I am an introvert and I can tell you that it was very difficult to find the most appropriate business for myself. This happens when we do not understand ourselves. The level of our self-conscience grows with ages. Usually, introverts look at other people and they realize that they do not resemble them. Now, you are familiar with these terms: “introverts” and “extroverts”. So when did you learn about them? I guess it was not your early childhood when you discovered that you are an introvert. I learned these concepts when I was nearly 17 or 18 years old. I studied these psychological qualities and it helped me to understand myself better. When I was in kindergarten my tutors were complaining to my mother that I was very weird. They told me that I do not interact with other children and I do not eat in the common kitchen. The same thing happens nowadays. I am a very communicative person but I spend my time only with people whom I find to be very interesting. Consequently, the number of interesting people is much less than the number of usual personalities. Thus, it can be very difficult for an introvert to find a friend or a mere person to have an interesting conversation with. Further, when you grow up, you realize that the most important factor that lets you succeed in your life is your ability to contact different people. To be successful in the real physical world, a person needs to build good communications with everybody. Can you do that? If you can do that, you must be an extrovert. I cannot communicate with all kinds of people. I am better at interacting with intelligent and educated personalities. There are some psychological types of people whom I strictly strive to avoid. Introverts are more demanding than extroverts. There is a great number of famous and successful introverts. However, that number is much less than the number of successful extroverts. It is very pleasant to know that the richest man in the world is an introvert. Introverts are good at meticulous projects and this is one of the reasons why Bill Gates is so good at programming. 

It can be very difficult for an introvert to find his career. I have also encountered this problem. Introverts cannot be successful in all kinds of businesses. For example, I do not suggest politics to introverts. This field was not created for introverts. Introversive people will merely waste their time if they involve themselves in politics. I decided to write this blog post in order to help every introvert to find the best professions and business opportunities that will better suit his personality, born inclinations, and skills. Study the list of the best professions for introverts and I am sure that this information will solve most of your problems in the career sphere. 


Writing requires specific qualities. A writer must be very patient and not much communicative. When you write your book, you will spend most of your time in absolute loneliness. Some people say that writing is the loneliest profession in the world. I agree with this opinion. I have been writing for a long time and I know some negative sides of being a writer. However, these negative sides will be considered to be very positive by introverts. An extrovert won’t find anything more annoying than spending most of his time in loneliness. Extraverts lose their energy when there is no one around them. An introvert will feel awesome when there is no one around to disturb his loneliness. I am not able to work in a group. While working in some of the foreign ministries, I have discovered that I was not created for group work. Introverts have unique thinking and ideas that sometimes contradict the principles of the whole society.  

All famous writers are introverts. Leo Tolstoy, Teodor Dreiser, Balzac, Stendhal are introverts. My favorite writer Alexander Dumas is also an introversive person. Writing is a good profession because it is very profitable. Of course, nothing can guarantee you great success. However, if you have the ability to write, you may build a stable writing career. Writing is the best way to establish a regular passive income. I have written a couple of good books and I receive monthly income from their sales. There are loads of people who become millionaires with the help of writing. 

Introverts have all the necessary qualities and inclinations to become a successful writer. Extraverts won’t be so successful in this field as introverts. Introversive people have excellent analytical, logical, and cognitive skills. It is necessary to have a good memory to be a writer. Introverts have all of the necessary tools that will make them successful in writing. The Internet is the best arena for introverts. Self-publishing was never so easy as it is now. Amazon and CreateSpace give every potential writer a great opportunity to self-publish their books in a matter of a few minutes.  Nowadays, introverts do not need to deal with different publishing agencies and other physical agencies. 


Blogging has some differences from writing. When we say “a writer” we usually mean a person who writes books. Being a blogger means launching an online blog and posting different articles. Consequently, these two different concepts are not the same. However, both activities require the same personal qualities. Blogging is a more time-consuming and meticulous action than writing. You may spend a few months writing a book. You write it, publish, and promote it. Money comes from sales. It is very easy. If you have a good promotion, your book sales may continue for several years and all this time, you will have a good income. A blogger spends a lot of time posting different articles on his blog. Full-time bloggers write every day. They spend at least 8 hours everyday blogging. I know some bloggers who spend 12 hours daily. Blogging needs a full dedication of a blogger. Monetization options for blogs are complicated. A writer is professional in writing. A blogger is more universal. Good bloggers need to be professional in the following fields: writing, editing, generating new ideas, and sometimes, a blog may require special programming knowledge. 

Most of the bloggers are introverts. It is not difficult for an introvert to spend several hours a day in front of his PC.  I am a blogger and I spend at least 6 hours daily, writing new posts. 

Introverts can definitely succeed in blogging. This profession was specially created for them.  


