удовлетворить женщину в постели


your womanSex is one of the most significant things in our life. It is very necessary to have a good sex life in order to be satisfied with your life. There is no doubt that some countries of the world are more sexually liberal and others are enormously conservative. If you live in some of the parochial countries, your life there may become really terrible. It is very important to have an exciting and versatile sexual life in order to be content. Do you have a girlfriend or a wife? If you do, you may be very interested in how to improve your sex life. Some people think that a strong erection is the only necessary factor needed to have great sex. I do not agree with this opinion because making sex is a science and you need many other things in order to improve its quality. Check out some of my personal tips that will let you satisfy your woman in bed.


This may sound very funny but let me explain to you why you need to do it. Women and men are very different, and consequently, they have different psychologies. Men may be very direct, and usually, they are not shy. Girls have different qualities. No doubts that they have very strong sexual desires and they want to satisfy them. Usually, women are very shy in sex. You may think that your girl is very open-minded and passionate without drinking any alcohol. You may be true or wrong. Have you tasted your girlfriend while she was drunk? If no, you should do it and then compare your sex. Loads of different girls have told me they need some alcohol in order to relax.  One girl told me that she needs to be a little bit drunk in order to enjoy cunnilingus. If you drink some alcohol, you may have problems with your erection, and therefore, I do not recommend this. Do not forget to give your women some sips of champagne or wine. You may also use brandy, tequila, or any other alcoholic drinks. Do it and you will see significant changes in the behavior of your girlfriend. She will become more open-minded, passionate, and sexy.


Do not forget to turn on some romantic, passionate, and sexy music. Usually, I collect different sexy songs and make a playlist. I name it as “sexy” or something else. Make a playlist on your phone and your music will be always with you. We have sex in different places. Sometimes it may be a hotel, a mansion, a swimming pool, and it is very exciting to make sex outdoors. Your smartphone will be always with you and you will be able to turn some sexy melodies on. Women love music and it makes them feel very relaxed. 


I remember myself when I was too young. When I was 15, I was a very inexperienced boy and I always used to hurry up. My acts were very long so that sometimes a girl was tired of my frictions. I compare my today’s sex with the sex that I used to have when I was 15 or 16 years old. I recognize that I did not know many important things about how to satisfy a girl. Nowadays, I am a great sex guru and I will definitely satisfy any woman. You won’t ever become a good lover if you hurry up. Spend some time kissing her ears, her neck, lips, and cheeks. Do not be fast at going down. Kiss her face for at least 3-5 minutes. I said at least, but you may do it for a longer period of time. That’s up to your personal preferences. Spend at least 20 minutes kissing and caressing her breast and shoulders. Learn how to forget about your penis. That is the most important task for every man who wants to become a great lover. Forget about your penis. Learn to control your emotions. Usually, men hurry to cum as soon as possible. Remember that you may finish in a few minutes. It may take you one or two minutes to cum, but your woman won’t be satisfied. Forget about your hard penis and continue caressing your women. Spend at least 20-25 minutes licking her breast and then go down. 


That’s very important. If your woman does not satisfy you orally, you will definitely insist on it. Women are very shy, and as a result, they won’t ask you to make cunnilingus. They want it, but they are too shy to insist on it. Some of them may be insulted if you do not do cunnilingus. Do you like doing it? Most men enjoy making cunnilingus. It is really wonderful. Enjoy the process itself and additionally be happy to the fact that you give your woman unforgettable pleasure and feelings. Cunnilingus is one of the most important factors that may help you to satisfy your woman. Be tender, lick and kiss her hips, her vagina, and pay very accurate attention to her sweet clitoris. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Lick, kiss, and suck it. This will give your woman amazing feelings.  Most women won’t reach the climax if you don’t make them cunnilingus. Never forget about it. 


Women differ from each other. There may be some girls who prefer very fast and hard frictions. I have also met women who like very slow motion. Ask your girls about her personal preferences and move as she likes. If she likes fast frictions, you should speed up your motions. If she prefers the opposite option, you will need to slow down your hits. The friction speed is very important for women. Usually, when you move very fastly, you will finish in a very short period of time. Therefore, be happy if your woman prefers very slow sex. It will last longer. 


It is very important to kiss and hug a woman while making sex with her. Women are more sensitive than men, and therefore, they demand attention to every part of their body. Be very tender. Hold and hug her breast while moving. Kiss her lips and ears. Her neck may be one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Kiss, lick and caress it. 


It is very important to pay her more attention after you finish. There are loads of men who lose their interest after reaching the climax. Try not to belong to their crowd. A woman is devoting herself to you while making sex, and for that reason, you should show her your respect and appreciation. Kiss her more tenderly and more passionate after you finish. Do not forget to whisper to her some sweet words and compliments. Praise her body. Be more attentive and your woman will be satisfied.

The professionalism in bed does not come with a few blog posts that you read on the Internet. Sex is a science, and therefore, follow my future posts in order to perform better in bed.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.