the compass of pleasure by david linden


the compass of pleasure by david lindenWhilst the previous books were explaining human behavior from the evolutionary point of view, ‘THE COMPASS OF PLEASURE’ does the same thing through a strict neurobiological point of view. Neurobiology is an exact science that was proved through experiments and evidence. On the other hand, evolutionary psychology bases its conclusions on mere assumptions. Thus, we can conclude that neurobiology is capable of providing us with more accurate data. ‘THE COMPASS OF PLEASURE’ is one of those incredible books that explains how exactly our brains work. During our lifetime, we spend several years learning different galaxies, planets, countries, animals, plants, and many other things. At the same time, we know nearly nothing about our brains. Therefore, I find it necessary to devote more time studying how our brains work.

In ‘THE COMPASS OF PLEASURE’, David J. Linden explains how pleasure motivates our brain to manipulate our behavior. In fact, our brain is motivated by two things: reaching pleasure and eliminating pain (both psychological and physiological pains). ‘THE COMPASS OF PLEASURE’ shows how the sense of pleasure is generated by different parts of our brain. David J. Linden proves how several neurotransmitters such as serotonin, endorphins, acetylcholine, and dopamine are responsible for the sense of joy, happiness, and pleasure. Also, ‘THE COMPASS OF PLEASURE’ profoundly describes the process of pleasure caused by food, orgasm, psychical exercises, different drugs, generosity, drinks, learning, gambling, and many other activities. This is a ‘MUST READ’ scientific book. I enjoyed the reading, and I obtained a lot of new knowledge and information throughout the process of reading.

Written by Bahtiyar
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