tokyo vice


Tokyo Vice by Jake AdelsteinJapan is one of the most culturally closed countries in the world. Assimilating in local Japanese culture is possible. However, it is said that Japanese people don’t like foreigners much. ‘Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan’ by Jake Adelstein is a book about a man who not only lived and worked in Japan, but is the only American journalist ever been admitted to the insular Tokyo Metropolitan Police club, where for twelve years he covered the Japanese underworld.

At the beginning of ‘Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan’, Jake Adelstein tells about his life as an American student in Japan. Jake was studying in one of the best Japanese universities. Later, the author tells how he got recruited to Yomiuri Shinbun, one of the biggest Japanese news media organizations. Jake Adelstein becomes an investigative journalist. In the book, the author tells about different criminal cases, mafias, gangs, mobsters, police, and the Japanese working culture. 

As a person interested in the Japanese culture, I enjoyed reading ‘Tokyo Vice’. Each chapter starts with a new criminal story, and the author walks you through the whole investigation process. While reading this book, I learned a lot about Japan, its culture, the mentality of the Japanese people, the notorious Japanese underworld, and of course, work ethics cultivated in Japanese companies. 

I recommend this book as a good entertaining and educating read. In a very readable and engaging manner, Jake Adelstein tells about his adventures as a criminal investigative journalist. This book will tell you a lot about Yakuza and its activities.  

Written by Bahtiyar
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