menIt will be absolutely incorrect to say that all men are similar. Not all men are womanizers, playboys, and other types of women hunters. As it was said, all men are different. However, there is one thing that divides men into two groups. Ther are family-oriented men and playboys. This blog post will be dedicated to discussing these two groups of men.

When I was still a student, there were two types of boys in my class. Some of them were naughty and others were very silent. The naughty guys loved girls and sex. The second group of men was showing clear features of future good fathers. In other words, they were not interested in girls. Somehow, they used to date girls. However, their relationship was absolutely platonic. To be honest, I don't know what happened to my classmates and I am not interested in them at all. However, I exactly know that those who used to be silent are already married and have some children.

My destiny is absolutely different. I used to change girlfriends as frequently as a worker changes his gloves. Sex was my primary interest. I was the first who started growing beard and mustaches. This tells about my early high testosterone level. Nowadays, I am even naughtier than I was during my teenager ages. I still have elevated testosterone due to regular exercises in the gym. 
So let us see what makes a man a good father. And why some men continue playboy lifestyle lifelong?


father and sonSome men think about having children. They dream of becoming dads. These men even get angry when their wives are unable to give a birth to a child. I also know some guys who want to become fathers.

When I hear such things, I just cannot get what makes them wish to become fathers. I don't want to have any children. I don't want to complicate my life with children. I don't want this responsibility. What is more important, I don't want to lose my freedom.

So when I think about these differences between boys, I think that this desire or undesire of having children is genetically predisposed. If your dad is a good father, genetically, and unconsciously, you will also want to have children. If your father is a playboy, you will also have the same lifestyle. According to the newest scientific studies, almost 80% of our wishes and desires are genetically predetermined. I believe there is a gen of fatherhood. If you have this gen in your DNA, you will want to have children. If the father gen is absent in your DNA, you will love a childless life.


Here is another reason why some men become playboys and others stick to a single woman all lifelong. No doubts, a handsome man have more opportunities than an ugly one. Today, I can go to a pub or a bar and pick up any girl I wish to have sex with. Firstly, my good-looking appearance will make a great effect on her. Then, I will show off my knowledge and intelligence. This will finally defeat her. So does an ugly man have the same opportunities as I do? No, he doesn't.

Unattractive men have to work very hard in order to get one girl. They have to spend a lot of money on women. Since there is nothing attractive in them, money will be the only thing that can attract women to ugly men.

Thus, unattractive men do not have the same thinking as handsome men have. Seductive guys have a lot of opportunities. I can travel around the globe and sleep with gorgeous women of different nationalities. Why should I marry a stupid bitch and waste my time taking care of children?! This is how I think. These are thoughts of every real playboy.

I think that fatherhood and playboy lifestyle are genetically predetermined. In addition, attractiveness and charisma play a major role in a man's lifestyle preferences. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.