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affiliate marketingBlogging is an absolutely universal movement. There are nearly 290 millions of blogs on the Internet. Thousands of new blogs are opened every day. People have already understood that blogging can be a very profitable activity. Millionaire bloggers are well-known around the world. These successful online entrepreneurs inspired millions of other people, who strive to become more professional in blogging.

A successful blog is a blog that makes money. When we say ‘success’ – we mean money. A susccesful blog is always a money-spinning blog. Blogs that do not give any profit cannot be called as ‘successful’ blogs. It is necessary to mention that all bloggers have different intentions while blogging. For some of them, blogging is a mere hobby. These bloggers merely record their daily activities, share stories with readers. In some cases, these simple hobbies are transferred in serious business enterprises. There are loads of millionaire bloggers, for whom, blogging was a mere hobby. Further, this sole interest grew up into a money-making machine. It does not matter why a person launches a blog, he will always want to monetize it. Mainly, there are three tools that let monetize a blog:

1) Affiliate marketing

2) CPM, CPC, CPA ads

3) Banners and advertisement

4) Selling own products on your blog

Of course, there are loads of other methods that let make some money by blogging, however, I wanted to mention the most important of them. In this post, I will give you some effective tips that will make you a successful affiliate marketer. If you look at income reports of some of the famous bloggers, you will mention that most of their profit comes from affiliate marketing. To make money through CPC,CPA,CPM ads, you need to have a really huge web traffic on your blog. While making money via affiliate marketing, big amounts of web traffic are not so necessary. For this reason, I can conclude that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest tools to make money by blogging. Here are some of the best tools that will definitely improve your skills in affiliate marketing.


As I think, every blogger should write about his passion. For me, my passions are travel, money, luxury lifestyle, stylish clothes, personal development, financial success, and sex. As a result, I only write about the things that are interesting for me. I usually see many blogger promoting web tools, software, and many other web related instruments. To be honest, I would not be able to write about the same things, because I am not interested in web tools and software. I do not force myself to do the things that I do now wish doing. Moreover, if a blogger writes about the things that are not interesting for him, this blogger won’t last long in the blogging industry. He will be exhausted very soon. Therefore, everyone should write about won interests and passions.

I have analyzed blogging activities of new bloggers. As I result, I mentioned that most of them make a common mistake. This mistake is that they immediately start writing about affiliate products. Further, these bloggers forget about the main niches of their blogs. Writing articles describing and praising affiliate items becomes their daily activity. This is the main mistake every blogger must avoid in order to become a successful affiliate marketer. The advertisement is always very intrusive. For this reason, people hate it. As soon as your visitors recognize that you are overwriting about your affiliate products, they will forget about your blog.

Write about your interests and passions. You will always have some time to promote your affiliate products. For now, your b log is new; you have no authority, and moreover, web traffic on your blog is insufficient. Consequently, nobody will listen to your recommendations and bits of advice. People tend to listen to authorities. Do you know why Matthew Kepnes makes so much money from his travel blog? Do you think that his travel blog is better than other travel blogs on the Internet? No, there are loads of travel blogs that are thousand times better than NomadicMatt. These blogs provide their readers with better travel tips and information than NomadicMatt. Nevertheless, none of them make so much money as Matthew Kepnes does. The main reason why Matthew Kepnes outruns other travel bloggers is because he is a foremost authority in travel blogging. He started blogging when blogging was unknown for most of us. He has been in travel blogging industry for long years. As a result, people trust him. Therefore, everything recommended by him will be sold very well.

For now, remember that you are a newbie. Forget about affiliate marketing. Write about your interests and passion. Add more useful and interesting information on your blog. After some time, when you deserve some authority in your industry, start promoting your affiliate products.


As I have mentioned in my previous article, self-branding is very significant in the blogging industry. Establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Build yourself a brand. To reach these objectives, you will need to work very hard. Your knowledge must be original and uncommon. Giving people the information that is provided by millions of other bloggers does not make any sense. Visit different blogs dedicated to affiliate marketing and blogging; you will recognize that everyone writes about the same things. Everybody gives the same tips and recommendations. People are already tired of common information such as ‘content is king’, ‘add high-quality content’, ‘be active on social networks’, and many other usual things. Give your readers more original information. This will make you more recognizable among a huge crowd of bloggers who write about the same thing. As a result, you will deserve a high authority in the niche you are writing about.


To be a successful affiliate marketer, firstly, you will need to deserve the trust of your readers. Only in this situation, your recommendations will lead to sales. For this reason, you need to be very honest with the readers. Do not merely recommend your products in order to make more sales. First of all, test a product yourself. While recommending it, mention its advantages and disadvantages. Today, when we want to buy something, firstly, we search for some customer reviews left regarding the product we wish to get. Thus, we are always able to find out what people think about a specific product. Therefore, if you recommend something of a bad-quality, people will definitely mention you on their negative feedbacks. Hence, you will lose your authority and trust. Honesty is the best policy.

These are some of the most effective tips to become a successful affiliate marketer. Of course, I could give you a few additional tips. On the other hand, I think that the given recommendations will be sufficient in the beginning. Check out my next articles, because further, I am going to give you more specific tips on how to succeed in affiliate marketing.      

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.