The Chain by Adrian Mckinty


The Chain by Adrian MckintyDo you like books that make you worried about the main heroes of the story you are reading? Then, you like thriller and suspense books. When it comes to reading fiction books, I can read only thriller novels. Other fiction genres don’t grab my attention strong enough. ‘The Chain’ by Adrian McKinty is one of the best action-packed thriller books I have read so far. 

Adrian McKinty is the author of several international bestselling books. His books have won the Edgard Award, the Ned Kelly Award, the Anthony Award, and the Barry Award, and have been translated into 20 foreign languages. 

‘The Chain’ is an Amazon best book of July 2019. This book is very popular and almost omnipresent on the Internet, and therefore, I decided to give it a try. A little bit of plot here without spoiling your reading experience. A young student girl is kidnapped on the way from school to house. Rachel, mother of this girl receives a call from an unknown woman saying that her girl was kidnapped, and she needs to pay 20,000 USD, and plus, kidnap someone’s child and get 20,000 USD paid by them too. The kidnapper says that this is The Chain, a system built and functioning on the Dark Web. Now, Rachel can’t go to the police because every step she makes is being monitored by the kidnappers. If she does something unwanted, her girl will be killed. 

The book is packed with rapid actions. This is not a mere thriller novel. The situation of Rachel reveals a lot about human nature. This novel shows that we are not as good and merciful as we think. Under certain circumstances and pressures, people are capable of breaking laws, committing serious crimes, and etc. I think this is a philosophical thriller novel. I never expect such deep meanings from the works of modern fiction, but this book positively surprised me. 

This book is one of the best books in 2019 for serious reasons. It means that a big number of readers loved this book and highly rated it. Thus, I think that you will also enjoy reading this thrilling and revealing story. Try to read and deeply contemplate human nature, law and order, and other serious things while reading ‘The Chain’ by Adrian McKinty. This is a must-read modern fiction book. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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