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travel blogTravel blogs are very popular on the Internet because everyone is interested in traveling. Travelling is the most wonderful thing that we have in our life. I don’t know anything that is more pleasurable than traveling. Traveling is better than having sex. That is my opinion and I know that there are millions of people who won’t agree with me. I enjoy traveling more than I enjoy sex. Being in a trip is stress-relieving. On the other hand, making sex may cause you some additional stress. I do not put an aim to discuss differences between sex and travel, and therefore, let me return to the main topic of this blog. Travel is very popular amongst all people. Old and young, poor and rich, clever and stupid, beautiful and ugly, everyone enjoys traveling. One and all enjoy it, but only a few people have an opportunity to travel. There are many factors that may prevent people from traveling. Some people physically cannot abandon their country due to different reasons. These reasons may have a financial character and some of them have no connection with the availability of funds. Travelling is not the most expensive thing in the world. International traveling may require some money, but local traveling is available for almost everyone. There are people who cannot travel but they are still interested in traveling. For example, when I had no ability to travel the world, I was usually watching travel programs on TV. I was enjoying them. People who are eager of traveling are inclined to read travel blogs. Millions of people visit blogs of famous travelers every day. It is unnecessary to tell you how popular is blogging nowadays. Blogging is the most popular movement on the Internet. There are nearly 290 millions of blogs in the cyberspace. There are more blogs on the Internet than porn sites and online stores. The importance of blogging is outstanding. It will be necessary for me to dedicate a separate blog post in order to describe all advantages and benefits of blogging. This theme is tremendously popular and I don’t want to repeat others. Blogging is available for everyone who has a personal computer and the Internet connection. There are several online services that let you host your website for free and they might provide you with a free domain name. Therefore, blogging became available for everyone in the world. There may be some potential bloggers who like and enjoy traveling. These people have a fancy to start a travel blog. The problem is that these people have no ability to travel. If you plan to blog about travel, you will need to travel and visit different places. What should you do if you want to start a travel blog but you are not able to travel? Should you forget about this idea and search yourself another niche to blog about?  

You do not necessarily need to travel if you want to start a travel blog. Of course, this would be preferable if you travel, because you will be able to provide your readers with new travel photos and videos. However, if you have no opportunities to travel, you can also start your travel blog right now. Follow my tips and learn HOW TO START A TRAVEL  BLOG WITHOUT TRAVELING.


You may have read other travel blogs and get yourself some good ideas to write about. You are a fan of traveling and you have a couple of reasons why you like making trips. Tell your readers about the reasons why you like traveling. You realize all advantages and benefits of traveling. Write about them. Encourage other people to travel the world. Share your story and let people know how traveling can change their life. After you finish writing a couple of blog posts, you may feel yourself very exhausted. In this condition, you may feel that you have nothing else to write about. It is not true. It is only your bad mood that discourages you from blogging. You will see that another day will bring you more ideas to blog about. Follow famous travel bloggers and learn how to write professionally. Traveling has infinite numbers of advantages and benefits. This topic will never be exhausted and you may write about it in your travel blog. 


Most of the people have traveled somewhere at least one time. There are people who have more travel experience. If you have traveled somewhere in past, you may write about your experience in your travel blog. You can describe the country you have visited. Tell your readers some facts about the country. Add your own observations and share with your reader’s stories that happened on your voyage. You will find that you have enough travel information to blog about. It may seem that you cannot start your travel blog if you do not travel. We never forget about the countries that we visit and therefore you will always have something to tell your readers.   



If you want to launch a travel blog but you have no opportunities to travel, you may always read other travel blogs, enrich your travel knowledge, and share it with your readers. Watch different travel TV programs to learn more about traveling. Thus, you will obtain new knowledge and you will always have something to write about in your travel blog. Read different travel books. Go to a library and ask a librarian to give you all books on traveling and geography. Spend some time reading them and then share your knowledge with your readers on your travel blog. You may even provide your readers with better knowledge and information than other famous travel bloggers do. Usually, bloggers merely write about their own experience, but you will give your readers some scientific and historical information. Hence, your travel blog will become more precious. Search for places in your city which are frequently visited by foreign travelers. Meet them and ask them about their travel experience. They may have some time and they will be very glad to share their knowledge and information with you.

Use all available sources to obtain travel knowledge and information. Remember that you need to learn in order to teach others.

These are the most effective tools you may use if you want to start a travel blog without traveling. Blogging means providing people with a meaningful information. It does not matter where you gain this knowledge. You may use different sources and as long as it is relevant and helpful, you will always have lots of people who will enjoy reading your travel blog.    

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.