pleasure in sex


pleasure in sex

From the beginning of a sexual intercourse till the climax and further cuddlings, everything is pleasurable in sex. However, people always have different preferences and favorite things. As all of us have diverse preferences in food, cars, weather, and many other things, all of us have dissimilar favorites in sex. For all of us, the most pleasurable thing in sex will be meaning various forms.

Thus, asking about the most pleasurable thing in sex is absolutely pointless. If you ask a million of people about the most pleasurable thing in sex, you will have millions of different answers. Of course, most of them will mention the same things such as a great climax, a tender oral job, and etc. A person capable of expressing his thoughts in details will definitely give you a more profound expression answer to this question.

Since the most pleasurable thing in sex is a relative term, let me give you my opinion on this aspect. What is the most pleasurable thing in sex for me? I will try to explain it in details.


No doubts, sex feels differently with different people. Having sex with a prostitute will never feel like making sex with your loved ones. Sex is not built on mere physical feelings. We should accept the fact that emotional part of sex is tremendously important.
I don’t know exactly how love feels. I might be feeling the love at the age of 15. Nowadays, I don’t believe in it. However, I am sure that having sex with a woman whom you deeply sympathize is more pleasurable than making sex with a girl who attracts you only sexually.


Some people say that the climax is the most pleasurable moment in a sexual intercourse. For some individuals, the climax might be the most enjoyable time for sex. I treat the climax as something inevitable, not desirable in the beginning, and the culmination of a passionate sexual intercourse.

Even though the climax is an extremely pleasurable thing, I enjoy the process itself much more than the finish of a sexual intercourse. I enjoy deep and strong frictions, sweet and lusty words, and hot kisses more than the climax.

Written by Bahtiyar
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