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sexual urgeSexual urge does not stay the same during our life. It is like a level of water in an ocean. Sometimes sexual urge increases, and sometimes it goes down. Do you remember your libido when you was 15, 16, or 17 years old? If you are above 30, your sexual urge will start decreasing every year. After the age of 40, the majority of men have a significant loss of libido.

I did not intend to write this article for those men who are above 30 or 40. This blog post is for all men regardless of their age. As I have mentioned before, libido increases and decreases every time. So even if you are young, you will still have some chances to have a weak sex urge.

As there are several factors making the level of ocean water increase or go down, there are loads of various constituents responsible for the strength of your libido. By knowing them, you will be able to strengthen or revive your dead sex urge. Here are some of the most effective tips I have prepared for you in order to stay sexually healthy during your life.


There is no doubt that our behavior, feelings, and emotions are strongly linked to our hormonal system. Lack or excess of different hormones in your blood may lead to significant changes in your health.

You already know that testosterone is the sexiest hormone that exists in our body. High level of testosterone makes men competitive, strong, motivated, aggressive, and horny. No testosterone means no sex urge. Higher levels of testosterone will always provide you with powerful sex urge.

There are a lot of things you can do in order to increase your testosterone naturally. I am going to write a very detailed article on how to increase testosterone naturally. Now, I will provide you with the most helpful tip that will increase your testosterone naturally thereby reviving and strengthening your sex urge.

Lifting heavy weight will dramatically increase your testosterone which will impact your sex urge. I am a bodybuilder. I visit my gym on a regular basis, and therefore, I know how heavy lifting impacts testosterone level in my blood. There is no better sport to increase your sex urge than squatting, bench press, deadlifts, and other heavy exercises.

I cannot imagine my life without lifting heavy weights. When I give up exercising in the gym, I usually feel myself unmotivated, weak, tired, and depressed. Heavy lifting improves a person’s overall health. It makes a direct impact upon your sex urge.

After a month of exercising in a gym, you will start feeling yourself differently. Your strength, stamina, sex urge, and erection will dramatically improve. Start heavy lifting in the gym and you will have your sex urge revived.

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