richYour current lifestyle if predetermined by the amount of money you have in your bank account. As soon as you start earning, you will see significant changes in your life. Everything will change in your life when you are rich. Do not try to stick with your old habits and community if you want to avoid serious problems. This world is divided into poor and rich people. Both of these groups live in different worlds. Some of them enjoy life and others suffer because of poverty. Your financial status completely changes your lifestyle and the way you think. If you became rich, you should be very happy. Try to adapt yourself to a new prosperous life. 

Some people continue living the life they had even when they are rich. It is a big mistake. These people do not understand potential problems they may face if they do not change their lifestyle. Do you think that it is possible to live without making no changes even when you are already rich? If you think so, I will crush down your principles in order to help you. Check out the list of the things you will need to stop doing when you are already rich.


I have already told you that rich and poor people live in two opposite worlds. One of these worlds lets you enjoy your life and the second one gives you nothing except suffering and poverty. Remember that a rich person cannot be a friend of a poor one. You may try to do it but you won’t be successful. Let me tell you something. People are very envious. When you are successful, people will start hating you. They may not show you their hatred but deep inside they will hate you. Everyone wants to become rich. Those who are wealthy are considered to be very lucky. People will hate you for your luck. If you have some people whose financial status is average or below the medium, you need to give up having any communications with them. They are not your friends anymore. They hate you because you have left their team and now you are in the team of rich people. Forget about such things as friendship and humanity. Your friends do not want to be friends with you anymore. Now, when you are rich, drive an expensive car, and wear exclusive clothes, they think that you became very proud. There are already lots of rumors regarding you in your society. Give up having any relations with your old, poor, or average friends. They are not your friends anymore. They are enviers and your enemies. The level of their joy and happiness will be superbly huge if one day you lose all your wealth. Try to be at a remote distance from them, because your wealth may tease them. Have you ever thought what do people think when they see your six digit car? Do you think they are happy for you? Do you think that they admire your gorgeous car? At this moment, they realize how extremely unsuccessful they are. They are ready to damage your car in order to feel comfortable. Avoid teasing people with your wealth. You may have good intentions. Remember that person are very envious and most of them have evil natures.  


You were living in your place when you were not rich. Usually, people who live in your rayon have the same financial status as you have. Now, when you are rich, you need to choose yourself another place to live. You may be very conservative and have some emotions to the place where you live. Forget about it. For your own security and for the safety of your family, you will need to change your place of living. People are aware of the fact that you are rich now. As I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, some of your neighbors already hate you. They wish that you disappear from their eyes. Your wealth and prosperity tease them. People who surround you, see these expensive clothes that your wife wears. There are already thousands of rumors about you in your district. That means that you should immediately change your place of living.  

Keep in mind that poverty does not make people kinder or more generous. Poverty is not an advantage, and therefore, poor people usually have very evil natures. I have met loads of people who are very poor but they were the kindest personalities Do you want to know the reason why poverty did not spoil them? All of them were from socialistic republics. When everyone around you is poor, you are not teased by someone’s wealth, and as a result, you keep being kind and generous. Poor people who live in capitalistic countries usually hate wealthy communities. You should know that any day your flat or house may be robbed, your car may be damaged, and some of your family members may be killed or kidnapped. 

Forget about your conservative, choose yourself a rich district, and move there as soon as possible. 


Some people are fans of showing off. Usually, we feel very well while showing off. Poor people strive to buy some accessories for rich people in order to show off. They have the inferiority complex. Showing off compensates their negative feelings. You will find that the poorest people are great at showing off. When you are confident, you never worry about people’s opinion. Showing off is a deal of every single personality. If you want to do it, you can. I suggest you not to show off too much because sometimes it can be very dangerous for your life and financial assets. Remember that there is a mafia in every country. The members of it are very powerful. Living in a country of the third world may be more dangerous, because usually, police and some members of the country are the biggest criminals. In the USA, it may be unusual if the police or the government members demand your money. In the countries of the third world, it is a common thing. If you do not know it, let me assure you that being rich in particular areas of the world is very dangerous. If you live in a poor country, do not show off too much. Some powerful people may easily seize your assets. That is the main reason why I tell you to stop showing off. 

When you become rich, your life will entirely change. You will see changes in every particular sphere of your life. You will wear more expensive and exclusive clothes, drive luxurious cars and live in elite districts. Adapt yourself to your new life and forget about your past. It is necessary to stop doing several things that you were doing in your past. Try to be flexible and throw away the above-mentioned habits. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.