the silent patient by alex michaelidis


the silent patient by alex michaelidisI am a fan of non-fiction books since they always teach me something beneficial, and enlarge my worldview and horizons. I think that it is worth spending your time reading non-fiction books. Fiction books are mainly for entertainment. Sometimes, I read popular and bestseller fiction books too. ‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelidis is one of those fiction books that I have recently read. 

‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelidis is the bestseller fiction book of 2019. No matter what book website or blog you visit, you will definitely see this book. Visit Amazon, and you will surely see ‘The Silent Patient’. This book is the best fiction book of 2019 by Goodreads readers’ choice. The omnipresence and popularity of this book are very intrusive. Even if you are not a fan of fiction books, you will read this book, one day, because of its immense fame. This is the reason why I decided to read this book. 

Here is the plot without spoilers. Alicia Berenson is caught by police at the place of killing her husband Gabriel. Police have no doubts that Alicia is the murderer because she was caught at the place with a gun in her hand. Immediately after the murdering, Alicia is becoming silent. She doesn’t speak to anyone. Since there are some obvious problems with her mental health, the authorities sent her to a psychiatric clinic. A psychotherapist named Theo Faber comes to the clinic and starts investigating the case of Alicia Berenson. 

There is definitely a very mild element of suspense in this novel because Alicia Berenson and her husband Gabriel were an ideal couple. They had no quarrels, and they loved each other. There were no reasons for Alicia to kill her husband. These facts create an element of mystery in this thriller. Second, Alicia becomes numb refusing to speak to anyone. This is the second detail that makes this story so mysterious. On the other hand, this thriller doesn’t catch you from the beginning. To be honest, I put this book down four times, and then, forced myself to read it. The start of the book is kind of boring and the whole narration of Theo Faber sounds off-topic. The most interesting things are revealed in the late second part of the book. You should keep reading this book to enjoy this book. 

‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelidis is definitely a psychological thriller masterpiece. It starts boring, but if you keep reading, you will finally rate it with 5 stars. Even if you are not a fan of fiction books, you will surely enjoy ‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelidis. This is is a must-read book. I hope you will enjoy it. If you have already read the book, leave your opinion and feedback regarding the story in the comments below.

Written by Bahtiyar
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