boring cityLiving in a boring city certainly, makes your whole life very mind-numbing. Usually, these cities are very small. However, let us be aware of some significant advantages of living in a small city. I like small cities for a multitude of different reasons. You do not waste your time on roads while living in a small city. Have you ever lived in a megapolis? Such cities as New York, Cairo, Tokyo, Moscow, and other huge cities will take the most of your daily time on roads. I have lived in a megapolis, and therefore, I know its disadvantages. Usually, it was taking me 2 hours to reach a destination and then 2 hours to come back to my district. Thus, I was spending 4 hours every day on transportation. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of living in a huge city. Living in a small city may be more economic. Usually, it takes up to twenty minutes in order to reach a destination in a small town. You won’t waste much time on roads if you live in a small city. Usually, all government building and companies are situated near to each other, and as a result, it is very easy to finish all your deals in a single day. That is the main reason why I love small cities. At the same time, small cities are usually very boring. Small city and a boring city are synonyms.

Sometimes, you may be put in the situation when you have to live in a boring city. There may be loads of different circumstances and reasons why you won’t be able to abandon that boring city. Have you ever been in such situation? I have been, and therefore I am writing this post in order to help you to survive in an extremely tiresome town. Usually, boring cities are too small and your options will be very limited. However, there is always a solution in any situation. You can make your life very exciting and interesting even if you live in a single room and never leave it. 


Living in a boring city may restrict your abilities, and therefore, you will need to make a selection from available options. Reading is the favorite activity of people who are physically limited. I do not tell you about physical disabilities and disorders. I mean any kinds of physical limitations. If you live in a boring city with a boring population, there is a big probability that you won’t find anything interesting outside, and therefore, the only option for you will be self-entertainment. Have you ever thought about the things that help people survive when they are imprisoned? Being in a prison is awfully boring. Intelligent and educated people are not regular clients of prisons, and for that reason, there is a small likelihood that prisoners may find themselves interesting personalities to talk with. In this situation, a book becomes your best friend. Reading a book means speaking with its author. However, your role is very passive, because you only listen to him. Obtaining a new information is more exciting than giving it. Reading is the best healer of any boredom. There are loads of different books written on a multitude of different topics. You will surely find yourself something that you will exactly like.

Is it possible to live in a country without having any communications with people? Yes, it is possible to do it. I can boldly assure you that it is possible, and additionally, your time won’t be boring if you do the right things. You may be in the situation when you dislike the whole population of your city or they may be simply not interesting for you. In these occasions, you won’t have the wish to have a communicate with anyone. Ther are no people whom you like in your city. What should you do? Do not forget about books because they are your best friends. Reading may be more interesting that speaking with someone. How often do you speak with a scientist or a knowledgeable person? I guess that you rarely do it. Scientists are very busy personalities, and therefore, they won’t have much free time to have conversations with you. You may always read a book written by a scientist and it will make your time very interesting. 

If you are bored in your tiresome city, you should seek for some advantages in this situation. How can you benefit from this situation? If your life circumstances limit your external abilities, try to find something available and helpful. I would like to suggest you reading because I enjoy it during my boring days.


Living in a boring city limits your abilities but at the same time, it gives you the opportunity to devote yourself to your projects. It is very important to see advantages in your difficult problematic situations. A trouble does not come alone. It always comes with something that benefits you. Try to recognize these advantageous things and use them. Usually, a boredom means loneliness. These two concepts are friends and partners. When you are alone, you are bored. Do you know that the greatest masterpieces of all times were written in absolute loneliness?  Your boredom may be the best advantage in your life. Devote yourself to your projects and business. You are put in an appropriate situation. Use it and you will succeed.  


Every city has some citizens who may be interesting for you. These people may be very educated and open-minded. Communication with them can be very captivating. What are the places where you can meet these people? Do not try to look for these people somewhere on the Internet because such communications are usually not serious. Look for some places in your city that are visited by intelligent and educated people. They may be different art galleries, museums, festivals, fashion expositions, and scientific seminars. Become an active member of these events and you will certainly befriend interesting people. Consequently, you will reduce your boredom level. 


All of us have different hobbies we love them because they give us some pleasure. We hate things that do not satisfy us. Hobbies are activities that are enjoyable for us. Some people enjoy watching new films, reading books, and magazines, drawing, painting, playing video games, and doing other things. We are diverse, and therefore, our hobbies are dissimilar.  If you are bored living in your tiresome city, enjoy your time preoccupying yourself with your favorite hobbies.

Living in a boring city may not be so annoying as you think. Being bored by your town gives you more time to enjoy your favorite hobbies and do other beneficial things.  Look for something positive in your situation and you will always find a solution in any situation.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.