change your lifeTime is one of the most precious things in our life. Only a minority of people in the world know the real value of time. The majority of the population simply waste it. How much free time do you have every day? It varies from person to person. At the same time, our life demands more and more from us. There are millions of people who don’t have a job. It may be very difficult in developed countries to live with no work but in countries of the third world, it is probable. No matter do you have work or not, it is indisputable that all of us have some free time every day. I think that all of you will agree with me. Let us see how people spend their free time. There are different things that take thousands of hours of our free time. One of these things is television. How many hours a day do you watch TV? Usually, superbly busy people may spend a maximum of two hours a day watching TV. I do not claim that watching TV is useless. TV may be a mere waste of your precious time if you watch something meaningless. There are people who spend the majority of their free time surfing on the Internet. Well, I also belong to this group of people but I do not simply surf the Internet. I spend several hours a day in order to maintain and manage this blog. That means that I use the Internet for business purposes. We could preoccupy our life with more helpful and useful hobbies. Learn about the things that may change your life in a short period of time.

Most of our hobbies and activities which we perform in our free time do not make a serious impact on the quality of our living. Neither they do develop our personalities or thinking. Does watching TV enhance your intellectual skills? Does simple Internet surfing make you more knowledgeable? I think that your answers are “NO.” I do not want to discourage you from continuing your daily free-time activities. I just want to mention that some types of our daily activities simply waste our free time. Just imagine how much could we achieve if we busy ourselves with something beneficial and helpful. 

Let me give you the list of activities that we could perform every day to change our life.


As you have already mentioned I am a fan of reading. I have already dedicated several posts to mention and explain the benefits and advantages of reading. I also plan to write more posts encouraging people to read. What are some of the most significant benefits of reading? Reading enlarges our horizons, enhances our skills, gives us new knowledge and skills, develops our thinking, and changes our worldview. There are several other benefits of reading which I did not mention. Reading changes our thinking. People who have parochial lives usually have parochial thinking. Our actions begin with our thinking. The more effective thinking we have, the more effective and productive actions we will perform. Reading teaches us things that we never knew. Thus, it opens new horizons for every book-lover. While reading, you may find out some ideas that may completely change your life. I am certain to say that most of my business ideas are taken from books.

No doubts that reading is a life-changing habit and hobby. Reading is more beneficial than watching TV and simple Internet surfing. If we spend some hours of our free time reading beneficial books our life will change. Reading is the best tool to change your life.


When we are children, the sport takes the majority of our free time. Children enjoy an active sport. When I was a child, I enjoyed playing football, basketball, and other types of sport. But now, I am totally preoccupied with other activities that are not related to sport. This is my situation and I think that there are lots of people who have the same lifestyle. Growing up makes us lazier. Our health is the most precious thing that we have in our life. We need to value it. When you have bad health, you may forget about business, money-making, sex, travel, and everything else. Health is a thing that lets us enjoy our wealth. There are some famous and rich people but some of them don’t have good health. Do you think that they can enjoy their life? No, they can’t. Look at Stephen Hawking. He is a worldwide famous man and he has enough money. Can he enjoy sex? Sex is one of the most pleasant things that we have in our life. If you have no sex, you have no life. The quality of your health is the most important factor that impacts the whole quality of your life. Bad health results in a bad life. Good health lets you enjoy your life.

It is very necessary to pay attention to our health. Therefore, I state that sport must be one of your must-do activities every day. No matter how busy you are with your financial deals, you should find free time to do some sportive activities. Sport is the best thing to keep our mind and body in a good healthy condition. Your health is one of the most powerful life changes. It can change your life on the negative or the positive side. If you lose your health, you will lose everything. Spend some of your free time doing sport.


There is no better way to change your life than to learn something new every day. Remember this rule. Learning means changing. Knowledge means development. I thought that it is not necessary to include this section in the list of activities, needed in order to make some life changes because I have already written something about reading. I realized that you may learn new things using different information sources and reading is not the only source of knowledge. That’s why I decided to include it. Learn something new every day. If you think that you know everything, I need to assure you that you are wrong. We learn all our life. There are tons of different information and diverse facts that you do not know. So what are the best ways to learn something new every day? Let me give you some suggestions.


 We spend thousands of hours watching TV. So what are the things the majority of people watch? These things are different reality shows, serials, and films. Can we say that these things teach you something new? The entertaining type of TV broadcasting may relax your mind but they are not beneficial if you want to learn something new. There are many scientific and other cognitive TV channels that can make you a more educated and smart person. Why don’t you watch them? Every activity may be very effective if we exactly know how to implement and use it.


I have already mentioned that tons of free hours are wasted every day by surfing the Internet. What do I mean when I use the word “surfing’? Surfing means when you visit some websites and waste your time reading some silly news about celebrities or watching some meaningless videos. That what I mean. The official meaning of “surfing”  may differ from mine. The Internet has become one of the most popular sources of knowledge. There are loads of different knowledge bases on the Internet. One of the most popular is Quora. You may find answers to almost every question you have on the Internet. The Internet can be a very good place to learn something new. 


Having conversations with knowledgeable people is one of the most effective ways to learn something new. I usually try to befriend knowledgeable people. I have some friends who are professors in different universities in the world. It may be incorrect to name these people as “my friends” because this type of person is less inclined to friendship. Their best friends are books. Conversation with knowledgeable people is like reading a book. 

Befriend people who are knowledgeable and you will change your life. 


How much time a day do we spend thinking? I mean not just simply thinking because we think every time single second. What I wanted to say is thinking and analyzing our life. There are people who are not conscious of the things that happen in their life. Every day they do the same work and the same things. These people do not analyze their lives. It is always necessary to stop and start analyzing your life, your main goal, intentions, and plans. Sometimes we do something that does not fit our real intentions and goals. Sometimes we may sink into different types of delusions. 

I find that spending some of our free time lets us identify our real-life direction. Sometimes I just turn off my computer and start thinking and analyzing. I ask myself: “ What am I doing now?”, “Why am I doing these things?”, What are my real intentions”?, “What are my goals?”, “What is my life direction?”, “How successful am I?” I think this type of self-analyzing is necessary for everyone. Can it change your life? Of course, it can. Sometimes you may realize that you do something that you should not do and there are lots of other things that may be more beneficial and helpful for your life. Sometimes you may analyze that your actions are meaningless. I spend some of my free time every day to think and analyze. It has totally changed my life. 


If you work in a company or making your own business you may be crowded with people during your day. It is very difficult to concentrate and think when you are amongst many different people. I make my decisions and build my life plans in absolute loneliness. Thus I have a good concentration and ability to think and decide independently. Being crowded by people may be psychologically different for some types of people. Introverts hate huge people crowds. I am an introvert and I also prefer loneliness to crowded groups of people.

It may be dangerous to stay alone for a long period of time. It is a widely known psychological fact, but I think that it is necessary for everyone to have some time spent in absolute loneliness. Thus, you will able to concentrate on your problems and make independent decisions. Loneliness is a great life changer.

There are people whose life does not change. I know some people who live in the same city, district and house for twenty or more years and their life has not changed during this time. If you simply live and do not do anything to change your boring life, do not expect that it will change without any efforts. Have you mentioned that when we are adults, our principles and opinions change more frequently than in our childhood? Do you know the reason why? Adults are more self-conscient than children and therefore we are able to be aware of our psychological condition better than children. You may have stress and you realize that you have stress. Will any child tell you that he has stress? He won’t do it because he does not know what does stress means and he is not perfectly aware of his own mental condition. 

Spend some of your free daily time to do these 5 things and they will change your life.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.