s travel blogBlogging is the most popular online movement on the Internet. There are nearly 180 million blogs online. These numbers are growing every single minute. There are loads of factors that make blogging so widely spread. You may have been thinking about starting a personal blog. There are already loads of blogs dedicated to online business, affiliate marketing, SEO, and blogging. Bloggers who write about blogging are very popular. You have heard that you need to choose a right niche. Your blog and its content need to be unique and original. These factors are required if you want to build a sustainable and popular blog. You won’t make any success if you start a blog about blogging because this niche is too overloaded. 

What are the most important factors you should consider while choosing yourself a niche? You must be interested in what you blog about. Online entrepreneurs post about online business because they love it. I write about four things:sex, money, self-development, and travel. These things are my passions. I write about my hobbies and the things that are very attractive to me. The second criterion is your professionality in your niche. You should write about what you know. 

You may have been thinking too long and decided that you want to start a travel blog. Your decision may be very predictable for several reasons. Everyone loves traveling. You do not need to have a special knowledge in order to launch a travel blog. You merely need to capture or record your trips on a camera and then share your emotions with your readers. It is very simple and enjoyable. When you write a blog about online business, you need to have some experience in this sphere. It is clear that you need to have some professionality to start blogging about such serious things. A travel blog is very simple to start. Your content will be 100% unique and original if you launch a travel blog. Bloggers have difficulties while generating new blog post ideas. If you start a travel blog, you will definitely avoid this problem. Visit new geographical areas, make photos, record video, and write about your feelings. It is very simple.

The simplicity of starting a travel blog makes these types of blogs very attractive to potential bloggers. Ther are loads of people who want to start blogging about traveling. However, it is necessary to state that you need to have an ability to travel in order to start a travel blog. Traveling means money. It is impossible to travel without any money. It may be possible and I have already explained you it in my last posts. However, your trip without money will be really terrible, and I think that you will indisputably forget about your travel blog while traveling with no money. It is clear now that you need to have money to travel. If you plan international traveling, you will need more money to buy air tickets, book a hotel, and other expenses. As you see, traveling is not affordable for everyone. 

So what should you do in this situation? You have already considered about other blog niches and have decided that a travel blog is the best option for you. At the same time, you find out that you cannot launch a travel blog without traveling. It is very complicated and frustrating situation. 

Do not be upset. Every problem has its solution, and I am here to help you. You have already understood that a travel blog requires traveling, and therefore, you will need to do the following steps if you still want to start with this niche.


You must be aware of the fact that our country is attractive for tourists around the world. There are thousands of tourists who spend their money to visit your country and city. You may dislike your country but you should know that it may be very interesting for foreigners. Usually, we do not value things that we already have. Do you like monkeys and are you interested in them? If you live somewhere in India, you may see them every single day, and thus, they are not interesting for you. Sometimes, they may be even annoying for you. I live in a city with no monkeys, and I would be very happy to see some of them right now. You see how tourists admire monkeys and feed them. That what usually happens everywhere. Do you think that a person who lives in Paris admires the Eifel Tower every day? No, he has already fed up with it. At the same time, there are millions of tourists who come to Paris every year  to look at the Eifel Tower.

Do not underestimate the beauty and attractiveness of your city. Know that it will be interesting for tourists. Take a notebook and write down the names and destinations of the most beautiful and famous places in your city. Make a detailed timetable. Purchase a good camera. Start visiting these places and record your trips. Hence, you will have at least 10 travel episodes every day. Upload videos and photos of your journeys on your blog, and write something about the history of the places, and do not forget to share your emotions with your readers. It is very simple, and usually, traveling in your city won’t cost you much. You will return back to sleep at your home. Thus, you won’t pay anything to stay in a hotel or somewhere else. This type of traveling is affordable for almost everyone. It is very cheap and convenient. 

You will see that there are loads of readers around the world who are interested in your blog. Post at least 10 articles every day on your blog. I think that it won’t take you much time because your photos and videos will be ready.  In a short period of time, you will build a list of subscribers around the world. Your blog will become more popular and you will be able to monetize it. When you see your first considerable profit, you will be able to travel internationally. 


As I have already mentioned, every city consists of some foreigners and tourists. There is no a single country who has no foreigners. Some of them may work in your city and others are tourists. Take a notebook and make the list of the most popular places that are visited by tourists in your city. Take your camera and visit these places. Introduce yourself to the tourists and tell them about your travel blog. Make some interviews with them. Ask their opinions regarding your country and city. Have a conversation about the places they have already visited. Make your interviews very interesting and exciting. If these tourists are professional travelers, you may ask them about different travel hacks and suggestions for newbie travelers. Use your imagination and fantasy. When you come home, upload your videos of the interviews and share your emotions with your readers. Thus, you will have a lot of new posts for your travel blog. Remember that tourists are coming and departing, and therefore, you will always have someone new to have a conversation with. 

Starting a travel blog is absolutely possible. Even though your assets are limited, you may start traveling in your city right now. Be sure that your journeys will attract a lot of visitors to your travel blog. Start traveling in your city right now and record your trips. Share your feelings with your readers and you will definitely see some significant results. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.