youngYouth is the best period of a person’s life. Young people are usually very passionate, ambitious, idealistic, energetic, and positive regarding their future life. Being young is really incredible. I never get amazed when I see old ladies do everything in order to save their young appearance. It is absolutely usual when you see an old woman using tons of anti-aging creams, scrubs, and mask. No matter how old a person is, he will always remember and miss his young ages. There are no doubts that young people have a lot of advantages over old people. Young people are stronger, smarter, more energetic, more ambitious, more creative and productive than the elder generation. We always treat youth as a paradise. For the majority of us, becoming old means losing absolutely everything. Old people are almost unable to enjoy their wealth, fame, popularity, and many other things. At the same time, our juvenile ages do not always give us what we were expecting to have.

After a few years, my youth will be over. I am already a very mature man. To be honest, I do not like this fact. I miss my youth very much. I always knew what I exactly wanted. No matter how old I was, I would always have concrete objectives. No matter how young I was, I would always be extremely ambitious. In fact, my ambitions are my worst enemies. When I start thinking about my youth, I realize that I spent all my young ages studying different things. I never belonged to that type of young people who enjoy their time in nightclubs, pubs, and other entertaining places. I never used to be a hedonist. If you compare me with people of the same age, you will understand that I am a more educated, developed, and erudite person. I fully understand that I spent my young ages doing very meaningful and beneficial things. Nonetheless, I always think that I missed a lot of things during my juvenile ages. Sometimes, I start thinking that I merely wasted my young ages doing very boring things. In fact, my youth was very boring. At the same time, that boring time gave me a lot of benefits. If I had a choice to change my young life, I would not change anything. That time, I had different priorities. Therefore, I was doing absolutely different things I am doing at the moment. For this reason, I think that none of us should regret about anything. Anyway, I do not consider myself as a young person anymore. Both my biological and real ages are not young anymore. I dedicate this blog post to young people who do not want to waste their youth. I am planning to give you some useful tips that will let you fully enjoy your young ages. It is very important to remember that your youth will not last forever. One day, your strength, beauty, and sexiness will fade. Also, you will not be able to return back your past. In this situation, the majority of mature people start regretting about those wasted days when they were immature. In order not to have this happening in your future life, try to use your youth so that you will never regret it.


Young people are always full of strength and energy. I remember myself at the ages of 16, 18, and 19. That time, I was stronger than I am now. Today, I have fully given up bodybuilding, and doing all other types of physical exercises. This might be one of the reasons why I lost my energy. At the same time, I am not as young as I was that time. When you become older, a number of different hormones in your blood start changing. These changes cause your strength and energy loss.

If you are young now, do not assume that your youth will last forever. If you have a strong erection, do not hope that you will have it all your life. If you are truly obsessed with sex, keep in mind that the level of your libido will start decreasing after a few years. After some time, you will be ready to do everything in order to get your libido lifted. A big sex drive does not last too long. Usually, it begins at 14 and finishes at 25. These years will pass very quickly. After a few years, you will not even get sexually aroused by the look of a naked female body. Mainly, mature men get aroused only by the help of manual or oral stimulations. Thus, good erection and high libido do not last forever. When you become a mature man, you will start envying teenagers and young men.

Now, when you are young, you should make as much sex as possible. Do not lose even a single chance to make sex with new girls. Of course, you may have different interests such as money, business, career, education, and other not sexually related priorities. At the same time, you should never underestimate the importance of sex in your life. Sometimes, young men neglect their sexual opportunities. Usually, we start appreciating something only when we lose it. Today, when you are young, it is easier for you to date young girls. When you are already a mature man, you will have to do a lot of efforts to seduce younger women. Sometimes, we fully dedicate ourselves to something. These things might be business, science, career, education, and others. Thus, we start forgetting about sex. In fact, sex is one of the most enjoyable things we have in our life. Nevertheless, the majority of us still neglects and underestimates its importance. I hope you will not belong to this majority. Never lose your chance to have a new sex partner. Make as much sex as you can. If you listen to my advice, you will never regret about your young ages when you are already a mature man.


start travelingTravel is my favorite hobby. I love traveling more than anything in my life. Even sex does not make me as happy as travel. Travel has a big multitude of different advantages. Some of us know these benefits very well. Others do not fully understand how wonderful travel is. Keep in mind that traveling is good for both young and old people. On the other hand, young people are able to enjoy all the pleasures of traveling. In other words, it is more pleasurable to travel the world when you are young. Usually, old people have a lot of health problems. In travel, being unhealthy might be a great disadvantage. What is more, young people are always more beautiful, attractive, and seductive than old individuals. For this reason, young people have more chances to succeed in travel seduction than old fellows.

If you love traveling, you should start it when you are young. Travel is better than spending all your life in one place. There are millions of people around the world who have never been to foreign countries. Usually, these people have very narrow world views. Their knowledge and experience are always limited by the borders of their countries. Travel the world when you are young, and you will never regret about your young ages.


riskUsually, old people regret about those boring days they wasted during their youth. Keep in mind that we do not live twice. Once you are old, you will never be able to return your youth. Your young ages will be gone forever. Your body will start aging. New days will make you uglier and weaker. New years will give you more health problems. In fact, there is nothing good in being old. I wish to die before I get old. I do not want to suffer. Grey does not make you happy. There is nothing pleasurable about being old. The majority of old people have near nothing to lose. For some of them, death is a mercy. There are millions of old people who suffer from poverty and severe health problems. These people sincerely want to die.

Realize that our life is temporary. Treat it like a game. Do not take it too seriously. Do not afraid of making brave decisions and steps. Be risky. If you have a chance to win, you should never lose it. The risk is an essential element of our life. If you are not risky, you will definitely regret it when your youth is already gone.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.