exogenous depression

exogenous depressionI am not a professional psychologist. However, I am very interested in this science. I keep enriching my knowledge in psychology. Also, I have natural talent in psychology. I am enough attentive to details, and very perspicacious. I read psychological books, contemplate about our life, think about our intellect, and then, I try to share my knowledge on my blog. Today, I decided to write something about depression.

Depression is definitely the most widely spread mental condition in the world. It will be correct to say that depression is a mental disorder. I think that the majority of severe psychological complications such as schizophrenia, manic-compulsive syndrome, megalomania, and other psychological problems arise from depression. If depression is not cured, it might lead to very bad consequences.

I am not a superbly happy person. Nor do I have an ideal life. Our life is like a zebra's skin. It is colored with black and white stripes. Our life also has black and white days. Sometimes, you are successful and satisfied. Other days, you are depressed and sad. Thus, I can say that I am very well familiar with depression. Let me tell you about two types of depression.


endogenous depressionEndogenous depression occurs due to the physical, biological, neurobiological, chemical, neurochemical, and endocrinological processes within a human body. ENDO – INTRO means something internal. Usually, endogenous depression occurs due to the lack of due to the improper function of different neurotransmitters in the brain. Endogenous depression can also appear to the lack of specific hormones.

Lack of serotonin is usually the main cause of endogenous depression. To treat it, psychotherapists prescribe SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Prozak, Fluoxetine, and Amitriptyline are some of the most used SSRIs in the world. Sometimes, endogenous depression can be caused by the lack of testosterone. As I have understood, testosterone is extremely important for your mental health. If lack of testosterone is the cause of endogenous depression, usually, a psychotherapist will prescribe some natural testosterone boosters and regular physical exercises. If low testosterone level is something that can't be treated by exercising and testosterone boosters, TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) will be the only possible way to fight testosterone depression. 


exogenous depressionExogenous depressions occur due to external factors. Usually, these are your life circumstances, your society, your financial status, your environment, weather, and many other exactors. Death of your parents, children, relatives, or friends may cause exogenous depression. A bad financial situation can put you in a severe exogenous depression. Problems in your married life are also one of the most common causes of endogenous depression. Living in a country that you hate can also cause exogenous depression. Being within a terrible environment and society will also cause exogenous depression. Even if your neurotransmitters and hormones are normal, you will have exogenous depression if there is something disappointing in your life.

Whilst endogenous depression can be easily cured by the help of SSRIs and other medications, it is tremendously difficult to get rid of exogenous depression. Sometimes, we are absolutely unable to change anything in our life. If there is a situation in your life that is causing exogenous depression, this terrible mental state will not disappear unless you make some changes in your life. It is good if you can make some changes. If you can't, you will have to bear that hateful exogenous depression till the day your life will change to better.

Written by Bahtiyar
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