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priorities in my lifeAll of us are different. We have different genes, we belong to different races and nationalities, and we have different inclinations and interests. Consequently, people around the world have absolutely dissimilar thinking. Something considered to be good for me might be awful for you. At the same time, your priorities may seem meaningless for me. This huge diversity in the world makes our life interesting and exciting. I cannot imagine my life with the people who have the same thinking, ideas, and objectives. Originality and uniqueness are something that makes our life more colorful. Life in a mono-national and a mono-cultural place would be really terrible.

There are loads of things that predetermine our thinking. Some of them are our genes, our national mentality, our culture and education, our personal experience. All of these things make a significant impact on thinking. As a result, all of us have dissimilar life priorities. In this post, I will tell you about the things that are the most important and valuable for me in my life. Here is the list of my top 5 life priorities.


Having a good health is the most important thing in my life. I am sure that millions of people will also put their health as a foremost important priority in their life. A bad health ruins your dreams, objectives, and your whole life. For me, it is impossible to feel happy without a good and strong health. I love enjoying sex with gorgeous ladies. If I was not healthy, I would not be able to enjoy this wonderful activity. As you already know, I love traveling very much. I cannot live without travel. A bad health does not give you an ability to travel and explore the world. Even if you are a millionaire and you have tons of money, without a good health, travel will remain to be a sole dream for you. Life has loads of virtues. Some of them are wealth, fortune, fame, success, travel, sex, and many other things. It is impossible to enjoy any of them if you have a very weak health. Usually, I think about the people who are physically impaired, or absolutely paralyzed. Some of them come from very good and rich families. Thus, they have everything to enjoy their life. Nevertheless, one thing does not let them be happy and live a wide life. They have no a good health. Being healthy is a great gift. There is nothing that can be compared to it.

A good health is definitely the most important priority in my life. It is the most valuable and precious thing I have in my life.


In my childhood, I was a very beautiful child. In my teen ages, I was a very beautiful teenager. In my youth time, I was a very beautiful boy. And right now, when I am a mature man, I am still very attractive and handsome. I would not be able to be fully happy if I was an ugly person. Being handsome and beautiful is something that makes a strong impact on all aspect of our life. Usually, we do not value this thing. When you are handsome, you have loads of advantages that are available only for attractive people. Beauty and attractiveness deserve people love and sympathy without any efforts and work. Whilst an ugly person should work very hard in order to deserve someone’s, a handsome man does nothing in order to seduce or captivate anyone he wishes. I never used to chase women. Oppositely, women were chasing me, and today, they also chase me. As I have mentioned in some of my previous articles, visual signals are very powerful. When we meet a new person, our appearance makes the first and the strongest impression on him. Therefore, beautiful people are very advantageous.

Being handsome is one of the most significant priorities in my life. From all of the priorities that exist in my life, I feel very content and happy for being handsome and attractive.


If you are healthy and handsome, you will want to enjoy your life. Traveling the world, making sex with the sexiest and the most gorgeous women, visiting luxurious restaurants, night clubs, different playgrounds, being featured in the world’s most prestigious magazines, TV channels, and newspapers such as CNN, BBC, Forbes, The Washington Post are some of the things a healthy and a very attractive man may wish to do and have. Let me confess. All of the above-mentioned things are my objectives and priorities. I honestly wish to be featured in Forbes one day. Being in the list of the richest celebrities would be a great happiness for me. Thus, if you are healthy, handsome, intelligent, well-read and smart, you will think that you must be on the world’s top. This is what I exactly think and assume. Nevertheless, it is impossible to enjoy all the fruits of our life if we are not rich. You may be extremely smart and beautiful; however, if you are not wealthy, your life will be spent among four walls in your flat. It is like to be a billionaire, but at the same time, live in a lonely forest where your money has no value.

Being wealthy is the third important priority in my life. For me, it is impossible to be a happy and content if I am not rich. My EGO is too huge. If I do not satisfy it with wealth, fame, success, and thousands of conquered passionate ladies, I will be the saddest man in the world.


Life is not all about having fun, rolling, making sex, and wearing luxurious clothes. One day, I will day. My handsome face and muscular body will be buried somewhere. There will be nothing remaining from Bahtiyar. My meat will be eaten by insects. My bones will decay. However, there will be one thing that will never die. Nothing can kill this thing. Even death itself is impotent to destroy my soul. My soul is absolutely immortal. Therefore, my soul is more important for me than my body. I may have already lived half of my life. The remaining part of it will pass very fast. One day, I will be gone. Nevertheless, my soul will live forever. For thins reasons, I think that personal development is more important that our external life. Physical types of pleasure are good. Though, they are not more beneficial than the activities that develop enrich our souls. New knowledge, thinking and intellectual development are the things that embellish my spirit. Therefore, I spend a lot of my time to develop spiritually.

I include personal development in the list of my top 5 life priorities. I am sure all of us must develop spiritually, intellectually, and morally.


Freedom is a very versatile concept. Being free does not mean solely being physically free. Most of the people are physically free, but at the same time, they are imprisoned by different religious dogmas, nationalistic ideas, xenophobic ideologies, and many other parochial things. These people are not free. When I say that freedom is one of the most important priorities of my life, I mean all types of freedom. I am happy to be free from some crazy nationalistic thoughts that make people restricted in their thinking and actions. Fortunately, I am free from religious dogmas that do not let us live as we want. I am not a patriot, and I am very glad by this fact. For this reason, I am open and ready to be a citizen of the world.

Freedom is something that we never value unless we lose it. Whether it is a physical, psychological, financial, or an ideological freedom, all types of freedom are certainly included in the list of my top significant life priorities.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.