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blog postThere are approximately 300 millions of blogs on the Internet. Today, I heard that nearly 3,5 millions of posts are written and published every day. Most of these 300 millions of blogs do not get even 100 of visitors on a daily basis. Most of the blogs are unpopular. Only a few blogs among this huge crowd of web resources deserve attention and respect of readers. What do successful blogs have in common? What are their secrets? Why some posts captivate millions of readers, but at the same time, other articles are ignored and neglected. In today’s post, I am going to give you some useful information that will definitely improve the quality of your writing. To be more exact, I will tell you about the things readers like the most in a blog post. As you have already heard many times, content is king. This saying is very old. Nevertheless, till nowadays, it did not lose its meaning. Content is king, and therefore all of us should emphasize our attention at creating high-quality content for our blogs.

Since the main content of blogs is articles, right now, I will describe you the things that are the most loved by readers in a blog post.


As you know, there are millions of blogs on the Internet. Most of them publish the same content. Of course, their materials might be original. However, most of them duplicate each other in the types of recommendations they give to readers. People are already tired of the same tips that are given by millions of other blogs on the Internet.

Today, readers want originality in a blog post. If your writing is not original and you take your ideas from other similar blogs, it is very likely that your readers will be easily tired by your blog. A blog post must represent your way of thinking. Since all of us have different opinions and worldviews, a good blogger must express original ideas and thoughts in a blog post.


All of us value our precious time. Therefore, none of the Internet users want to simply waste his time reading boring and useless blogs that do not give them any practical recommendations. People have different questions and problems. Consequently, they come to your blog in order to resolve them. If you do not give them the solution, they will never come back. Practical and useful tips are necessary for a blog post. Do not start writing a blog post with a sole intent to write something. Resolve people’s problems. Suggest them practical thing. In theory, everything might look very smooth and easy. In practice, everything is different. In a blog post, readers are looking for effective tools. Give your readers what they want, and you will succeed.


Visual content in a blog is crucial if you want to engage your readers. There is no a single blog post on my blog that has no photos. I always insert at least one photo in each of my posts. Of course, posts with picturesque photos look more attractive. No matter what you are blogging about, you should always insert some good-looking photos in your posts. Also, readers love high-quality videos. One good video will make a better effect on your readers than a long article. Gorgeous photos and videos are some of the things readers love the most in a blog post.


Giving different technical and professional tips will tire your readers very soon. As I have said, millions of blogs do the same thing. All of the famous and infamous bloggers feed their readers with recommendations. People are already bored with this tiresome blogging style. For me, it is more interesting to read personal life stories of different people. While reading such articles, you always know that you will find something very interesting and exciting. Professional recommendations usually duplicate each other. For this reasons, tell your readers something that has happened in your life. Share your personal ideas and thoughts with your readers. This blogging style will definitely engage your readers. Interesting stories are what readers like the most in a blog post.


While writing a blog post, strive to be honest with your readers. Most of the bloggers promote affiliate products on their blogs. In some cases, they recommend everything they want to sell. It is not good to do that. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, firstly, you should emphasize your efforts at building a serious and respectable brand. To achieve this goal, you must be honest with your readers. Whether you suggest something in a blog post or you write about your private life, try to be honest. Your readers will reward you if they see honesty in your articles.

These are the things loved by readers the most in a blog post. To be a successful blogger, it is not enough to merely write something. To succeed in blogging, you must write very well. This is the core secret of successful success.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.