the super summary of world history by alan daniel


the super summary of world history by alan danielWe all love history. It is said that you will never understand the present times unless you know what happened in the past. This is why we all crave learning history. History as a subject is tremendously big, and therefore, studying history is too time-consuming. ‘The Super Summary of World History’ by Alan Dale Daniel was written for people who love history but don’t have enough time to study it. 

Do not underestimate this book because of its compact size. It has only 544 pages which is a ridiculously small size for a book that includes the whole history of the world. ‘The Super Summary of World History’ by Alan Dale Daniel shows the history of humankind from different perspectives of view thereby stimulating new thinking and conclusions. Throughout the book, Alan Dale Daniel talks about different civilizations, dynasties, empires, kingdoms, the modern world, and many other interesting things. As you have already guessed, each chapter includes a brief historical summary of different times. The book is organized in chapters. Thus, if you are not interested in particular themes, you can skip them and read what is interesting to you. 

I enjoyed reading the book. History is a huge subject, and therefore, I prefer reading brief historic summaries. This book specifically suits my taste. I wasn’t interested in some chapters of the book, and hence, I was skipping whatever seemed boring to me. Even though it is a super summary of world history, the author gives a lot of exact and detailed information. If I was seriously interested in the history of the Roman Empire for example, then, I would buy aa big book which tells about the Roman Empire in meticulous details. This book tells about everything historic in small details, and this is why I loved it.

I recommend this book to everyone interested in history. If you want to learn a rief summary of world history, then, this the book you should read. It is not scrupulous in historic details, but it accomplishes its goal in compiling world history in a middle-sized book. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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