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organic trafficWhen you start an online business, you will realize that this type of business resembles Swiss watches. As you know, Swiss watches consist of different details and mechanisms. The number of them may be truly overwhelming. Swiss watches are the most complicated watches in the world. You will see the same complication if you decide to start an online business. Whether it is blogging, an e-commerce store, or any other types of online enterprises, you will have to deal with many other things that have no relation to your business. For example, in order to succeed in blogging, you will have to excellent in writing, editing, designing, branding, social media marketing, SEO, PR, and many other things. From all of the previously mentioned activities, I want to mention that SEO is the most important part of blogging. Every successful blogger is always a very good SEO professional. Today, search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the best sources of web traffic. Search engine traffic is usually called as organic traffic. Building organic traffic is a very good strategy for long term online businesses. I can self-assuredly say that organic traffic is much better than any types of web traffics. For example, social networks will never give you as much web traffic as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. At the same time, you will need to work very hard to succeed on SERPs. The quality and amount of your blog’s organic traffic are proportional to your success on SERPs. Better rankings will always drive serious volumes of organic traffic to your blog.

I realized that SEO is the necessary part of every online business on the Internet. An online business cannot survive without organic traffic. I have tested different types of social media marketing campaigns. I can assure you that none of them are capable of providing you with big amounts of web traffic for long terms. In most cases, I was running free social media campaigns. I was never satisfied by their quality. Thus, organic traffic is still the best thing every online entrepreneur can dream about.

Every blogger has a particular blogging niche. For example, Darren Rowse and Amy Lynn Andrews write about blogging. Matthew Kepnes writes about travel. Pat Flynn gives his readers an overall information about different types of online businesses. Every one of them knows their niches very well. At the same time, these successful bloggers work very hard to be successful on SERPs. Search engines are the main sources of their web traffic. Hence, we can say that mostly organic traffic has made them so successful and famous. New bloggers know about the importance of organic traffic. Therefore, bloggers always work on two fronts. Firstly, they generate new engaging content for their blogs. Secondly, they study SEO and do everything in order to get as much organic traffic as possible.

Sometimes, being too preoccupied with SEO can become truly annoying. First of all, a blogger needs to worry about the quality of content he produces. SEO always must be on the second order. From time to time, these things change their orders. Bloggers start emphasizing their efforts at SEO. Their content becomes less important for them. In some situation, this attitude can lead to the production of low-quality content. Some bloggers understand this dangerous situation. Usually, they question themselves about the possible way their blogs could survive without organic traffic. I was also thinking about it. Getting organic traffic requires a lot of hard work and time. If a blog is new, it should never expect to have any serious volumes of organic traffic during first six months. Thus, a beginning blogger should not hope to become successful within first six months of blogging. This is impossible unless a blogger has a lot of money to invest it in his blog’s promotion. I always question myself about the possible opportunities and tools that could let entirely ignore organic traffic. Finally, I made some conclusions. I found out about two situations when you may forget about SEO and still have some success. Below, I will share my ideas with you.


If you produce some truly golden content, you will not have to worry about different sources of web traffic. In this case, your content must be unusual. Writing different business or travel tips will never help you. Millions of blogger write about blogging, online business, real estate, SEO, affiliate marketing, travel destination, hotels, and other popular things. Textual materials will never help your to boost your blog’s traffic. For example, you have heard about The Sex factor. The Sex Factor is an online porn reality show produced by xHamster. I have recently looked up its backlinks. The majority of its backlinks come from xHamster. I cannot say that this project invested a lot of money in SEO. At the same time, The Sex Factor is a tremendously popular online reality show. These types of unique project do not have to rely on SEO. Thus, they can fully ignore organic traffic. Once you offer your visitors something unique, your content will go viral. The amount of direct traffic will increase. You will forget to worry about SEO, social media marketing, and other nonblogging related things.

At the same time, it is not easy to produce high-quality content that does not resemble anything on the Internet. Every reality show requires a lot of financial investments. Xhamster has enough money to organize such grandiose projects. If you launch a blog dedicated to online business, your online project should be related to online business. Blogging in the travel niche might also require some captivating projects. Use your imagination to make your content more engaging. Simple blog posts with a few photos of them will never expose your blog on the Web. As I have already told you, millions of bloggers do the same things. All of them write similar blog articles. These duplicate blogs will never succeed. Originate something unusual and you will be ready to start ignoring search engines.


If you are a rich person, you can forget about organic traffic right now. Forget about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, and everything else that have some relation to SEO. If you have enough money to invest in your blog’s promotions, you will not need to worry about organic traffic anymore. With a big budget, you will be able to effectively promote your blog on Facebook, Instagram, and popular blogs related to your blog’s niche. Now, when you have a lot of money, you will not need to wait for months until your SEO works. Thus, you will do whatever you want. If you have thousands of dollars ready to be invested in your blog’s promotion, you will be able to succeed as soon as you start. This is the ultimate power of money.

This is one of the possible opportunities to succeed in blogging without organic traffic. Usually, most of the beginning bloggers start blogging because they want to make money blogging. Of course, there is a little part of bloggers who launch their blogs in order to express their worldview, thoughts, and ideas with the world. However, the majority of bloggers want to make money blogging. This means that they have a serious lack of money. Why would a person spend hours of his free time blogging if he is already rich? It is very unlikely that a person will prefer a boring blogging time to an interesting and exciting offline entertainment. Thus, we can conclude that the majority of beginning bloggers do not have enough money to invest in their blog’s promotion. Therefore, this option will be available only for rich individuals. Nonetheless, if you want to forget about organic traffic and SEO, you should become very rich before you start blogging.


Building a famous brand will be one of the best things you can do in order to succeed without organic traffic. When your blog’s brand is well-established, the majority of your web traffic will be direct traffic. Thus means that the most part of your visitors will directly type your domain name in their browsers. How often do you visit Amazon or Ebay through search queries? I bet that you directly type Amazon’s and Ebay’s domain names in your browser. Thus happens because these online stores have famous and authoritative brands. Of course, it took a long time for these online trade giants to build their brands. Nonetheless, it is always possible to build a brand in a quick time if you have all the necessary skills and talents. Even if Amazon or Ebay disappears from SERPs, they will still get tons of direct traffic due to their brands.

Brand building is not the easiest thing in the world. A good brand is always associated with high quality. To build a well-recognizable brand, you will give to give your visitors something unusual useful. A good brand cannot be built without high-quality of your content. Therefore, prepare yourself for a very hard work.

These are some of the options you can use in order to succeed online without depending on organic traffic. Most of these options will not be available for beginning online entrepreneurs. However, if you think that you can use a number of the above-mentioned tips, you should try your luck.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.