Online business is very perspective nowadays. People around the world understand that our world is changing every single second. New technologies have already changed the way we make our business. Making business online is very advantageous and convenient. A few years ago online businesses were spread in a few geographical areas. Nowadays, this type of business is widely spread around the whole world. There is a great multitude of different factors that make the online business so attractive and easy. The people who prefer working at home, are the greatest fans of making money online. Introverts are the second group of people who are more inclined to this type of business. Online business will definitely develop and it will exactly outrun physical business in several business areas. For example, online shopping may become more popular than physical one. There are already masses of people who have stopped physical shopping. I am one of these people. Online shopping has several advantages that make it the best solution and option for people who appreciate their time and comfort. Online stores will make more profit if we shop online more. Commerce on the Internet is growing day by day and it won’t stop. Smart entrepreneurs have already established their business presence on the Internet. If you have not done it, you should do it right now. 

Every business requires investments. Online business is not an exception. You need to invest some of your money in order to start making money online. You have already understood the advantages and positive sides of the online business, and therefore, you are eager to start it. What should you do if you have absolutely no money to invest in your new enterprise? Should you give up this idea if you have no funds? I never tire of repeating that there is always a solution in any difficult situation. In this post, I will teach you how to start your online business from zero. There are some available options for you if you want to make an online business with no money. You won’t invest any money but you will definitely invest something that is more precious and valuable than money. These things are your knowledge, skills, experience, imagination, creativity, productivity, and some efforts. 

Continue reading and choose the most appropriate options for you to start your online business with no money.


This is how I made my first money on the Internet. I built my online business with absolutely no money. I did not invest anything to make money online. Nowadays, I invest money in my online enterprises. The blog you are reading now was not free for me, and I frequently spend a lot of money to promote my projects online. A few years ago, I was a newbie in online business. I did not even believe that it is possible to make money on the Internet. I thought that only small groups of people around the world are capable of making money on the Internet. Have you ever wondered about the percentage of Internet users that make some money online? There are hundreds of millions of people visiting the Internet every day, but how many of them generate any income in cyberspace? I could not find any statistics on the Internet regarding this issue. I guess that it is extremely low. It may be less than 1% of all Internet users around the world. Online business is very time-consuming, and therefore, not everyone is capable of making money online. 

My first online money was earned from my book sales. I wrote several books and published them on Amazon. Some of them were very successful. One of my books is still the #1 bestseller on Amazon Canada. I have built myself a good passive income with my ebooks. I receive a regular monthly income from my book sales. 

Writing an ebook is the best option for those people who have no money to invest in online enterprises. However, writing a digital book is not the easiest task. Not everyone is capable of writing. You need to have writing talents and some knowledge to do it. Fiction books will require your imagination and logical skills. If you decide to write a scientific book, you will need to have large amounts of different information. If you have a good idea, you may start writing right now. Open Microsoft Word and start writing your masterpiece. 

Amazon offers writers amazing features. You will be able to build your book cover for free on Amazon. Upload your manuscript to Amazon, build a cover, set the title of your book, describe your work, set your prices, and publish it. Millions of people visit Amazon every day and some of them will unquestionably buy your book. 

Writing and self-publishing your digital book is one of the easiest ways to start your online business with no money. 


Blogging may become your financial income source if you follow the right instructions. However, it is not the easiest tool to make money online. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, and intellectual skills. There are several online resources that will let you start your blog for free. You won’t need to buy a domain name and pay monthly for your hosting. 

So how do bloggers make money online? Your blog should contain good content. It does not matter what kind of content your blog has. You may have video, audio, or textual materials on your blog. Do everything to have tons of people visiting your website every day and you will have some chances to monetize your blog. The most important factor that lets you make money blogging is your traffic. If huge amounts of people visit your blog every day, you will be able to monetize it. There are many options to monetize your blog when it has enough traffic. These methods are ad earnings through CPM, CPA, CPC, affiliate marketing, paid banners, and selling your services online. So what will you need to do in order to this content? Thus, blogging is not the easiest method of making money online. 

If you have no other options because you do not have any money to invest in other online enterprises, you may try blogging right now. Build your blog for free and start blogging every day. Maybe your blog will become popular and you will be able to make some money online.


You may be a good professional in some fields and you may use your knowledge to make money online. Professionals of all types are can make money online using their skills and experience. There are thousands of people who tutor, provide psychological consultations, financial consultations, teach foreign languages, give business recommendations, and provide other services online. You may have already heard about such online resources as and These websites are the best online marketplaces to sell your services online. It is pretty easy to register there and start selling your knowledge right now. It is absolutely free and you won’t need to make any investments. Your knowledge and experience will be your investments. 

If you have nothing to lose, and additionally, your time is free, I would like to suggest you to use this option to make money online. It is absolutely free and very easy to start.


Selling your digital products on ENVATO MARKET may be very profitable. It is the biggest online resource that lets you sell all kinds of digital products online. Thousands of web developers, musicians, designers, and developers make tons of money on Envato. It consists of several branches. Themeforest, Audiojungle, CodeCanyon, Videohive, GraphicRiver, Photodune, and 3DOcean let you sell diverse kinds of digital products online. AudioJungle is a branch of Envato Market. It lets you upload and sell all types of audio products. You may sell your instrumentals, vocals, music, songs, covers, audiobooks, and sound effects on AudioJungle. ThemeForest gives you the opportunity to sell your themes, web templates, and any other web products. CodeCanyon is dedicated to selling different applications and programs. With VideoHive you may sell your video products. Graphic River was established to sell different graphical items. On PhotoDune you might sell your photos, images, and 3DOcean is good for selling 3D clips.  

Envato Market is a great tool to make money online. It lets you sell all types of digital products online. The process of participation is very easy. Upload your products and it will be reviewed by the Envato team. If your application is approved, your product will be available for sale. On your dashboard, you will see all your sales and earnings. Envato makes monthly payouts via several payment methods. They also pay via Payoneer. You won’t need to pay anything in order to make money on Envato Market. It is absolutely free, and moreover, you will receive 100% of royalties if you sell your products exclusively on Envato. 


YouTube is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It is definitely the fastest method that requires minimum effort. I have dedicated a post on how to build a successful business on YouTube and you may read my detailed instructions there.  YouTube business is available for everyone around the world. If your video is enough popular, you will certainly make some money with great ease. As I know, you will earn 1 dollar for every 1K views of your videos. Emphasize your attention to the quality of your videos and you will be very successful. It is also necessary to promote your videos in order to get more views. 

Making business on YouTube is absolutely free. If you have no money to start an online business, YouTube may become a perfect solution for you. Make some good videos and upload them on YouTube. Get tons of views and receive money for that.

These are the best ways to start an online business with no money. Try some of them and emphasize your attention on the business that is more appropriate and effective for you.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.