girlsEvery day, I get to know at least three or four new girls. After a few days of chatting and talking on WhatsApp, I start deleting some of them. Only a few of them pass my tests. Also, it is interesting that some of them also do not want to continue communication with me. When I think about the things I was doing wrong, some stuff becomes obvious. I honestly tell them that I don't want to get married. Secondly, I tell them that I don't want any kids. Thirdly, I let them know that I am a fan of traveling. These things repel girls from me. From today, I will become a lier in order to seduce 100% of the women I chat with. 

 Women never waste their time talking to wrong guys. They do not date just for fun and sex as we always do. Women always hunt different objectives. Some of them look for a financial sponsor. The majority of women look for a serious man to build a family. Only 1% of women you talk to are time-killers. Others will never waste their time with a guy who merely wants to have pleasure and joy. I thought it would be a great idea to write a thorough blog post teaching you how to communicate with women in the rightest way. To be more accurate, in this article, I will tell you about a couple of things you should not mention while talking to girls. This will definitely enhance your chances to seduce almost every girl you deal with. Let's get started.


childless lifeWomen were created to give births to children and then take care of them. Therefore, they are charged with big levels of estrogen that makes them so emphatic, sensitive, and caring. In my lifetime, I have never met any women who would not like to have any children. In fact, I have met some very young girls aged 17 to 22 who didn't want any children at the moment. Other women, regardless of their financial condition, wanted to have children. Yesterday, I had a communication with a 28 years old girl who is unemployed. Yet, she wants to have children at the moment. This is something I will never understand. If your financial condition is terrible, you don't even have a job, why would you make it even more complicated by having children!?

There are a couple of things that happen when you tell a girl that you don't want to have any children. Firstly, she makes a bad conclusion regarding you. In her eyes, you will look inhumane, selfish, hedonistic, tough, and not sensitive. Girls like kind and generous men. A man who doesn't want to have children looks very bad. Secondly, as I have already told you, women o not waste their time with men. If she dates you, she has a concrete objective. Every woman hopes that one day, her relationship with a man will lead to a marriage, family, and finally, children. Therefore, when you disclose your position regarding children, you lose her hope. 

The art of seduction is all about lying and manipulations. If you plan to be always absolutely honest with girls, you will not succeed much in this game. Therefore, it is necessary to hide your real self from her eyes. Put on a black mask to hide all the negative personality traits you have. Even if you dislike children because they are dirty, noisy, spoiled, and many other reasons, you should look like you adore them. Lie about your real feelings. Tell her that you love children even if you hate them. This will make you look better. What is more, she will definitely start building serious plans regarding you. Thus, you can hope for a long-term pleasurable relationship. 


marriageI am already a mature man. At my age, most of men already have families and children. In my mind, marriage is something truly troublesome and boring. What is more, when children appear, my life will become more problematic and complicated. Therefore, I don't want to get married. If I open this stuff to a girl, she will definitely think I am a selfish hedonist who wants only pleasure. Hence, I will lose my chance to seduce her. 

There are different types of men in this world. Some are hedonists who want only sex, pleasure, and entertainment. Others are family-oriented. I don't want to give any statistic or number since I don't have them. However, if you are a selfish hedonist who wants to fully enjoy his life, don't open your real nature to girls you have communication with. Otherwise, nobody will want to deal with you. Almost every woman dreams of getting married, a white wedding dress, loads of friends and family members at her wedding party, and a happy marriage with loads of children. Consequently, every woman looks for a man who suits her future plans and expectations. If you look like a one-night guy, women will avoid you. 

Your words, actions, appearance should represent a man who is able to fulfill their dreams. If you are a playboy, don't show your real playful nature. Hide your true personality beyond love verses and big promises. Thus, every woman will stick to you. 


travel inclinationsNo doubts, everyone loves traveling. Both men and women enjoy this awesome activity. Travel is awesome. It is even impossible to mention and describe all the different benefits and advantages of travel. If you want to learn about some of them, you can find loads of incredible articles on my blog. Finally, traveling is cool. However, a travel-person is not the best match for a long-term relationship. Travelers always move from one place to another. 

Women are not prone to adventuring. Most of them prefer living in one place surrounded by their relatives and friends. Girls don't love abandoning their comfort zones. Girls don't care about you being adventurous, well-read, and other stuff. If you make money and you are a little bit more handsome than a monkey, you will have all the chances to conquer her heart. 

As I have told you, male travelers are not the best match for long-term relationships. Therefore, you need to stop bragging about travel, different countries, different nations, and all the remaining foreign stuff. 

There is a lot of other things you will stop to keep bragging about in order to seduce every girl you meet. There is a great tip that is better than everything I have told you in this blog post. Here is the tip – "THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!" Before telling something to your women, first, think about her reaction. What opinion your words will cause in her mind. Think about these things. Some women are absolutely dumb. They don't think, don't analyze. However, the majority of girls are still very perspicacious and wise. They will scan your mind like a high-quality X-Ray. Be smart, and you will win! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.