The Red and the Black by Stendhal


The Red and the Black by StendhalStendhal is one of the best classic authors. I haven’t read many of his novels, but I enjoyed the ones I read. ‘The Red and the Black’ is one of the best novels written by Stendhal. 

Stendhal whose real name is Marie-Henri Beyle is the classic author of several novels. ‘The Red and the Black’ is widely considered as the greatest masterpiece of the 19th century. The book tells about a young soldier Julien Sorel, a young French man raised in the French countryside. The man is very ambitious and his dream is to climb the ladder of French society. Sorel’s destiny unfolds differently from what he always expected. He discovers that his talents, hard work, and honesty are worthless in a corrupt society that values different qualities. Julien Sorel is not an aristocrat, his roots are very humble. Thus, no matter how virtuous his personality is, his society still underestimates his worth. Further, the main hero of the novel gets involved in very dangerous love affairs that will cost him a lot. Read the novel to understand and contemplate about it. 

All classic authors such as Stendhal, Hugo, etc. write about deep philosophical issues. ‘The Red and the Black’ is also one of those great masterpieces of classic literature that will inspire several generations. The idea and meaning of this wonderful novel are still actual nowadays. The problem of right and wrong values in societies is always popular. Wrong values educated wrong societies. People are susceptible to public opinion, and therefore, people will always adapt their qualities to the values promoted within their societies. 

This is a must-read book for classic connoisseurs. Stendhal is one of the best writers that have ever lived on this planet, and therefore, all of his works are immortal masterpieces. I highly recommend this book to everyone regardless of your tastes. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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