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global seductionWhen you get enough experience in the game of seduction, you will be easily bored of dealing with women in your country of residence. Dreams of having relationships with foreign girls will come very soon. For this reason, sex travel is one of our main life priorities. There is no doubt, men are polygamous, and for this reason, quality is not the only factor you should look at while estimating your current sex life. If there is quality without quantity, then, you are wasting your life.

So what does ‘International seduction’ mean? I can also call this thing as ‘Global seduction’. No matter how we call it, this scale of seduction is an absolutely different game you have never played before. Whilst it is overwhelmingly easy to seduce women in your region since you know them very well, international seduction requires specific skills, knowledge, and psychological talent. As soon as you master your skills in the art of global seduction, it will become your hobby. In some cases, it may even become your lifestyle. Finally, if you are not acquainted with global sex travel yet, this awesome blog post will provide you with some astounding tips on how to seduce women internationally.


foreign languagesIf you think that your English will suffice to seduce women around the globe, then, you don’t know this world well. You can implement your English in Western countries with success. Latin America, the majority of African countries, the most part of Arabian countries, and Central Asian countries are not fluent in English. You should know that women in South America are not good in English. It is even difficult to find a woman on that continent who would fully understand and express her thoughts in the English language. Thus, Spanish is a must when it comes to seduction in Latin America.

There is no need to say that Brazilian girls don’t speak Spanish. Even though English is the most popular language in the world, when you are in Brazil, you will find out that most of the women in that country don’t speak English. For example, you can use your English to seduce women in Dubai since it is a developed Arab country. In Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, and other Arab countries, you will definitely need to know the Arabic language.

I am fluent in ten languages. I speak English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and some other languages. In my case, I can visit almost any country of the world, and comfortably talk to local girls in their native language.

People instinctively trust and like people who talk to them in their native language. When a person talks to you in a foreign language, you will usually treat him as a foreigner. Speaking in a person’s native language destroys all psychological barriers between. To seduce women, firstly, you will need to remove all the cultural and psychological barriers between them and you. Therefore, it is crucial to learn foreign languages in order to become a truly global seducer.


There is such a famous German saying: “Andere Städtchen – Andere Mädchen” – “Different cities – different Girls”. To thoroughly explain this saying, every nation has its own national mentality, culture, traditions, believes, and of course, lifestyles are dissimilar in diverse countries of the world. Just as every nation has its unique genetic predisposition and inclination to different things, every country has its individual sexual character.

Let me give you a couple of examples. It will be much easier to seduce an open-minded Columbian girl than wasting your time with a God-fearing Arab woman from Jordan. So what makes these two women different? There are loads of different aspects needed to be considered while answering this question. Firstly, it is their environment that influences their thinking and behavior. Secondly, her education, worldview, her genetics, and many other things will influence her behavior. These things are studied in ethnography. Therefore, if you want to become a professional expert in women, you should study this science very well.


cultureWe love ourselves more than we love others. We love things that belong to us more than we love other things. Our individual values, thoughts, ideas, and plans are more precious for us than anything else in this world. We also love people who show love to the things that are valuable to us.

A woman’s culture is a part of her soul. She will definitely like it when you show interest in her culture and nation. If you are a traveler, I bet that sex is not the only purpose of your travel lifestyle. Consequently, you will be surely interested in her culture. This, in turn, will cause her sympathy. This is what you exactly need to seduce her.

These are the three basic tips that will help you make a first step to the art of international seduction. Seduction is a game of psychology. When it comes to international seduction, this game becomes more complicated. Firstly, in your foreign trips, you will never have as much time as you have in your native country of residence. Thus, your time is limited. You should be in a rush. To succeed in this business, your seduction skills should be mastered! Nonetheless, if you follow the three above-mentioned tips, I bet that your 85% of your success will be guaranteed to you!

Written by Bahtiyar
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