benefits of online dating


benefits of online datingOnline dating is usually underestimated by top-level dating gurus. Some of them claim that only losers use online dating to find girls for serious and casual relationships. Of course, not all online dating gurus are the same. Loads of pick-up artists appreciate and respect online dating as a good and effective option of modern dating. There are even specific online courses and books created to help people be more effective in the online dating sphere. 

If you ask me, I will tell you that I use online and offline dating to find hot women for myself. I can assure you that online dating has brought me even more women than dating in the real world. Even though online dating might look not serious due to it being virtual, this type of dating has loads of obvious advantages and benefits. In this blog post, I will share them with you. 


While approaching a girl in a park, club, restaurant, supermarket, you never know whether this woman is looking for new relationships or not. It may be that she is married or has a boyfriend. You never know it. She might be single, however, she isn't looking for new relationships at the moment. You can ask her whether she is married or not at the start of your conversation, and thus, not waste your time with her if she is married. Also, you can quickly clarify whether she has a boyfriend or not during the first 10 minutes of your conversation. However, you will need much more time to find out about her current interests. You could pick get her number, and after a few days, you find out that she is a feminist who hates men and isn't looking for any relationships with men except chat. 

Online dating is targeted dating since all women who are on a dating platform are looking for new connections with men. Some of them are looking for serious relationships. A big majority of young women on dating sites are looking for self-validation. They are just boosting their egos by getting likes and comments. You shouldn't waste your time with them. 

With online dating, you can never be wrong when you message a woman. If she is on the platform, then, she is looking for men. This is a situation when you can't lose. I love targeted dating because it doesn't put me in embarrassing situations and saves my time. 


You need to spend some time going to a cafe, park, club, or somewhere else to pick up hot girls. Logistics demands time and money. You need to take a shower, put on your most stylish clothes, spray a perfume, get into your car, and then, drive to your destination for offline dating. It all takes time and energy. Thus, if you don't have enough time or energy, offline dating in the real world isn't for you.

One of the benefits of online dating is that it saves your time and energy. With online dating, you can meet thousands of women while laying in your bed. You can date online while you are at your office, meeting, or anywhere else. It is convenient and saves your time. 


You cannot approach all the beautiful girls you see in a club or a cafe since it will hinder your efforts. Women are jealous beings and they stay away from overt playboys and womanizers. Therefore, you can spend your evening with a single girl in a cafe, and later, find out that you merely wasted your time with her. Offline dating gives you limited options. 

Online dating websites and apps gather thousands or even millions of hot women in one platform. You can chat with dozens of girls at the same time. It all depends upon your appetite. Online dating offers you girls of all colors and forms. 

Online dating has loads of benefits and advantages. You should utilize them for maximum effects and results. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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