What can be more wonderful than traveling? There is no such hobby that can give us so many advantages and benefits as traveling. Some of them are: enriching your knowledge and experience, meeting new people, a new career and business opportunities, and a more adventurous life. However, traveling does not suit every person. There is such a psychological type of people that hate traveling. Fortunately, we do not belong to this group of individuals. There are many things that may make our voyage more exciting and interesting. You choose your way to travel the world according to your personal inclinations and preferences. I am a very independent person and I prefer traveling alone. On the other hand, there are many advantages to traveling with a partner. Some people like group traveling. What do you prefer? Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of both options to travel the world.


Some people think that traveling alone is very boring and it cannot be exciting. I am a fan of individual traveling and I perfectly know its pros and cons. Let me give you some explanations. Traveling alone is not so boring. Remember that we usually meet new people on our way. So can’t you communicate with them? Wherever you travel, you may find local people to have a conversation with. You may always visit different parks, restaurants, bars, clubs, and discos in order to get to know new people. It is very easy for a foreigner to start a conversation with local people. What does simplify this process for a traveler? First of all, let me tell you that locals are very interested in communicating with foreigners. How often are we interested in people from our country? Let me give you my opinion. I am never interested in anyone from my native country. I almost know everything about them. I can tell that they work in one of the places and their lifestyle is very predictable. That what we think about the people who surround us. What happens when we see a foreigner? We don’t know anything about him. We have no idea of where is he from, what is he doing, what is his profession, and what are his thoughts, principles, and life ideas. That is what we have in our minds when we recognize a foreigner on a horizon. Thus, foreigners are very interesting to us. Being a foreigner overseas gives you many advantages and benefits. You will always have someone ready to talk to you. I am usually tired by the number of local people striving to talk with me during my voyages. What I can definitely say about traveling alone is that it is not so boring as people expect it to be.

Traveling with a partner is commonly considered to be superbly interesting and exciting. One of the advantages of traveling with a partner is that you can share your thoughts and emotions with him. You may always discuss things that are happening in your way. Sometimes you need to find some solutions and in this situation, your partner may very helpful. 

If someone claims traveling with a partner to be more exciting than traveling alone I will not agree with that statement. Traveling alone may be very exciting if you know how to manage your travel. In your lonely trip, you won’t be ever bored because there are so many local people around who are ready to entertain you. 


If you travel, you will always need a place to live in. We do not spend most of our time moving somewhere. What do we usually do when we arrive in a foreign country? We settle down in a hotel and start visiting places that we want to see. At the end of the day, we return back to our hotel, take a shower, and go sleeping. This is what we usually do. Travel bloggers may also spend more time in their hotels because they may need some time to write new blog posts about their adventures. 

While you travel alone, you think about a shelter for yourself. Usually, a traveler has enough money to stay in a hotel. When we plan to stay in a particular city for two months or even more, it can be better if we rent a flat. It will be cheaper and more convenient. Living alone has no problems. You are a boss at your home. You do whatever you want and you don’t need to take into consideration the wishes and preferences of other people. I like living alone and I find it very comfortable. You set your budget and use available tools. Living alone may be the most suitable option for exceptionally individualistic people. 

Traveling with a partner may create some problems. If you stay at a hotel, you and your travel partner may have separate hotel rooms or you may stay in one room. If you understand each other very well, you might have no problems while living together. However, if you are too many different people, living together may cause you several terrible situations. No matter how much we travel, we always have some time that we spend at a hotel or somewhere else. If you are a freelancer, you will spend more time in your shelter. Let us imagine a very probable situation. You and your partner stay in one. You want to read a new book or a blog, but your partner wants to watch local TV. How will you figure out this problematic situation? If your travel partner is a compromising person, you may find some solutions. If he has a very difficult character, your situation may become conflictive. Keep in mind these peculiarities. Such problems are unavoidable when you travel with a travel partner.  


When you travel alone, you care about your personal budget. Thus, you are absolutely free in your choice. If you are a millionaire, you can stay at a 5-star hotel, eat exotic food, travel by personal air-jest, and shop in elite stores. Traveling alone lets you forget about the fact that you have a travel partner and he is not able to stay at the same hotel you stay. 

When you travel with a partner, you need to take into consideration the budget of your partner. It won’t be good if you stay at a hotel and your partner stays in a hostel. You may have enough money to have your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in restaurants, but your partner may have a few bucks to eat fast food. 

If your budgets are too dissimilar, you won’t be able to travel together. If you are a millionaire, your travel partner also must be a millionaire. There is another solution. If you are richer than your partner and you are ready to pay for him, there won’t be any problems to travel together. Otherwise, you should travel lonely. 

There is no exact answer to let you know whether individual traveling is better than traveling with a partner. Is strawberry better than a cherry? Can you answer it? It depends on your taste. There are people who adore strawberries and hate cherries. There are also people who adore cherries and hate strawberries. This question is relative. In some situations traveling alone may be more advantageous than traveling with a partner and sometimes tripping with somebody is more beneficial. People are different and therefore their preferences are also diverse. Explore yourself and decide what type of traveling is more appropriate for you. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.