быть богатым

being richIt is not a secret that almost everyone in the world wants to become rich. Being rich means being free and powerful. Money is the thing that gives us different opportunities. Most of our actions, intentions, and plans have a financial motivation. Wealth and fame are the strongest stimulators of a human activity. We spend several years studying at expensive universities in order to maintain our life in future. Everything is connected with money. No money means no living.  Being rich is very advantageous. Wealth may give you tons of different opportunities that are not available for you now. One of the sections of my blog is dedicated to the financial success. I am conscious of how important it is to have enough money in order to be happy. Frustration is caused by unsatisfied desires and needs. When we satisfy our desires, we feel very well. If you have no money to satisfy yourself, you are predestined to be unhappy. Benefits and advantages of being rich are infinite. In this article, I will try to explain some of them.


There is no doubt that you need a lot of money to have a good education. People spend thousands of dollars annually, to study in prestigious and worldwide known universities. People hope that a good education will guarantee them a good future. It can be true in some cases. One of the most significant benefits of being rich is that you will be able to have a good education. Every parent wishes a good future for his children. Education is extremely important nowadays, and therefore, everyone strives to provide their children with the best education.

There are some extraordinarily gifted children who study for free in such universities as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Sorbonne, and other major universities of the world. Your child needs to be a real genius to be accepted there for free. All respectable universities of the world have a limited number of free places for extraordinarily clever and talented students. If you are not from this group, you won’t be able to enjoy a great opportunity of studying at a good school and university. Usually, our education predestines our future. There is no connection between being rich and being educated. I know loads of people who are extremely rich and some of them don’t know how to correctly read a text. Let us discuss this topic in another blog post. Being unable to study in a good university restricts you from several job positions in companies around the world.  

If you are rich, you can study in any school or a university you wish. You will also be able to give a good education to your children. This factor is one of the most advantageous benefits of being rich.


Youth is a very short period of time. Being young means blossoming. Young people are like flowers. It is necessary to appreciate this small phase of time and use it as effectively as you can. You should enjoy your youth. This age was created to be joyful and adventurous. When you are over thirty, your youth will be already gone and you won’t be able to return it back. If you are young now, you should enjoy your time. Remember that you won’t remain to be young forever. Your face will start aging soon and you won’t be so beautiful and attractive.

It is clear for us that youth is the time when a person wants to explore everything new. A young personality strives to have as much pleasure as he can. All people have desires but desires of young people are the most powerful. Young people usually get very frustrated when they are unable to satisfy their physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual needs. So can every young person in the world enjoy his youth? It is clear that you won’t be able to have a joyful youth if you are not rich. Even if you are a super handsome man, you won’t have loads of girls if you have no car. You will need some money in order to have it. So what if you are from a poor family and you live in a terrible country? Thus, you may be unable to earn enough money to buy yourself a car. For someone living in the USA or other developed countries, this may sound unbelievable. Believe me, there are numerous countries where you may have a pity number of opportunities to earn some money. There are people who say that it is possible to get rich wherever you live. I do not agree with this saying. Getting rich depends on a multitude of different factors that sometimes do not depend on a person’s will. To enjoy your youth, you will need money to visit different playgrounds, restaurants, night clubs. You need to spend your money to have tons of girlfriends. Women do not like handsome but very poor men. You may have a good health, a high IQ,an attractive appearance, but if you are not rich, you won’t be able to enjoy the best time of your life. Youth is the most wonderful time, and therefore, you will need to be rich in order to enjoy it. 

When you are rich, you can fully enjoy your youth. You can buy yourself any cars, clothes, accessories you wish. Being wealthy enables you to visit any place you desire. All luxurious restaurants, hotels, and night clubs will welcome you. Youth is the time when your desires reach their maximum point. When your youth is over, the testosterone hormone level will reduce in your blood, and therefore, you will have less libido. At the age of thirty, you won’t be eager to have a lot of women. Youth is the time to enjoy your life. 

