depressionsDepression can seriously hurt your psychological and physical health. Usually, a person loses his goals, ambitions, ideas, priorities, and any life interest during a depression. Have you ever had a depression? Depressions and stress are dissimilar things and sometimes people mix up these conceptions. Stress is a common and a regular condition every person has in his daily life. Do you think that you do not have any stress right now? You certainly have some stress. Stress is usual for everyone. There are loads of positive sides of being stressed since it enhances our personality and lets us exactly identify our life goals. However, being stressed during a long period of time may be very dangerous. Your stress may be transformed to a severe depression. Depression is not so simple as stress, and it may cause you very serious life problems. While you are depressed, you will change your lifestyle, worldview, loose your friends, a job, your health, and self-confidence. Depression is a very severe mental disorder. Have you ever had it? If you have had a depression, there is no need for me to explain you how does it feel like to be depressed. 

It is very difficult to start living again after a depression. Willingness and apathy are the common feelings and emotions of the person who has a depression. We understand that it is necessary to continue living. No matter how many troubles and difficulties we had in our life, we need to continue living. Sometimes, death may seem to be the most appropriate solution and option in these situations. However, we cannot bring our death closer, and therefore, we need to continue living. 

I usually have severe depressions, and frequently, it is very difficult for me to deal with them. However, I have already developed the strategy that sometimes lets me self-motivate myself and continue living after the depressions. Let me share my knowledge with you.


It is necessary to have an aim in your life. You always should be motivated in order to live. When a person loses a motivation, he stops living. Do you remember famous words of Abraham Maslow? He said: “Living is when you want something but you don’t have it. When you have everything and you don’t want anything more, you will die.” I agree with this saying. This is absolutely true. Our goals and ambitions make our life. We won’t live if we don’t have anything that we want to achieve. Are you a fan of Jack London? You may not like his style but you definitely need to read his book called “Martin Iden.” This is a book about motivation and life. Read it very carefully and you will understand many things. Our uncertainty and unsatisfaction with our life make us live. When you have an aim, you will thrive to reach it. Your ambitions will let you continue living. You won’t want to live if you feel an absolute willingness and apathy 

a)Take a notebook and write down all your priorities and life goals you want to achieve. What is important for you? Sometimes our values change and we have different priorities? You may have already achieved something and now you don’t want anything. This situation is familiar to me. Do not hurry up. Time changes our personalities. When we change, we find new life priorities and values for ourselves. 

b)Develop the strategy that will let you achieve your new goals. Write the list of exact, concrete actions, and steps that will let you achieve your objectives. Use a notebook and write your plan. This will let you better concentrate on your ambitions. 


What does make you feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied in your life? Usually, it may be your reminiscence about your past. All of us have had different problems and failures in our past. To continue living a new life, we should forget about our past. Forget about your ex-personality. You need to dislike your present life in order to build a new one. You need to dislike your current personality in order to develop and enhance your character. Negative emotions are necessary. Forget about your past. Your ex-personality has gone forever and it will never return back. 

Forget about your past to start a new life.


To continue living after a severe depression, you need to forget about the troubles you had in your past. You need to avoid everything that may remind you of your ex-life. Do you like your surrounding? Aren’t you fed up with the same faces you see every day? People who may have caused you lots of problems live in your country. You hate them and you want to forget about them. Leave your country and start a new life somewhere else. The world is very large. There are nearly 220 countries around the globe. Most of them have the better climate and the nature than you country. People in other countries of the world do not have the same mentality as your  people do. Start traveling and you will avoid all the reminders that make you think and remember about the reasons for your depression. 


People are social creatures and communication is necessary for us. The level of your controversy does not matter too much. No one is able to live for a long period of time without any communication. Having a conversation with a positive and interesting person is very stress-relieving. You will forget about all your problems while having a good discussion with someone. Befriend new people and start new communications. This will let you reduce your stress level. Feeling positive is very important in order to be able to continue your life after a severe depression. Do not underestimate the importance of communications. There are loads of different methods that will let you feel yourself very positive but none of them can be compared with the real life communication.  


What are the main reasons why we cannot start living a new life? Usually, we remind ourselves of our past and it makes us very frustrated and depressed. You must have a lot of free time if you often remind yourself about your past. Spend that time doing something valuable for you. Too much free time may be very dangerous for your mental health. Usually, people are depressed when they do not have anything to be preoccupied with. What are you main life-goals and ambitions? Have you already made the list of them? Have you already made the list of necessary actions and steps that will let you achieve your objectives? If you’ve done it, you will certainly have a lot of things to be preoccupied with. Obsess yourself with your business projects and spend your time developing and enhancing your strategy. You will see that when you are busy, you will forget about your problems and the things that have caused your depression. You should do something that is very interesting and precious for you. Thus, you will stop reminding yourself about your past. 


You may have lost all your money, you children, relatives, you parents,or anything else. It is impossible to lose everything you have. God is not so rough to torture you so much. There will always be something positive in your life that will make you happy. You may still be healthy or successful. You may have a beautiful wife or wonderful children. You know your life better than I, and therefore, try to analyze your life. Find something positive and be happy with it. Having too great and big ambitions may be very frustrating for you. Do you know why children are so happy? They are always joyful because they do not demand too much from their life. They are satisfied by small things. This is the secret of their happiness. When we have great ambitions, we won’t be able to be happy until we reach them. If you want to become the richest man in the world, it is very likely that the most of your life you will be very sad because your objective is enormously difficult. We are frustrated when we do not reach our goals. When our plans are too high, it is more likely that we won’t reach them. 

You already have a lot of things that can make you happy. Try to recognize them and continue living.

Life is not a miracle or a fairytale. It is not perfect and has millions of disadvantages and negative sides.  Do not be too frustrated if your dreams will not come true. There are many factors that might make you stressed or depressed in your life. Remember that our life continues and sometimes our difficulties and troubles make us stronger. There is always a positive side in every trouble. Try to recognize it and continue living. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.