Online entrepreneurs spend most of their time in loneliness, monitoring their cyber success. This type of business may not be appropriate for extroverts because they prefer live communications and physical deals. Online enterprises require a person a multitude of different personal and humane qualities. First of all, a person should spend most of his time in front of his monitor. Introverts can easily fulfill this task. Extroverts won’t be able to do it because of the lack of patience and perseverance. It is necessary to be very attentive to be successful in the online industry. Introverts have this quality. There is no way to succeed online if you have no analytical skills. Introverts are very good at analyzing.  If you look at all famous online entrepreneurs, you will find that most of them are introverts. Natural talents and inclinations of introverts make them very successful in the online industry. These people are very good at all types of online activities. The person who makes online business does not need to have real physical communication with his clients, and therefore, every introvert will be able to find his niche in cyberspace. 

Online business is the best area for introverts. An introvert has everything necessary to build a great career in the online industry. 


What are the main obstacles that do not let introverts be successful in the “real physical world”? I use this concept because introverts are usually very successful in online business. Cyberspace was created for them but they have fewer chances to succeed in offline business. So let me answer my question. The inability or willingness to communicate with people is the main reason why introverts are not successful in the real physical world. I am an introvert and I am very communicative. I easily build new communications with people who are interesting to me. Some extremely deep introverts are unable to build a communicational contact with a person. Other introverts merely do not wish to have too many communications. The main difference between an introvert and an extrovert is their energy sources. Introverts lose their energy while being surrounded by crowds of people. They will feel very well in absolute loneliness. A time when they are alone is the most creative and productive for introverts. Extraverts lose their energy in loneliness. Big companies of people make them feel very comfortable. Thus, we need to keep in mind that extroverts need professions that are connected with real humane communications. It is more preferable for an introvert to preoccupy himself with an activity that does not require being in a big group of people. 

Being a designer resolves all problems of introverts. Designing requires good attention and dealing with different meticulous details. Introverts are good at these tasks. Most of the designers are introverts. It does not matter what kind of products an introvert will design. The design is a necessary part of every manufacturing. We design our products before we manufacture them. Introverts have all the necessary qualities to become a professional and successful designer. Born characteristics of introverts make them perfect in designing.


Scientist is another good profession for introverts. Usually, scientists from developed countries have good salaries and they are very influential. People trust scientists more than they trust politicians or businessmen. It is said that knowledge is more precious than wealth. I agree with this saying. However, in some cases, money is more appreciated than knowledge. Being informative won’t make you rich if you do not make the right steps to become wealthy. Some people think that scientists are poor. It may be true when we think about scientists who live in uncivilized countries. Developed countries care about their professors and doctors very much. People of these professions have good salaries, and usually, they are very respected. Stephen Hawking is a good example of how profitable and beneficial this profession may be. 

It is clear that only a few people may become scientists. Being a scientist is not so easy as being a writer, a blogger, or a designer. This profession requires very high intellectual talents and strong memory. It is impossible for a person to become a scientist if his memory is very weak. Scientists need to store a lot of information in their minds, and therefore, a stable memory is highly required.  

Becoming a scientist may be the easiest task for highly intellectual introverts. I think it may be a good choice for an introvert to become a scientist. 


These professions are referred to as finances. There are two types of introverts. One of them is good at maths and all exact sciences. The second group of introverts is gifted in philosophy, psychology, and other sciences that do not require exact analysis. I belong to the second group. I never had any success in such sciences as math, geometry, physics, and chemistry. I am an absolute zero at math. However, I am very good at psychology and physiosophy. I carry out a great analysis in these fields. Thus, not every introvert can be successful in finances. 

Introverts with good mathematical skills can become very successful in the sphere of finances. Financial companies require people with good analytical skills. Warren Buffet is an example of an introvert who succeeded in the area of international finances. 


This is definitely one of the most suitable professions for introverts. These people do not afraid of meticulous details. Introverts feel very comfortable while writing and editing different codes. I am an introvert but I hate programming. I never studied it and I prefer to give this job to someone else. I may be an introvert, however, I am not so deep to preoccupy myself with programming. I do not intend to discourage you from this awesome profession because it is one of the most profitable and perspective specialties in the world. There is no doubt that Internet technologies will develop. In near time, an online business may fully outrun offline enterprises, and therefore, programmers will have a great career and business opportunities. Do not forget that the world’s richest man is a programmer. 

Business means selling, and it is always necessary to have something to sell. Digital products are the best-sold items on the Internet. Having some programming knowledge lets you develop your own products, and then successfully sell them online. 

Programming is suitable for introversive people. Introverts have all the necessary qualities to succeed in this field. 

You should not restrict yourself to the list of my suggested professions. There are loads of different professions that may be suitable for introverts. Do not exclude yourself from participating in the specialties that are recognized to be strictly extraversive. There are loads of introverts who have succeeded in these professions. Paul McCartney is an introvert, and at the same time, he is a successful singer. Introverts are not good at show-business, however, there are always some exclusions from the common rules.

Test your luck and try yourself in different professions. Thus, you will be able to select the most appropriate profession for yourself. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.