way to start living a new life. 


ou may have some friends who have particular interests and hobbies. At the same time, you should never forget about the fact that there are millions of people around the world who are very different from your current friends. This fact should motivate you to make new friends. New friends mean new emotions, feelings, and experience. You may new people who will encourage you for new enterprises and thus, you will start living a new life. You won’t be able to start a new life if nothing in your life changes. New people make our life more interesting and exciting. As I have mentioned, there are two types of people. The first group consists of very conservative people who are stick with their past and old things. The second team of people is those who are always eager for changes in their life. These people need a new experience. In order to keep them happy and satisfied, their life must be as versatile as possible. Traveling is the best option for them. I think you have already guessed that I belong to this group of personalities. 

Befriend with new people and you will start living a new life. You will see how seriously your life will change. Your new friends will be a perfect source of new ideas, plans, and projects. 


Let me begin this paragraph with a famous and very meaningful saying: 

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;

watch your words, they become actions;

watch your actions, they become habits;

watch your habits, they become character;

watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Have you ever heard this? I like this saying and I find it to be very meaningful. You see that your destiny is the result of your thoughts. Everything begins in your thoughts. Your actions are the result of your thoughts. Your life is the result of your thinking. You will need to completely change your thinking if you want to start living a new life. The above-mentioned methods won’t help you if you do not change your thinking. Even if you change your geographical situation, your life will remain to be the same if you do not change the way you think. Have you ever seen Buddhistic monks who live in temples? Do you wish to have the same lifestyle? I think you don’t. These months enjoy their lifestyle. They are fully satisfied by it. We do not criticize their lifestyle because we are democratic people and we should respect their choice. Let us look at their life from our point of view. What does not let them have a rich life, earn a lot of money, buy expensive cars and jets, live in luxurious mansions and hotels, and wear elite clothes? What are the reasons of their current life? Let me tell you that the only factor that made them who they are now is their thinking. Their thoughts and ideas do not let them change their life. They think that wealth is a bad thing. They restrict themselves from being prosperous. Even if you give some of them millions of dollars, after some time, you will see that they still continue their poor lifestyle. If you want to change them, you will need to change their thinking. Let us return back and forget about Buffhistic monks. Your thinking is your life. If you have a good thinking, you will have a successful life. The only thing that does not let you start living a new prosperous life is your thinking.

Change your thinking and you will start living a new life.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.