timeIf you are a full-time blogger, it is very probable that you spend most of your daily time in front of your laptop. Writing new blog content requires some time. When you plan to write truly high-quality blog posts, you will be able to write maximum 3 or 4 great articles a day. Sometimes, you will write a single post. Thus, you will dedicate your full day to write a single blog post.It is always better to write a couple of high-quality articles than writing thousands of garbage blog posts. This is my philosophy. I always emphasize my attention and efforts at the quality. I try to forget about quantity while blogging.

While writing new content, we always do many other things that distract us from writing. I have realized this fact when I was analyzing my daily activities. When I write a blog post, my browser is always opened. Usually, there are at least three or four active windows on my browser. Thus, I do several things at the same time. I write my blogs in Microsoft Word, then, from time to time, I look up my browser for different news, updates, and stats.  For this reason, I waste a lot of time. I could fully dedicate that time to writing if I didn’t preoccupy my attention with different things. I am sure that I am not the only one blogger who is put in this situation. I bet most of you waste hours of your daily time by doing the things that are truly meaningless. You could spend that time more effectively so that it benefits your blogging business. How many of you check your blog’s traffic stats several times a day? How many of you look up Google many times a day? How many times a day do you visit Semrush? How many times a month do you check your DA (Domain Authority)? I am sure all of us do the previously mentioned things a couple of times every day. All of these activities waste our time. I have realized this fact a few days ago. I made some calculations. Finally, I can say that at least 2 hours of my daily time goes to checking my blog’s stats. It is truly ridiculous. I want to make some changes. From today, I am going to follow a very strict discipline while I am in front of my laptop.

All of us could save several hours of our daily time if we effectively managed it. I dedicate this blog post to time management. I hope it will be very helpful to all the people who spend the majority of their daily time working in front of their monitors. Actually, this article will be mostly helpful to bloggers. I am a blogger, and therefore, I know how much time is wasted when we look up our blog’s stats every day. Here are some of the most effective tips that will let you successfully save your daily time.


For all of us, DA (Domain Authority) means very much. In fact, better DA your blog has, better ranks it will have on SERPs. For this reasons, bloggers do everything in order to increase their blogs' DA. Domain Authority is not a ranking factor. At the same time, DA metrics show approximate predictions of how well your website will rank on SERPs. I have analyzed some of my blog posts. I concluded that the pages with the highest PA (Page Authority) have the best ranks on SERPs. Thus, I can self-assuredly say that DA metrics are absolutely correct. Pages with higher PA will always have better positions on SERPs. Moreover, your blog’s DA passes link juice to other pages on your blog. Hence, by increasing your DA, you will automatically improve PA of your blog’s pages.

These are some of the reasons why all of the online entrepreneurs are so busy with DA and PA. All of us want to have better positions on SERPs. All of us want to dominate in SEO. For this reasons, we usually check our blog’s DA and PA.

DA and PA metrics were developed by Moz. It is a very authoritative and internationally accepted company. From now, I can assure you that metrics of Moz are respected in the SEO world. Moz uses approximately 40 algorithms to identify a website’s DA and PA.  I won’t describe all of the algorithms used by Moz. What I want to say is that metrics of Moz are updated once a month. During 3 or 4 weeks, Moz crawls the entire Web to collect different data. Then, it updates its metrics. You will find out that your DA and PA change only one time a month. Usually, it happens on 20th to 25th of each month. For this reason, it does not make any sense to check your blog’s DA and PA every day. Visit Moz on 25th of every month, and you will see your DA and PA metrics updated. There is no reason to check out Moz stats every day or even several times a month. Domain Authority does not change overnight. Moz collects huge volumes of data to make a single update every month. For this reason, you should forget about your blog’s DA and PA. Do not waste your time by visiting Moz every day.


If you are a full-time blogger, it is very probable that your day starts from checking your Search Console, Bing Webmaster’s Tools, Semrush, and maybe many other traffic stats services. Right now, I am talking about myself. I start my day by checking out my StatCounter traffic stats. I look up how many people visited my blog while I was asleep. This is the first thing I do on the Internet when I wake up. Then, I visit Search Console to look up how many clicks my blog got on SERPs. From yesterday, I started using CloudFlare to get more accurate traffic stat reports. This means that I will waste much more time to check my traffic stats every day.

I am sure that most of you have the same problem. All of us waste a lot of time checking our websites’ traffic reports. I realize that it is a very serious problem. Most of us are not conscious of how much time is wasted to check our blogs’ traffic stats. Keep in mind that most of us use several traffic counters. The most popular of them are Google Analytics, StatCounter, CloudFlare, Search Console, and Semrush. These services take a lot of our free time. We could spend that time by writing new content for our blog. I think that would be more beneficial for our overall blogging success. Checking out your blog’s traffic stats will not give you any results. Nor will it increase the number of visitors on your blog. Thus, checking traffic stats every day is a mere waste of time.

I want to adapt myself to check my traffic stats maximally once a week. It will definitely save hours of my free time. It makes no sense to visit search console or Google Analytics every day. Finally, it is better to do everything in order to increase the volumes of your web traffic. Create high-quality content, build backlinks, promote and advertise your blog on social networks. These activities will give you better results that solely checking your traffic stats several times a day.


I did not include Semrush in the previous article because it provides us with something more than simple traffic stats. Semrush gives unique and unusual data. It shows new organic keywords and their volumes. Also, it shows our major competitors. Semrush is a very good service for every online entrepreneur. To be honest, I check my Semrush reports several times a day. Thus, I waste a lot of time. Google Analytics, Search Console, CouldFlare, StatCounter, and Semrush, all together, waste hours of our daily time.

Semrush give very accurate reports. This is a very helpful service to track your SEO success. At the same time, visiting Semrush every day won’t give you anything but a simple waste of your time. I realized that I waste a lot of time on Semrush. Therefore, I decided to visit it once a week. This will be a very good decision to prevent me from wasting my time.

Instead of visiting Semrush thousands of times a day, it is better to concentrate your efforts on building high-quality content. This will definitely improve your success on SERPs. Also, do not forget about building high-quality backlinks. Promoting your blog on social networks will give you astounding results.


Usually, the number of subscribers is used as a direct identification of a blog’s popularity. If you check out famous blog’s, most of them will show off by millions of subscribers their blogs have. For this reason, new bloggers might think that subscribers are very important. In fact, email marketing is truly crucial for the success of a blog. Nonetheless, a number of your subscribers is not the most important factor in the blogging business.

Most of us use different subscription forms such as Mail Chimp, Mail Munch, and others. These forms show the exact number of subscribers. Popular blogs get hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers every day. A new blog might get a few new subscribers every week. If your blog is new, it is very probable that you will get from 5 to 100 new subscribers every week. This is a very low amount. However, after some time, you will definitely see a serious growth in a number of your blog’s subscribers.

To be exact, new subscribers are not much important. Stop checking out new subscribers every day. There is no reason to do it. You can look up your new subscribers once a week. This will be absolutely sufficient for you. Anyway, you will not use their emails unless you already have thousands of blog subscribers.


Chatting is a very time wasting activity. Most of us chat while blogging. We use different online tools to chat with our friend and colleagues. Some of them are WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, and many other different online services. Most of our online conversations have no value. We discuss absolutely nothing. In most cases, our talks waste a lot of our time. If you want to preserve your precious time, you will need to stop chatting while writing new content for your blog.

These are some of the most usual activities that waste a lot of our time. While blogging, it is very important to pay our attention to the quality of our writing. We should forget about the things that interrupt them. Thus, we will be able to save several hours of our daily time. That time can be used to generate more valuable content for our blogs.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.