happyI am sure that short and wise words are the best words that can ever be said. Long narration with no wisdom is absolutely pointless. Loads of meaningless words are worthless is they do not teach you something useful. Therefore, from time to time, I love reading and contemplating about short but very wise quotes said by famous people. Actually, I don't care about the author of interesting quotes as long as they are meaningful.

A few days ago, I found a very good quote that contains a lot of wisdom. In this blog post, I will try to explain this quote in details. I will dedicate a separate section for every word of this famous quote. Meet the quote.

"Three things make a man happy – love, interesting work and the opportunity to travel" – Ivan Bunin.

I really loved this quote since I absolutely agree with its author. At the same time, I cannot say that these are the only three things that make a person happy. So what if you have love, an interesting work and the opportunity to travel, but at the same time, you are ill?! Health is another thing that is absolutely crucial for a persons' happiness. On the other hand, I agree that these three things are absolutely necessary to be a happy person. Let me explain why.


love makes you happyNo matter how materialistic, pragmatic, and tough you are, you will never be happy if you are not in love. I am an ambitious, selfish, practical, and somehow money-obsessed person. Even though most of my qualities are materialistic, I still need love.

I remember the days when I was a teenager. I was still very ambitious when I was a teen. I always wanted to be the best in everything, and I always was the best when I was motivated. However, in my teenager time, I was more interested in romantic relationships. I still believe in love, romance, tender feelings, and etc. However, nowadays, I am more preoccupied with other things. Hence, I think I was happier when I was a teenager because I was in love. I always had a girlfriend who I was in love with. Today, my life is more complicated and cynical. Even when you have everything, you will never be happy if you don't have a loved one by your side.


Life consists of work, rest, leisure, happiness, sadness, joy, suffering, and many other things. It is tremendously versatile. There is a huge variety of dissimilar things in this life. Therefore, it looks so picturesque. However, no matter how much time you rest, travel, spend your days in leisure, you will agree that most of our time is spent in work. Most people work at least eight hours a day. Then, it is classical to have two days of rest in a week. Thus, the majority of people around the globe have only two days a week to have some fun and joy. The rest of their time is spent in their working places.

It is cool if you love your job. Then, your time spent in your working place will make you satisfied and happy. A person is unable to do nothing. We always want to do something. Not all people work for the sake of money. Sometimes, there are days, when a person says: "I want to work since I am bored of doing nothing." Thus, being involved in projects that interest you can definitely make you happy.

On the opposite side, if you hate your work, you will be unhappy in your life. Since we spend most of our life working, it is necessary to find a job that makes us happy. Otherwise, you will be doomed to spend your life suffering in your working place.


travelI have met loads of people with different opinions, needs, goals, interests, and hobbies. Only the most mentally and culturally restricted among them did not want to travel around the globe. Thus, it is obvious that the majority of the world's population wants to travel. 
When I think about my life, I realize that my happiest days were those that were spent traveling. Traveling is one of the best things that exist in this life. Unfortunately, only the luckiest ones can afford traveling. Even though nowadays, traveling is safer and more comfortable than it was a couple of decades ago, this awesome activity is expensive. You need money for air tickets, accommodations, food, entertainment activities, and many things else. Therefore, as I have told, only the luckiest people can travel around the world.

At the same time, there are a lot of weirdos who are absolutely happy without traveling.  Having children and raising them are the only things they live for. Travel is not something they need. Hence, there are loads of people who don't need the opportunity to travel to be happy. Our needs are dependent on our intellectual level. Simple people have simple needs. On the opposite side, highly intelligent people require a lot of things to be fully satisfied.

The opportunity to travel is the ultimate thing a person needs to be happy. I have written so many blog posts describing benefits of this activity. I also wrote about the things that motivate people to travel. I can continue this topic forever.

These are the three major things that make people happy. Of course, people are different, and consequently, everyone needs diverse things to be happy. Someone might need fame, power, a social status, children, and other things to be happy. In my case, the quote perfectly suits my personality. I think that love, an interesting work, good health, and the opportunity to travel would suffice to make me happy. What is your opinion? What do you need to feel happy?

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.