photosInstagram becomes more popular day by day. Millions of people use Instagram every day. It is as used and widely-spread as WhatsApp. If you haven't dedicated an important place for Instagram in your online business strategy, you should definitely do it. If you doubt it, I recommend reading the following blog post where I have explained Why Instagram Is Crucial To Your Business. Since Instagram is a photo-sharing web platform, today, we will talk about taking gorgeous photos for Instagram.

As you know, content is king. Whilst a meaningful and informative article could be a great content for a blog, taking high-quality photos is all you need to fulfill your content missions on Instagram. Photographing is art. Taking beautiful and professional photos requires skills and knowledge. In this blog post, I will provide you with some awesome tips on how to take groundbreaking photos for Instagram. This does not mean that your photos can be used only on Instagram. Since they are images, you will be able to use them wherever you want. if you have a blog, a website, or profile in social networks, taking wonderful photos will benefit you in all fields. Thus, this article is a universal guide on how to take stunning photos.


photo cameraIn the first place, photographing requires some tools. A photo camera is the most important among them. Although today's smartphones are capable of shooting truly high-quality photos, they will never replace a professional photo camera. You should accept this fact. If someone is telling you the opposite thing, you should know that this person knows nothing on this topic. There are many reasons why a smartphone will never replace a photo camera. However, this is not the topic of the current discussion.

If you regard Instagram seriously, you love photographing, and one day, you may be making money by this activity, you should definitely spend some money to a high-quality DSLR (Digital Single-Lense Reflex) camera. You can easily find a stunning DSLR camera under 500$.

On the other hand, if you don't have spare money to buy a camera, you can use your smartphone camera to take photos for Instagram. Of course, the quality of your photo shoots will be much lower. However, this is better than doing nothing. By the use of different photo editing tools, you will be able to improve the state of your images. 


Unless you are planning to shoot nude photos, it will be necessary to prepare your wardrobe. No matter where your photo shoot is going to take place: a photo studio, a hotel, outdoors, or anywhere else, it is dumb to pose in the same clothes all the time. You will need to change your clothes and accessories more frequently. Otherwise, the photos you take will look very similar.

If your photo session is taking place in a studio, you can bring your clothing there. If it is going to be carried out outdoors, you can store your wardrobe in a car.


selfieI think that selfies look silly. It is kinda: "I have nobody to take photos of me, and that is why I am shooting myself". I am not a fan of selfies. They look poor and stupid. A selfie-taker openly proclaims his narcissism. It reminds me of someone who is praising himself.

If you look at famous and popular Instagram account, you will see that all photos there are professionally taken. If you want to do the same thing, hire a photographer or ask your friends to take photos of you. There are a lot of people who enjoy photographing. Therefore, I am sure one of your friends will definitely love the idea.


I think that versatility and diversity are the best things you can stick to in this business. If your photos are monogamous, you take them in the same place all the time, your poses are identical, nobody will be stunned by your work. It is necessary to shift decorations, your poses, and ideas on your photos. Versatility and diversity are key factors in this work.


photo edittingInstagram provides you with a wide variety of filters and effects to enhance, edit, and change your photos. If Instagram photo editing tools are enough to satisfy you, you should stick to you. Oppositely, if you want more powerful photo editing tools, I would like to recommend you the following websites and applications:

VINTAGER. It is a free software with a wide diversion of photo effects. You can download it on your PC or smartphone. 

PIXLR-O-MATIC. This is a Web-based application that provides a huge variety of different filter and effects for your photos.

You can edit your photos, and then, upload ready images on Instagram. I think that using PC to optimize, resize, and improve your images is more professional. Since you wish to blow up Instagram by the stunning quality of your photos, you will need to spend some time editing them.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.