Being wealthy and prosperous will give you great opportunities to enjoy your youth and this is one of the most significant advantages of being rich.


Sex is not free. You may have a free sex, but you will make it with your wife. Having sex with your wife is not a free thing too. If you do not earn enough money, your wife will refuse to have any sexual intercourses with you. Sex is not a free thing and you need to pay for it. Women do not care about how handsome and sexy you are. They won’t give you an access to their bodies unless you spend some money on them. It is clear and everyone is aware if this fact. If you are a prostitute-lover, you will also need money to have sex with them. Sex travel is the most expensive thing because you will need to spend a lot of money for additional things like transportation, lodging, and food.  The first question you hear from a girl when you try to get to know her is: “What do you do?” or “What is your profession?” These questions are a very subtle and polite variation of the following inquires: “How much do you earn?” or “How much money do you have?” People do not care about you. They care about themselves. The instinct of self-preservation is their GOD and they do everything in order to preserve themselves and their children. Women need to find someone with a huge amount of money, and hence, they self-preserve themselves.

Being rich gives you all opportunities to enjoy you sex life. You can have any cars, clothes, mansions, and hotels you wish. Therefore, all women will want to share some time with you. It does not matter how ugly you are. Have a fat wallet in your pocket and every girl will be ready to make sex with you. Being wealthy opens infinite opportunities for the sex tourism. You will be able to visit any country you wish and enjoy sex with anyone you desire. The air tickets and hotel costs are not your problems anymore. You are rich and you do not care about the amount of money your spend to satisfy your wishes. You may travel to the Philippines and have sex with Miss Universe 2016. Seduce her with your bank account, promise her some golden mountains and she will do everything you want. Money gives you infinite opportunities.


Making money is not free. You won’t be able to make some money if you have no money. Every business requires serious investments. You will remain to be poor if you do not have any money. Do you think that someone could become rich working on a regular job? It is a nonsense. Usually, companies pay their workers a specific amount of money that is sufficient for them to maintain their life. A company won’t pay you huge amounts of money. They want you to continue working for them, and consequently, they do not want you to get rich. This is why most people are poor during their whole life. These people may have great ideas but they are not able to fulfill them because they have no money. 

Being rich lets you avoid these problems and you will be able to enlarge your net worth. Rich people get richer because they have all the necessary tools to multiply their wealth. This is one of the most important advantages of being rich. Having a lot of money lets you make more money. Let me rephrase it. Being rich lets you stay rich all your life. 


Our friends are very important to us. Usually, our success depends on our ability to communicate with different people. Everyone chooses friends who resemble themselves. A poor person will surely have some poor friends. A beautiful girl won’t befriend with ugly girls. A clever man won’t have stupid friends. This is a rule that is applicable in any occasion. Tell me who is your friend and I will tell you who you are. This is the Russian saying that is very meaningful and wise. Our friends is the mirror that represents our personality. You won’t ever befriend someone who is really disgusting for you. Poor people have poor ideas and thoughts. You will never get rich if you befriend with people who are poor. Poor people may have better personal and humane qualities than rich ones. At the same time, you won’t benefit from communicating with people who have no money. Rich people are always full of great ideas and plans. They see financial profit in places where it is invisible. Befriending with rich people may be very money-making. 

Rich people are usually from rich families. There are lots of people from poor families who became rich, but usually, wealthy personalities belong to rich families. These people communicate and befriend rich people. They have common interests, and as a result, their friendship is more productive. It is absolutely clear for us that poor and wealthy people have different interests. A wealthy person may prefer playing golf.  On the other hand, there is a probability that a poor man has never ever been to a golf course. A wealthy boy may enjoy driving his Ferrari on the weekends but a poor one may need to work additionally. Poor and rich people live in opposite worlds, and therefore, the friendship between them is impossible. Being rich is very valuable because you will be able to communicate with wealthy people. This opportunity will give you a multitude of different ideas. Rich people do everything in order to increase their wealth, and for that reason, they are always full of very productive ideas and plans. Communication with them will change your thinking.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.