womanNot all women are good in sex. Some of them are really terrible in bed. I have had some bad lovers in my love. Usually, low-quality sex relationships did not last too long. All of us have different sexual preferences. At the same time, there are several things that the majority of men will definitely dislike in sex. A woman who is terrible in sex is one of them.

So what does make a woman terrible in sex? Whilst some women satisfy their men in sex, others are unable to do it. As I have told before, all men and women have diыsimilar sexual fetishes and preferences. On the other hand, there is a bunch of common things that almost every man will hate in sex.


If a woman is not confident in her sexuality and beauty, this psychological complex will definitely create a lot of obstacles in sex. For example, in autumn, I was dating a girl who had almost no breast. For me, a woman with no breast looks absolutely sexy, beautiful, and unattractive. I am not a fan of huge breasts. If a woman has no breast at all, I don’t really care about it. However, the majority of women with small breasts want to have them bigger. Women are absolutely assured that all men prefer women with big breasts. This is not true. Some men dislike women with huge boobs.

Let me return back to my story. So what was the problem with my autumn girlfriend who had no breast? During sex, she was always covering her breast with her hands. Sometimes, she refused to put off her bra or a t-shirt. Of course, this is not a huge problem. However, it was also causing some physical and psychological discomfort.

Another woman was covering my face with a pillow while she was making me a blowjob. This was really very stupid. Thus, she did not want me to watch her sucking my penis. Men love watching women sucking their penises. So when someone covers your face with a pillow during a blowjob, it feels really stupid. So that girl was also very shy.


bad oral sexFor both men and women, oral sex means a lot. Both men and women love their genitals to be caressed orally. A woman with low-quality oral skill is always terrible in sex. To be honest, the majority of women I have met in my life cannot do a blowjob professionally. Every woman will agree that only a tiny number of men are good in cunnilingus. The same thing is with women. Only a few of them have good oral skills. So when a woman is terrible in oral sex, it is a very big problem.


When a woman has low libido, the quality of sex will be always very frustrating. A woman with low libido makes sex only to get rid of her annoying sex partner. Therefore, it is unnecessary to expect something fantastic from her in sex. It is absolutely impossible to make some changes in a woman with low libido. If she has no libido, she won’t be passionate in bed. Nor will she make you a mindblowing oral job.


There are definitely several types of rigidity. While talking about rigid women in sex, I mean physical and psychological rigidity. Rigid women are the most terrible in sex. They don’t care about their personal sexual satisfaction. Nor do they think about their sex partners. If your woman is rigid, she will be the worst sex partner you ever imagine.


anlytics in sexThere is a type of women who thinks and analyzes too much. These women are inclined to psychological observations. It is OK when she turns on her psychology outside of your bed. However, when she starts analyzing during sex, this is a really ridiculous thing. I didn’t have many of these women in my bed. However, I have had some experience with them. To be short, let me say that my sex experience with these women was the worst in my life.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.