being famousFame has both advantages and disadvantages. There is a special type of people who are severely inclined to fame. These people fancy about fame and they see it in their dreams. Being very attractive and having unique talents, make people want to become famous. Do you want to become famous? If you have some qualities that are rare and you feel your advantage over other people, it is very probable that you want to become famous. There are loads of factors that may make you famous. You can become famous in both the positive and negative meanings of this concept. There are thousands of criminals who are very notorious but their fame does not benefit them anymore. Their well-known faces may cause them imprisonment or sometimes even death. However, if we talk about positive fame, let me tell you that his type of fame has a great multitude of significant advantages. If you want to become famous, let me congratulate you because fame will give you the following advantages.


Your fame can build you a brand. You will have great business opportunities if your name becomes a famous brand. Look at David Beckham, Beyonce, or Oprah. Their names are brands. Thus, they can make millions of dollars simply by using their names. Companies pay celebrities tons of money in order to use their names in different promotional campaigns. Being famous makes you easily recognizable amongst a big crowd of people. Do you know what is the most important factor in the publishing business? The main factor that makes a book bestseller is the name of its author. If you are famous, your products will be very popular. The quality of your items won’t matter much when you have a famous name. Look at Playboy enterprises. Playboy is a brand. Let me tell you that I like this brand but I don’t like its production. I love its name “Playboy”. Have you ever tasted the production of Playboy? This enterprise manufactures t-shirts, caps , hats, different accessories, and other clothes. When I visit their official website, I am not amazed by their online store. Their caps or t-shirts do not have superbly good quality. They are simple and sometimes they look very ugly. In 2013 Playboy’s net revenue was more than 200 million dollars. So why does it make such a huge income if their products are not excellent? Playboy is a great brand and its famous name has already predestined the success of this company. This is how people use their fame to make millions of dollars. Monica Lewinsky received 1 million dollars from a famous American magazine in order to tell the details of her sexual intercourse with Bill Clinton. See how financially beneficial was fame for Monica. 

Become famous and you will become rich. Being famous gives you a variety of brilliant opportunities to monetize your famous name.  


Being famous is very sexy and famous people are usually considered to be the sexiest. Do you like Brad Pitt? I do not find him handsome or sexy. That may be because I am not a woman. Even if I am a woman, I would not agree that he is the sexiest man in the world. His fame was built by Hollywood and TV industry. If you are shown one single portrait of a man and told that he is the sexiest, one day you will definitely believe that he is the sexiest. Tha what usually happens. Do you find Orlando Bloom to be seductive? I do not think that he is a real man. He is too tender and womanishly beautiful. I know that women do not prefer such men. However, several film hits made him a sex symbol. Women like famous men. Being famous is very prestigious and therefore befriending a famous person is very fashionable and profitable.  Look at Tom Cruise. His height is 165-167 cm. Men with this height were never attractive to women. Would Tom Cruise be so sexy and adored if he was not a famous Hollywood superstar? I think you are able to answer this question yourself. Fame makes people attractive and sexy. 

Become famous and you will be the sexiest in the world even if you are the ugliest!


This is one of the most advantageous benefits of being famous. When you are famous, you will be welcomed everywhere. Do you think that celebrities stay in long queues? No, they do not do that. Wherever you are, you will see huge crowds of your fans chasing you. That may be very pleasuring and appealing for your ego. Everyone is ready and glad to befriend you if you are a star. You won’t have any problems with the police if you are a celebrity. Policemen are very probable to ask for your autograph. Being famous is very advantageous when it comes to different privileges. Luxury hotels will be glad to serve you for free if you prefer their apartments. They will take a photo of you in their hotel, and thus, the hotel will guarantee itself a huge success in the long-terms. 

Fame makes you welcomed everywhere and this is one of the most significant reasons why you should become famous as soon as possible. 

Being famous has both advantages and disadvantages. However, its advantages outrun its negative sides. Do not hesitate if you want to become famous. You will need to work very hard in order to become famous, but your future fame may definitely worth your efforts. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.