interestingBlogging is a very highly competitive niche. Since launching a blog is available for almost everyone, the number of blogs increases day by day. The number of blogs is truly overwhelming. Usually, people start blogging for different purposes. For some of them, blogging is a tool to express their worldview with the world. For others, blogging is a profession. Thousands of people make a living by blogging. You already know names of the riches bloggers. Some of them make more than 150 K $ every month. Of course, these are very popular and famous blogger who have been blogging for several years. Blogging is not a get rich quickly online business. Oppositely, blogging is the most difficult way to make money online. It is easier to list something on Ebay or Amazon and make immediate sales. For this reason, all of the popular bloggers suggest not start blogging if you urgently need money. Some people start blogging simply to learn how it feels to launch a blog. Thus, all the international bloggers have dissimilar intentions and objectives.

When we say ‘a successful blogger’, we will usually mean that this blogger makes a lot of money by blogging. Popularity is not the main sign of success. Your business might be very popular; however, if it does not make any money, I will never call you as ‘successful’. Mainly, success is always associated with the amount of money you have in your bank account. Therefore, a successful blog is always a money-spinning blog.

If we take into consideration this overwhelmingly high competition in blogging, we will understand that success is blogging is almost impossible. You need to be an extraordinary blogger in order to survive within this gigantic competition. There are more than 300 million of blogs on the Internet. Every blogger writes about different things. The most popular blogging niches such as online business, blogging, travel are already conquered by some famous bloggers. Thus, you will need to provide your readers with something truly interesting in order to captivate their attention. In other words, you will need to make your blog more interesting to succeed. I prepared some effective blogging tips that will let you make your blog more interesting.


As I have already mentioned above, the number of blogs is really overwhelmingly huge. There are hundreds of millions of blogs on the Internet. Most of these blogs write about the same things. Some of the most popular blogging niches are blogging, online business, SEO, travel, affiliate marketing, and others. All of these blogging niches are highly competitive. What is more, bloggers write about similar things very often. If you look up two different blogs dedicated to blogging, you will find out that both of them provide their readers with the same information and tips. This factor makes blogs very boring. When you look up 5 different travel blogs, you will find out that most of them say the same things about different travel destinations. Thus, the uniqueness of content starts disappearing.

There are many factors needed to be considered before choosing a blogging niche. First of all, your blogging niche must be interesting for you. Otherwise, you will give up blogging very soon. Secondly, you need to have some type of knowledge and experience in your blogging niche. If you don’t, you won’t be able to continuously write new blog posts.

People are bored with blogging, travel, and online business blogs. Readers want something new. Launching a good blog dedicated to yachts, business jets, or exclusive watches would be a very good idea. I think there are only a few blogs dedicated to yachts for example. I am interested in watches, however, I have not discovered any blogs dedicated to exclusive watches yet. Of course, there might be some. I might not have searched for them. Anyway, blogging in a low competitive niche will give you very fast positive results. Your niche must be unique. Readers are bored with duplicate blogs and content. Choose a unique blogging niche and you will succeed very soon.


interestingUsually, bloggers post text materials with images. This is a classic blog post. The percentage of blog posts with videos is very low. It might be only 5 % of the total amount of blog posts that exist on the Internet. Embedding videos from YouTube is not an original thing. Everyone can do it. Therefore, bloggers do not practice this method much. Making your own videos require a lot of time. In most cases, you will need a good operator and video editor. It takes a lot of time to make new videos. For example, I have only one video on my entire blog. If I wanted, I could insert some YouTube videos inside each of my blog posts. I merely do not want to do that. After some time, I will start making my own original videos.

It is necessary to be an enough patient person in order to read an article till the end. Especially, if your articles are too huge, it is very likely that a reader will quit your page very soon. Reading requires a brain to start working. Most of the people do not feel well while thinking too much. Therefore, they prefer watching videos. Visual content is always very relaxing and interesting. You do not need to think too much while watching videos. This is why YouTube is so popular. What is more, people always search for some entertainment. Textual information does not entertain. Texts always look very boring. This is why a blog without videos will always look very boring.

Start making your own videos. It does not matter what type of blog you launch, you will always be able to make new videos regarding your blogging niche. If you are fully unable to record your original videos, you should start embedding videos from YouTube and other video resources. New videos will definitely make your blog interesting.


Most of the bloggers dedicate their blogs to tips. They write different recommendations and tips on their blogs. It is logical that people want to see some helpful content. None of us want to waste time reading ridiculous things. Therefore, bloggers strive to create problem-solving content. On the other hand, a good blog must be entertaining to some extent. Whether you write about science or show business, your writing must have some elements of entertainment. Too serious blog posts will make your blog very boring.

To make your blog interesting, share some of your life stories with your readers. I bet you definitely have some funny, entertaining, and adventurous thing happened in your life. Write some good blog posts narrating about your life experience. Even if you are not a famous personality, most of your readers will be still interested in interesting stories. Storytelling is one of the best ways to make your blog interesting.

To succeed in blogging, you will firstly need to make your blog interesting. If your blog is not interesting, consequently, people will have no motivation to visit it. Low amounts of web traffic will let you forget about monetization. I have suggested you some of the best tips to make your blog interesting. You can use some of them in your daily blogging activity. Also, you can try other things such as giveaways or live video stream on your blog. Motivating people to visit your blog is not the best way to make your blog popular. Instead, you should make your blog interesting.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.