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your blogsBlogging is popular among old and young. From teenagers to serious businessmen, and politicians, blogging has already conquered all ages and genders. If you have read my previous article, you know that there are more than 290 blogs on the Internet. Thousands of new blogs are started every day. While blogging, all people have different intentions. Some publish their writings just to share their thoughts with the world. Other people treat blogging more seriously. This group of bloggers intends to monetize their websites. It is well-known that blogging can be a very profitable activity. There are already crowds of famous bloggers who make thousands of dollars by daily blogging. This is another attractive side of blogging. The activity can bring you a serious income. Most of the bloggers want to monetize their blogs. It is not a secret. You might be one of these individuals.

If you have already started your personal blog, you must be filling it with some high-quality content right now. As you know, content is king. Without a good content, you won’t make even a single cent on your blog. Therefore, all the bloggers spend all of their efforts in order to create a great content. Generating good information for your blog is the first stage in your blogging business. When your blog is enough full, you will definitely want to drive as much web traffic as possible. You are absolutely right because the quality and quantity of the web traffic are crucial for the financial prosperity of your blog. When a blog has enough web traffic, it is time to start monetizing it.

Usually, bloggers use common monetization methods. They are CPM, CPA, CPC ads, banner advertisement, and affiliate marketing. In today’s post, I am going to tell you about some extra tools that will let you monetize your blog and increase your blog’s net profit.


online shoppingIt is a great option to integrate your personal online store into your blog. Actually, new WP e-commerce themes come with integrated blogs in them. However, I think that it is not the best option to integrate an online store into a blog. If your blog is already launched, it would be better if you purchase a gorgeous e-commerce theme, fill I t with your products, integrate all the major payment gateways, buy a separate domain name, purchase SSL certificate, and insert a link to the store on your blog. “SHOP” button on your blog will be enough to integrate an online store with your blog. Most of the e-commerce websites start blogging because blogs receive more web traffic than simple online stores. If you look at the world’s most famous and successful online stores, you will definitely recognize that all of them have blogs. You do not need to start blogging because your blog is already built. All you need is to build a separate online store, insert a “SHOP” link on your blog, and start trading. If you have already built a list  of  followers and subscribers, there must be a lot of people who already trust you. Thus, it will be very easy for you to organize a successful trade on your online store. Blog and online store integration is a truly great idea. A blog, that does not sell anything, makes no profit. To make money, you need to sell something. Otherwise, you will never monetize your blog. In most cases, affiliate products might not be recognized by your readers. Visitors treat affiliate articles as an advertisement. Therefore, only a few bloggers succeed in affiliate marketing. Moreover, to start generating income through affiliate marketing, you need to establish yourself as an expert in a particular sphere. Thus, it is a very time-consuming business.

If you want to use some extra tools to make more profit on your blog, an online store will be a great option for your business. What is more, you can start developing your own products, such as a personal brand of jeans, t-shirts, shoes, and many other items. A functional online store integrated into a blog is a great will definitely increase the income of your blog.


selling ebookIf you are a good blogger, you surely know how to write very well. This means you can write an eBook that will captivate minds and hearts of your readers. If you have been blogging for enough long period of time, your posts are definitely very interesting. It won’t be a huge problem for you to write a good book. Today, writing and publishing an eBook is extremely easy. To do it, you do not need to have any specific technologies anymore. Cooperating with publishing agencies is not crucial for the financial success of your book. Nowadays, you can organize everything absolutely independently. Consider about the main idea of your book, develop its content structure, and start writing. Writing a good book might take you some time, however, the profit generated through your sales will be really rewarding. What I really love about book writing business is that this type of profit is absolutely passive. Once you have published your book, you can start receiving your royalties. Of course, for best financial results, it is necessary to advertise and promote your book. Otherwise, your book won’t be even recognized.

These are some of the best extra tools letting you receive additional profit from your blog. Launching an online store and eBook selling on your blog are some of the most effective methods to generate some extra profit by blogging.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.