Everything in our life has two sides. One side is positive and the second is negative. There is nothing absolute in our world. There are millions of people who think that marriage is very advantageous. Other people find loads of disadvantages in being married. I am a philosophy, and therefore, I try to look at everything from different points of view. Such concepts as “good” and “bad” are always relative to me. Something that is considered to be “good” for me, will be “the worst” for another person. Do you want to live in Saudi Arabia? If you are an American or a European, your life in Saudi Arabia will be really terrible. Your ideas, ideals, and values do not fit the ideas and the ideology of the Saudi government, and therefore, you won’t feel comfortable in that country. On the other hand, there are millions of people who are happy to live in that country. Some people even fancy living in that Kingdom. This situation clarifies that everything is relative in our life. “Bad” and “good” differ from one person to another. 

I am not married yet and I do not plan to marry. Surely, I will do it, but it may happen after at least ten years. I have loads of things that I need to complete before I get married. There is a large number of different reasons that do not let me marry someone right now. I am conscious of both advantages and disadvantages of being married. I decided to dedicate this post to the advantages of being married. The wedding is a great event for women and men around the world. This is the reason why they prepare for it for so long period of time. The wedding may be the most exciting and the happiest day for every woman. Why do people treat marriage so seriously? Marriage is a life-changing event and both a woman and a man understand it. Being married has lots of benefits and advantages. Let me tell you about some of them.


Loneliness has become common in numerous countries of the world. Developed countries are more inclined to self-isolation. I never blame people who prefer loneliness because there are a lot of advantages to self-isolation. Loneliness may be very beneficial because it makes people more creative and productive. All the masterpieces of international literature, music, and arts were created in absolute loneliness. Lonely people are more creative and most of them are very talented. Arthur Schopenhauer said the following words: “Loneliness is the destiny of great souls.” I agree with his saying. Lonely people are more individualistic and liberal. 

Even though loneliness is commonly praised, there are millions of people around the world who suffer from it. These people are ready to do everything to get rid of their loneliness. The relationship between you and your friends is not serious enough. I do not believe in friendship and I do not have a single friend of the male sex. I easily befriend women and I think that my future wife will be my best friend. A person cannot fully rely on his friends. Friendship nowadays is not so strong and honest as it was a couple of decades ago. There are individuals who are incapable of having any kind of friendships. It is an absolutely normal situation. Today people spend most of their time thinking and preoccupying themselves with money earning. It can be easily understandable. Our life becomes more expensive day by day and you need to earn well in order to maintain your life. If you have severe liver problems, you will forget about things like friendship and other relative concepts. 

Marriage can resolve some of your problems. You won’t remain to be lonely if you get married. Your wife or your husband will become your life-partner. Your spouse will be definitely more reliable than any of your friends. Marriage is a unity of two single personalities. When you marry, you build a family. A family member is exactly more trustworthy and honest to you than any of the people whom you consider to be your friends. 

One of the biggest advantages of being married is that it helps you to absent yourself from your loneliness. It is a lovely fact and I like it. You will always have somebody to watch a film or have a bath with. Your spouse may become your travel partner, and thus, your journeys will be more exciting and interesting. You won’t shop on your own anymore. Your spouse will be always near you to suggest you something. Living in a couple is definitely more interesting than being alone. 

Get married and your loneliness will be wholly cured!


This paragraph has more relation to men because women prefer cooking more than boys. I am not a fan of cooking. Let me be honest with you. I do not know how to cook anything. I can easily boil some eggs and that is all I can do. When I am abroad, I usually have breakfast, lunch, and dinners at restaurants. I have lived in a foreign country for six months without having a single cup in my flat. That may sound shocking and funny. There are loads of men who resemble me. I prefer a very practical and fast lifestyle. I am not inclined to cooking but I love eating something delicious. Do you think it is possible to live in a foreign country for six months without a single cup in your flat? Yeah, that is possible and let me tell you how I could do that. There were loads of different restaurants and cafes near my flat, and for that reason, it was very comfortable for me to eat in some of them. Sometimes you want to drink something and there are numerous supermarkets that can satisfy your needs. That is what exactly I was doing. There is another type of man who is a fan of cooking. These boys like to cook and they enjoy the process of cooking itself. I am unable to understand them because my personality makes me dislike cooking for a multitude of different reasons. First of all, cooking is time-consuming and you need to be very patient to cook something. I have no such qualities, and thus, it is easier for me to spend a couple of bucks and eat in a restaurant.

Men who have the same preferences will find marriage to be very advantageous because it is very likely that their wives will cook for them. Usually, women cook for their husbands. Women enjoy cooking, and for some of them culinary is the main hobby. However, I have met some women in my life who hate cooking. Let me tell you that I would hate the idea of getting married to a number of them. The wife that does not cook for you is really terrible. The cooking talents of my future wife will be the most important factor for me when I make my selection. There are also loads of men who love cooking for their wives. These men are fans of cooking and I understand their preferences. 

So if you don’t like cooking and adore eating, getting married may be the best option for you. Choose yourself the woman that adores cooking and marry her. You will need to supply your kitchen with the necessary food, ingredients, and your wife will cook for you something very delicious every day. It is a great benefit of being married. Eating is one of the procedures that give us a lot of pleasure. Some people think that eating is more pleasurable than making sex. I agree with it because I enjoy eating more than having sex. Consequently, the quality of your life will change if you eat more delicious food every day. You will feel happier with a wife who cooks well. 

If you get married, someone will cook for you and it is a great advantage of being married. 


Couples make sex on a regular basis. It may sometimes become very boring to have sex with the same woman for a long period of time. However, it is better than having no sex at all. Are you satisfied with your sex life when you are single? Looking for girls to make sex with is very time-consuming. Of course, you can always use the services of prostitutes. It is very quick and easy. However, this type of sex has its disadvantages. Prostitutes are usually considered to be “dirty” and some of them are infected. You will be very cautious while making sex with them. You won’t be able to orally caress them because it may be dangerous for your health. You always have a high risk to get STD. Additionally, sex with a prostitute is not free. You will pay a good amount of money. You can make sex with your girlfriend. If you live together, your sex will be regular. If your life is separate, it will become more difficult for you to have sex on a regular basis. Having no girlfriend may make your life awfully complicated. Chasing different girls to make sex with is not the easiest thing. It is more appropriate for young boys, but a mature man will look unserious while trying to seduce someone in order to make sex with. 

When you are married, you will have regular sex. I cannot assure you about the quality of sex you will have in your marriage. It depends on both of you. Usually, married couples have different sexual problems. These problems may be in a man or in a woman. However, your sex will be regular and you will have it as much as you want. You may make sex ten times a day if you wish. You will never sleep alone and you will always have someone to kiss and hug. 

Sex plays one of the major roles in our life. You need to be sexually satisfied to be fully happy. According to the newest statistical data, married couples have better sex-life than single individuals. 

Having a better sex life is one of the greatest advantages and benefits of being married. 

These are a few advantages to being married. If these factors and benefits are very important, you need to get married as soon as possible. Close your eyes and forget about the disadvantages of being married because its positive sides and benefits are really outstanding! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.