the pleasure instinct by gene wallenstein


the pleasure instinct by gene wallensteinTwo main instincts rule the worlds of animals and humans: pursue pleasure and avoid pain. Of course, avoidance of pain is a much more powerful and intense instinct, pursue of pleasure takes 99% of our life. We all want pleasure and more pleasure. No matter what we do in our life, we do it to avoid pain and get more pleasure. Gene Wallenstein’s book ‘The Pleasure Instinct: Why We Crave Adventure, Chocolate, Pheromones, and Music’ explores the pleasure instinct in meticulous details.  

Gene Wallenstein Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed neuroscientist and expert on the science of emotions. is an internationally acclaimed neuroscientist and expert on the science of emotions. ‘The Pleasure Instinct’ is a study dedicated to the origins of pleasure, its biological roots, and its purpose in our life. In the book, Gene Wallenstein proves that the pleasure instinct helps us survive and reproduce. The author gives us a lot of new information and knowledge in the fields of pleasure instinct. It is a very big study of the pleasure instinct. Through different cravings, habits, and life situations, the author tells us a lot of curious and even bizarre things about the mechanisms of the pleasure instinct. 

I liked reading this book very much. Even though I don’t support Darwin’s theory of evolution, I still believe that evolution exists but in much smaller extents. The topic of the book is pleasure instinct, and the author demonstrates the origins and mechanism of pleasure from different perspectives. Evolutionary psychology is used quite often too. This book taught me a lot about myself. Mainly, our cravings, habits, and pursues are unconscious. After reading this book, I have definitely leveled up my consciousness to a great extent. 

You will surely love this book if you love evolutionary psychology books and works that explain hidden motivations and stimulus beyond human behavior. This is a psychological work, and you will love it if you enjoy this subject. Fans of ‘Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters’ will surely enjoy reading this book since evolutionary psychology is very abundant in ‘The Pleasure Instinct’ by Gene Wallenstein. Have you read this book? If yes, write your feedback in the comments below. Also, be generous to suggest similar books. 

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