Travelling is one of the most wonderful things that exist in the world. I have praised traveling in my previous posts and I am doing it again. I want to say that without traveling our life would be really awful. I cannot imagine my life without traveling. I am aware of the fact that there are some people who are extremely cynophobic. Usually, these people hate traveling because they hate everyone and everything that does not belong to their own nation and country. I cannot imagine my life without the ability to travel. I would prefer to die if there was no such thing called traveling. Traveling is really awesome and I will try to describe its benefits and advantages in another blog post. 

You may be a very experienced traveler or you may be someone who is excited by the idea of traveling. Traveling means movement, transportation and it is not free. Modern technologies give us loads of convenient opportunities and abilities. If you have enough money, you will be able to use and implement everything that was created in order to simplify our life. Today, we can easily travel by planes, trains, cars, metros, and lots of other types of transportations. What should you do if you want to travel but you have no money to use these things? Can you travel with no money? It is necessary to keep in mind that you will need shelter while traveling. Some travelers find shelter in hotels and hostels. There are many other ways to find shelter.  You should also consider that you will need some money to eat because you cannot maintain your life without good food. All these things require money. When we think about this stuff, it seems to be impossible to travel with no money. Traveling without any money is a very popular theme on different travel blogs. You will find hundreds of articles on Google that will claim to teach you how to travel with no money. Do they really fulfill what they claim to do? No. Just a few minutes ago I opened a blog of Nomadic Matt and read his post on How to Travel the World with no Money. What is my opinion regarding that blog post? I find that Matt teaches people how to earn money while traveling. Thus, he contradicts the main title of his post. The title is not “How to earn money while traveling.” The title states “How to travel the world with no money.” I think that is necessary to teach people how to travel the world with absolutely no money. What if you are a lazy one and you cannot work to earn any money? You will surely need proper information on how to travel with no money. All blog posts on the Internet that claim to give you the answer to “How to travel the world with no money” do not meet the requirements of a professional blog post. What do we give people by the heading of our title? Every title lets people know about the main theme of the current blog post. I think it is really obligatory to give readers exact answers to their questions. If you earn money during your travel and then you continue traveling, that means that you travel with money. Am I right? An ability to earn money while traveling lets you travel with money. 

I want this article to become unique, and therefore, I won’t teach you to make money on your voyage. I will give you tips on how to travel the world with absolutely no money.


When you absolutely have no money, you cannot offer yourself traveling by car, trains, and planes. You can only use freeways to travel. A bicycle is the most economical wait to travel. Driving a bicycle benefits your health. It is not heavy and you can drive it on almost every possible road. You may use it when you move to the mountains. There are no limitations for you. A bicycle is absolutely universal. Before starting traveling, buy yourself a good sportive bicycle. You will use it when you have no money to offer yourself something more comfortable.


It may sound very funny to travel with no money. Usually, every blog post which claims to teach you traveling with no money strives to teach you how to earn some money during your trip. My post is absolutely unique and for some people, it may sound ridiculous and insane to travel the world with no money.

No doubts, that traveling demands your physical and psychological efforts and energy. You need to eat good food filled with different vitamins in order to maintain your body and mind in a good condition. What will you eat if you have no money? If you travel somewhere in countries that are rich in different vegetables and fruits, you surely can eat them. You will find tons of bananas in India and in Latin America. Bananas have a lot of vitamins and they can provide your body with a huge amount of necessary energy. Rivers may provide you with cold and absolutely clean water. Water in rivers is better than artificial water in our kitchens and baths. If you travel to a country which is situated on the shore of an ocean, you may catch some fish and it. 

Eating dates will increase the amount of energy you have. It is necessary to say that dates are full of vitamins. I don’t know anything more energetical than dates. I would advise you to have some meat in your bag, but I won’t do it because the meat spoils very quickly. Every traveler should have some boxes with dates in their bags. 

You may find yourself some food depending on the places where you travel. However, if you traveling in winter, it may be more difficult. I would not advise anybody to travel in winter with no money. Winter traveling without any money is suicide. It is really the most terrible idea I have ever heard.

As we see, you may fully maintain your organism with food even if you travel with no money. 


Buy yourself a good tent and you will have a shelter even if you travel with no money. Traveling without any cash means forgetting about hotels, motels, hostels, rented flats, and mansions. A tent may be very useful in these situations. A good tent will cost you nearly three or four hundred dollars. You may always find something cheaper and more expensive. It is up to you. However, pay attention to the quality of your tent. It should be very long-lasting. 


Everyone wants to be clean and travelers are not an exception. Hygiene is very important in order to be healthy and feel comfortable. Dirty t-shirts, pants, jeans, and underwear can annoy and exhaust any traveler. Staying in a hotel simplifies this task because you can always have a bath or a shower. You can easily change your clothes because your shelf is full of some clean clothes. Staying in a hotel is very comfortable and sometimes it is even better than living in your own house or flat. 

Traveling with no money creates several serious problems. One of them is an inability to be always clean. You need to take a bath or a shower but you don’t have these conveniences. You need to wash your clothes but you haven’t got a hotel worker who could do it. Do you have any options in order to have good hygiene while you travel with no money? There is always a solution. Let me tell you something. 

You can swim in an ocean, in a sea, or in a lake. Clean oceanic water will be the best alternative to your hotel bath. You can swim twice a day. In the mornings and in the end of your day. It is up to you. Washing your clothes is always simple when you have a river, an ocean, or a sea. 

Hygienic problems can be easily avoided if you search and find possible options and solutions. 

My research shows that traveling without any money is absolutely possible. Nature provides a traveler with everything he needs to successfully continue his traveling. If you are not able to earn money for your travel, you can easily trip with no money. Use available options and you will always go with the flow. 

Some areas of the world are not good for a traveler who has no money. For example, traveling in winter in the Syberian forest may be lethal. Traveling in any kind of city also can be very difficult if you have no money. Fruits and vegetables are not available in cities. Hence, you lose a good source of your food. You also don’t have seas, oceans, and rivers in cities. Traveling with no money is more appropriate and possible when you travel to different forests, jungles, and mountains. Rural areas are better for a traveler who has no money. 

Do not start your trip with no money. There are several significant factors needed to be considered before you start your voyage!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.